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"Here at Seneca, there are so many opportunities for kids to get plugged-in. Whether it's championship-caliber athletic programs, STEM programs, AP level classes, the arts, music - there really isn’t an opportunity that students can’t find here at Seneca." - Tom Xenakis, Seneca Technology Teacher

The Lenape Regional High School District at Seneca High School

The newest school in the Lenape Regional High School District (LRHSD), Seneca High School offers large-school opportunities in a small-school setting. Nonresident tuition students receive a renowned LRHSD education that includes access to all activities and athletic opportunities offered at Seneca. Here, there's room to grow while still having all the support you need - because you're part of the Seneca Family!

"'Seneca Family' is such a special thing to me. You walk into school every day and you feel it. Everyone is supported and loved and encouraged to be who they want to be." - Hannah, Seneca Class of 2023

Academic Excellence

Seneca High School and the LRHSD are proud to provide an educational program that challenges every student to achieve their maximum potential.

"Seneca's size is the perfect environment for students to learn and succeed. They feel like they are seen, they feel like they are heard, and that now enhances their ability to learn and feel confident inside the classroom." - JoHanna Metzger, Seneca Science Teacher

Advanced Placement (AP) and College Accelerated Program (CAP)/Dual Enrollment courses provide Seneca students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit in 8 different subject areas.

"I think it's good to challenge yourself as much as possible and Seneca really provides that opportunity." - Sam, Seneca Class of 2023

Real-World Skills

Named a Distinguished School for STEM Curriculum and Career Readiness, Seneca offers four-year pathway programs in engineering and automotive technology. Seneca students are prepared for whatever they chose after high school.

Project Lead The Way - Pathway to Engineering is a four-year Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics elective program that engages students with activities, projects, and problem-based learning opportunities designed to help them understand how the skills developed in the classroom can be applied to a career in engineering.

"Being in the PLTW program sets these students apart from other seniors that are applying to different colleges and universities." - Casey Beck, Seneca Math Teacher

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification - Experience a robust curriculum blended with hands-on work experience in Seneca's newly renovated, state-of-the-art automotive center. You can earn an ASE Entry Level certification to start your career in the automotive industry right away! The program even offers half-day internships at local automotive shops during junior and senior years.

“To be able to get an ASE certification and a high school diploma at the same time will set me up for success immediately upon graduation." - Aiden, Seneca Class of 2025

Seneca Life

“I think Seneca has something for everyone, whether it’s extracurriculars, electives or sports. It has a lot of equal opportunities for everyone.” - Morgan, Seneca Class of 2025

Seneca Athletics

Seneca athletic teams consistently challenge for titles in boys and girls sports. Students can choose from 30 varsity programs, and many of our teams compete on Seneca's newly installed turf field - ensuring the highest level of play.

2022 Girls Soccer Group 2 Sectional Champions

Seneca even has a championship esports team for students who prefer gaming competition.

2023 Garden State Esports Rocket League State Champions

From Marching Band to Robotics to Air Force JROTC - and everything in between - Seneca has dozens of ways for every student to get involved.

"You are hard pressed to find a student that’s not involved in something, if not many somethings here at Seneca. There’s so many ways to get involved and you have an opportunity to really explore what your interests are." - Grady Barber, Seneca Music Teacher


An inclusive school environment is essential for student growth and achievement. LRHSD students and staff participate in peer leadership training, school climate surveys, cultural proficiency training, leadership academies, anti-bias training and more.

“At Seneca, I know that I’m walking into a place where hate is not tolerated, it is a place where I feel safe.” - Fabrizzio, Class of 2023

Every year since 2012, Seneca has earned the No Place For Hate designation from the Anti-Defamation League. Our Upstander initiative demonstrates how anyone, regardless of background or interest, can be a supportive member of our school community.

2023-'24 Seneca Upstanders

Service & Leadership

National Honor Society, Renaissance, Seneca Peer Training, Interact, Students Actively Concerned and Community Service Club are just some of the organizations within Seneca that provide students with the opportunity to grow as leaders and give back to their communities.

Prepared to Succeed

The mission of the Lenape Regional High School District, a leader in progressive education, is to develop physically and emotionally healthy students who excel in an ever-changing world.

"I' know I am not where I am today if it wasn't for the experiences I had at Seneca High School." - Connor Hughes, NFL Reporter, Seneca Class of 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seneca an option for me if I don’t live in the Lenape District’s geographic area?

Answer: Yes! All New Jersey students are eligible to become choice students, regardless of where they live in the state. Seneca can be a great choice for high school students residing in Lumberton, Mount Holly, Pemberton, Willingboro and other parts of Burlington County.

What are the benefits of tuition enrollment for students?

Answer: LRHSD students are assured of a high-quality academic program with over 240 course offerings. Students can also experience a full range of extracurricular activities including 28 varsity sports and over 60 clubs and activities. Visit the LRHSD's Points of Pride page to see what makes us stand out!

What is the cost of tuition?

Answer: Average costs for private school tuition in New Jersey range between $14, 711 and $19,972. The cost for nonresident tuition for the 2023-2024 school year at Seneca is $8,000 per student plus a $250 application processing fee. If the student is accepted, the application processing fee is applied toward the first tuition payment.

Is transportation provided?

Answer: Transportation is not provided for nonresident students attending an LRHSD school. Students must provide their own transportation to and from school and any applicable internship opportunities.

Are nonresident tuition students required to pay the student activities and parking fee?

Answer: Students who wish to participate in at least one athletic or extracurricular activity that requires a Board of Education paid coach or advisor will be assessed the LRHSD Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee for the school year. Students who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program are exempt from paying the Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Participation Fee. Students who wish to park their vehicle on school property must complete the Student Parking application form for that school and submit the current student parking fee.

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