EQUalITY DIVERSITY INCLUSION at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

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As one of the largest hubs of life sciences research in the south of Europe, the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) aims to provide an environment that supports all scientists to do excellent research. We proud ourselves on being a diverse community, and one that strives to promote equal opportunities for everyone to develop professionally and academically, and to achieve a good work-life balance and well-being.

In order to improve gender equality at the PRBB, several actions have taken place, and continue to be developed. Each of the PRBB centres have specific initiatives, such as mentoring, gender bias training, or gender-sensitive recruitment guidelines.

PRBB Equality, diversity and inclusion Committee

With members from all six centres at the park, the committee is in charge of catalysing the development of cross-institute initiatives and activities to raise awareness and promote a real equal opportunities environment in the whole park.

IBE: Pilar Rodriguez and Daniel J. Richter

Hospital del Mar Research Institute: Laia Rabal

ISGlobal: Gemma Perelló

CRG: Núria Ortiz

UPF: Berta Alsina and Regina López

EMBL: Krisztina Arató

PRBB Consortium and chair: Maruxa Martínez

Contact: edi@prbb.org

Guidelines to create a "Gender equality committee"

The PRBB EDI committee has created a guide with practical advice on how to set up a Gender Equality Committee at institutions.


At the PRBB, there’s an informal LGBTIAQ+ group open to everyone, whose aim is to network, discuss and organize activities that are relevant for its members. This group is in close contact with the PRBB Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee.

If you are interested in joining, please contact edi@prbb.org.


At the PRBB we want to provide an environment that celebrates diversity and helps all scientists, regardless of their gender, background or other circumstances, to develop their careers and conduct excellent research. And for that, it is essential that we foster an environment of unconditional respect for everyone.

In that sense, the PRBB and all its centres have anti-harassment policies in place. You can find each institution's policy here:

UPF: Protocol for preventing and acting against gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and harassment on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression

CRG: Protocol for Preventing & Acting Against Harassment

Hospital del Mar Research Institute: Protocol for the prevention and intervention against harassment in the workplace

ISGlobal: Protocol against harassment and discrimination

IBE: Protocol against harassment (CAT, ES, EN)

EMBL Barcelona: Anti harassment policy IP67

PRBB Consortium: Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination protocol (ES, CAT)

The PRBB EDI committee organised an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination campaign in order to give visibility to the policies and get the conversation going. You can see the posters here in ENG, CAT and ES.


The PRBB is constantly looking to improve the facilities and resources available to facilitate that everyone can do their job and feel as comfortable as possible. Here are some examples:

Lactation room

The PRBB provides nursing mothers with a comfortable, private and safe place to pump breast milk or feed their babies. This lactation room is open to use by any member of staff of the PRBB or its centres (IMIM, DCEXS-UPF, CRG, ISGlobal, IBE, EMBL), as well as to anyone participating in an event organized at the park.

The lactation room can be locked and it has a comfy sofa, a small table and a chair. There is also access to an electrical outlet. Although there is no sink, the room is just adjacent to a toilet that can be used to wash hands, pumps, and any necessary recipients.

Please note that the room does not contain a fridge/freezer, so no milk can be left in the room after you have used it.

The room is located on the ground floor (room 073.04), in the hall between the Marie Curie and Charles Darwin seminar rooms. The key is available from the Floor 0 reception.


Although the PRBB does not have any dedicated in-house spaces for childcare, it has reached agreements with two of the local nurseries, which are within walking distance (10 min). In both cases, staff from the PRBB and its centres, as well as people attending events at the park, can enjoy a discount on their usual fees.

Chiquitín La Vila

Escola Bressol Vila Olímpica

Gender-neutral toilets

To improve inclusiveness, in addition to male- and female-specific toilets the PRBB currently has mixed toilets on each of the floors of the building, for the benefit of those who do not identify themselves with a particular genre.


We expect that all conferences taking place at the PRBB are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, nationality or religion. Therefore, no form of harassment will be tolerated in the building. To that matter, it is recommended for conferences to include a Code Of Conduct.

We would also urge conference organisers to strive to achieve the best possible gender balance regarding invited speakers. For example, at least 30% female speakers or panelists should usually be considered a minimum.

We encourage you to consider the following suggestions when organising a scientific conference or meeting:

Recommendations For Achieveing Gender Balance in Conferences

The PRBB is also a contributing partner of the "Women in Biology Speakers List", founded by the ASCB and the CSHL to give more women a voice at scientific conferences and in the media.


The PRBB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has developed a series of free resources with the aim of increasing visibility of female scientists and encouraging all young children (regardless of gender, ethnicity, etc,) to pursue a scientific career. Please contact edi@prbb.org if you would like to use any of them, or for more information.

“Who is who” game (presentation and cards to print out)

Only in Spanish (see Catalan version)

Informative posters

Only in Spanish (see Catalan version)

Powerpoint presentation for primary schools

Only in Spanish (see Catalan version)

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