Monkton Park Newsletter Friday 24th May 2024

End of Term 5

As it was the last day of term today we celebrated lots of achievements in our termly 'Monkton Mole assembly'. It is always a special assembly and a huge well done to all the children who were awarded their Monkton Mole badges. As a special extra treat every child in the school also got some extra play this afternoon to say well done for such a successful term. Next week is half term and we hope you all have a wonderful week off school - see you back on Monday 3rd June.

Young Leaders

After completing their Young Leader training last week with Mrs Porter, Badgers and Pine Martens’ Year 5s got to demonstrate their leadership skills this week. On Thursday afternoon, the Year 5s set up different games on the field for Otters and Hedgehogs and the children then travelled around in groups, moving from station to station, using different skills at each one. The Year 5 children did a super job of both teaching and looking after Year 1 and 2 – they make fantastic leaders!

Young Leaders

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

After the half term holiday, all children in Year 4 will be doing an online times table test. The test involves completing 25 multiplication facts up to 12x12 with six seconds to answer each question. The children have done lots of practice in school, but we also encourage children to practice at home, focusing on the tables which they are less confident with (often 7x, 8x, 9x, 12x). A replica of the test can be found on the following link:

Other good websites for practicing are: and

Monkton Mole Awards

A huge well done to Term 5's Monkton Mole Winners

Fieldmice - Clara

Rabbits - Kian

Hedgehogs - Willow

Otters -Katie

Owls -Jack

Squirrels -Anja

Foxes -Isla

Badgers -Noah

Pine Martens -Darcey

Head Teachers - Adedayo

School Nurse & Coffee Afternoon

Mrs Marshall and the School Nurse will be holding a drop in session on Tuesday 11th June from 1415 in the School Bungalow. Mrs Marshall will be there if you wish to talk to her or you are welcome to come a long for a social and a cup of tea before school pick up. The School Nurse will have slots if you wish to discuss anything with her, these can be booked through the School office or please do just drop in.

School Nurse

Affordable Schools

At Monkton Park School, we have recently engaged with Wiltshire’s ‘Affordable Schools’ strategy because we understand it can be difficult to talk about money worries. People finding it hard to make ends meet often hang on and try and sort things out themselves; not seeking help until the situation has become very difficult. Whatever the issues you are facing, we would encourage you to ask for support. With guidance from the ‘Affordable Schools’ strategy, we have created a page on our website under the ‘Parents’ tab that signposts support and guidance. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us here at school. You can contact our Family Link Worker, Jen Marshall or contact the office in school on

Wiltshire's Affordable Schools Strategy

Parent Resource - online safety

In a survey with pupils in Y3-Y6 we found that lots of children have very active online lives. Many use apps such as WhatsApp or Snapchat and we would recommend regular checks with your child to see which groups they are part of. Some groups can contain over 100 people and can lead to children being exposed to inappropriate language. This is always best done in a supportive way with your child and the recording below has lots of advice. Other children said that they use games which are not age appropriate e.g. Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

Please see links below to the parent resources and recording of the Online Safety talk

Parents resource pack

Recording Link (please do NOT to share this link publicly online / social media etc)

Class Assemblies

Class assemblies will take place on Tuesday mornings at 9.05am. Family and friends are welcome, tea and coffee will be served after.

Owls - 11 June 2024

Fieldmice - 18th June 2024

FOMPS PTA Update: Let’s Groove!

🌟 Scarecrow Trail Encore Major shout-out to the Scarecrow Trail maestros! Last weekend’s event hit all the right notes. Kudos to the trail organising team, our sponsors, our volunteers and the creative minds behind those music-themed scarecrows—they rocked! And to everyone who explored the trail and joined the funday festivities, thank you, you’re our VIPs! 🎤🎉

🕺 Summer Disco Alert (20th June) Get ready to boogie! Our summer disco is on the horizon. If you’ve got backstage skills (or just killer dance moves), please sign up on our Volunteer page Let’s light up the dance floor! 💃🕺

🎪 Monkfest Revival (30th June) Picture this: sun, laughter, and a fair that’s cooler than a Spotify playlist. Kids, listen up! We’re crafting bunting for the fair—colourful vibes guaranteed. Keep an eye out for our separate email. 🎨🌞

🧸 Teddy Tombola Jam Riverside Pre-School’s got a sweet gig: a teddy tombola at Monkfest. Got clean, cuddly teddies? Drop 'em off at the pre-school after half-term. Let’s make it a plush party! 🐻🎁



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May half term holiday club


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