Moon நிலா Nilā • Luna

The moon always remains full, regardless of what we see, reminding us to recognize our full potential.

The Moon and Earth pull at each other, making the ocean rise in two spots: one facing the Moon and one on the opposite side. This rising and falling of the ocean is what we call high tides, showing how change is constant in nature.

As the moon climbs above the horizon, it dispels the darkness and bathes the world in its gentle glow. Just as the moon illuminates the night, what lights up your thoughts? Take a moment to discover what brings brightness to your mind.

We all gaze at the same moon, reminding us of our shared connection and the oneness we can aspire to achieve.

In the deepest sense, there is no intrinsic dark side of man. Each of us is born with equal potential, and it's our choices, ignorance, and free will that lead us down different paths. Within every human being, there is a spark of light. The journey is to seek and nurture that light within ourselves and others, for it has the power to overcome darkness and illuminate our lives.

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