Dear Friends,

Welcome to Seeds of Change: Seeding Solidarity, Crossroads Fund’s annual fundraising event that pools resources to support movements for justice while honoring and celebrating our collective organizing for a more just world.

The theme of Seeds of Change this year, Seeding Solidarity, and the design of all the invitation materials are a reflection of the times. We witness the devastation of extractive systems rooted in white supremacy, racial capitalism, colonialism, and heteropatriarchy. A political crisis in one country abroad and created by global powers ripples into people forced to migrate to another country. Death and destruction in one geographic region results in worldwide grief, rage, and a loss of humanity. Taxes paid in one country churns a global war machine that seems unrelenting in its brutality. And yet, we also witness grassroots movements respond with actions rooted in the hope for an alternative world. Mutual aid, collective care, and bold activism allows us to move through seemingly impossible circumstances. Thus, Seeding Solidarity is both a steadfast commitment to movements for justice and the nurturing of these movements for the long haul.

This year the design for the invitation materials are influenced and inspired by our sibling fund, Hawai’i Peoples Fund in Hawai’i. During a recent gathering of social justice funds across the country, Hawai’i People’s Fund immersed us in the politics of land stewardship, the sacredness of culture and language, and the gift of indigenous wisdom. Unfortunately, shortly after the visit, devastating wildfires broke out in Lahaina on the island of Maui, leaving a lasting impact on its communities and natural habitats.

In the midst of all the above, we carve out time to celebrate our movements for justice with a deep appreciation of what we accomplish together. We celebrate the bonds of friendship, chosen family, and community that carry us through challenging times. Finally, we celebrate and take comfort in the conviction that we are on the right side of history and we embody the collective liberation we seek every day.

With deep gratitude and solidarity,

Jane Kimondo, Executive Director

Ron Sable Award for Activism

Ron Sable

The Ron Sable Award for Activism is a living memorial to a man whose leadership and vision continue to inspire others to take up the hard work he left behind. Ron worked across issues and communities, fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians, women and reproductive rights, just treatment of prisoners, and national health care. He helped develop services for individuals with HIV/AIDS at Cook County Hospital, he was an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America, he was a founder of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and he pioneered as one of the first openly gay candidates for alderman in Chicago. Ron also served on the Crossroads Fund Board of Directors for ten years.

Each year, Crossroads Fund honors an exceptional individual or group that reflects Ron’s commitment to progressive change and the interconnectedness of issues and struggles across communities.


United Working Families is an independent political organization by and for working-class people of color that works in coalition to build a strong progressive base at the city, county, and state levels. Their work has shifted the political terrain of Chicago and provided a model for other organizations around the country. United Working Families and their members are vital to the public good and we are proud to honor their collective efforts.

Donald F. Erickson Synapses Award

Donald F. Erickson

The Donald F. Erickson Synapses Award recognizes the founder of the Synapses Foundation, which was dissolved in 2007, with the assets serving as an endowment gift to Crossroads Fund. The annual endowment payout helps to support grantmaking.

Don taught geography, history and social studies at Calumet High School. He was a committed activist for social justice, and worked to end human rights violations across the globe. Don was also an avid supporter of Christian Peacemaker Teams, and specified that the Synapses Foundation continue to fund that organization for as long as they exist. Don had a great sense of humor, and additionally requested that the Synapses Foundation money support political sketch comedy. Crossroads Fund is grateful and honored to remember Don and his work for social change by presenting this award in his memory.


Crossroads Fund is proud to honor Stop Cop City - Atlanta for their work to stop the construction of a police training facility on 381-acres of Weelaunee Forest. Stop Cop City - Atlanta is a decentralized movement made up of abolitionists, forest defenders, and community members mobilizing people throughout the world, including Chicago. We are in solidarity with their work to defend the Weelaunee Forest and ensure Cop City will never be built.

Lynda J. Tipton Memorial Award for Social Justice

Lynda J. Tipton, Photo by Dale Fast

Crossroads Fund is proud to present the Lynda J. Tipton Memorial Award for Social Justice, which was funded by Lynda’s family and friends in celebration of her life.

Lynda Tipton leaves a deep and rich history advocating for workers’ rights and racial justice. She was an early staff member of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union and a union representative for SEIU Local 73, where she represented clerical, janitorial, and technician staff for ten years. She was a founding member of the Interracial Family Network, a group to support the biracial identity of youth and their parents. Lynda was also a grassroots activist who marched for civil rights, women’s rights, and against the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Crossroads Fund honors Lynda and celebrates the intersectionality of issues for which she so fiercely fought.


People for Community Recovery works to enhance the quality of life of residents living in communities affected by environmental pollution. Their advocacy, education, and organizing has advanced community organizing at the intersection of environmental, economic, racial, and gender justice. We are excited to uplift the work they have been doing for decades to build power towards equity and community self-determination.


Thank You to our Sponsors!

(as of 3/25/2024)

Trailblazer: $10,000 and above


Chicago Teachers Union Foundation

Sue Eleuterio & Tom Sourlis

Resource Generation

Woods Fund Chicago

Changemakers: $7,500 - $9,999

Mainstream Media

Catalysts: $5,000 – $7,499

Builders Vision

Chicago Beyond

Grand Victoria Foundation

Visionaries: $2,500 – $4,999

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture

Jill Eid & Mike Papp

Irving Harris Foundation

The Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation

Movers & Shakers: $1,000 – $2,499

Michael Aguhar & Irina Zadov

AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits

Kay Berkson

Martha Biondi


Evette Cardona & Mona Noriega

Joy Clendenning

James & Megan Murray Cusick

John D'Emilio

Jani Hoft & Linda Wagner

Danbee Kim

Jeanne Kracher & Laura McAlpine

Julian Grace Foundation

Gordon Mayer & Kate Graham

Joey Mogul

Barbara Ransby & Peter Sporn

Rincon Family Services

Ronna Stamm & Paul Lehman

Third Wave Fund

Roxy Trudeau

Stewards: $750-$999

Mollie Anderson & Al Rosenberg

Gary & Katie Arnold

Alice Cottingham

Shelley Davis & Omar McRoberts

Jeff Edwards

Fifth Third Bank

Kheira Issaoui-Mansouri

Julia Klein

Skyler Larrimore

Gia Super

Sponsors: $350 – $749

Molly Armour

Missy Carpenter

Nancy Fleck Myers

Sue Foran

HANA Center

Mia Henry

Terrence Keleher

Alice Kim

Nora Kyger & Bill Foster

Sharmili Majmudar

Mary Morten & Willa Taylor

Jon Quinn

Race Conscious Dialogues

Ana Romero-Diaz

Elyse Schauer

Tom Wilson

Women Unite


Jill Eid & Mike Papp would like to honor the Crossroads Fund Team; “We are so grateful for your enduring commitment to social justice and community empowerment. Your passion, resilience, and vision, reaffirms our collective commitment to building a more just and equitable society where every voice is valued and heard. Thank you for being you!”

Tom Wilson would like to honor Susan Aarup for her devoted work with ADAPT, Healing to Action and Northside Action for Justice.

Emmanuel Garcia would like to honor activist and community organizer Reyna Ortiz for her dedication to trans and queer youth in Chicago.

Nouha Boundaoui honors Niki Heer and Nathan Palmer for their unflinching solidarity, thoughtful leadership, and love for our people as demonstrated by their work in Chicago's #StopShotSpotter campaign. Thank you for your brilliance and care!

Danbee Kim would like to honor artist and organizer Asha Edwards for her commitment to abolitionist movements and arts activism in Chicago.

Laura Leon and Jane Norton would like to honor the late Christine Geovanis; “For your powerhouse organizing for social justice.”

Alan Paberzs is proud to honor Jessyca Dudley for her commitment to advancing racial equity and leadership in the philanthropic community.

Skyler Larrimore would like to honor Graciela Guzmán; “For her years of organizing for healthcare justice and mutual aid. Now she's bringing her community-rooted leadership to the IL Senate!”

Gary Arnold would like to honor Candace Coleman; “For her commitment to social and racial justice at the intersection between disability and housing, education, employment and civil rights.”


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Aaron Gallery

About Face Theater

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Avondale Gardening Alliance

William C. Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

Big Delicious Planet

Bill Barclay and Peg Strobel

Michele Beaulieux

Bloomin' Spindle

Juana Boksa/Good Girl Ella

Laura Botwinick/SoNa Chicago Art Gallery

Dr. Rabia Boundaoui

Daniel Andrew Boyd

Michael Bridges

Busy Beaver Button Company

Nichole Brown/Neecolaaa Yoga

Jessica Burg

Jen Byrd

Chicago Cuatro Orchestra Project

Chicago Fair Trade

Chicago Mahogany Tours

Chicago Palestine Film Festival

Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts

Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

City Winery


Erica Clark

Community Tavern

Concern America

Consume Vintage

Cosmicos Pet Bakery

Drunk Shakespeare

The DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center

Early to Bed

Earth Cadets


James and Janet Fennerty

First Ascent

Jean Fishbeck

Five Point Holistic Health

Fred Follansbee

Lizzie Fowler/Feuille Ceramics

Iva Freeman

Mirentxu Ganzarain

Teresa Garcia

Lizette Garza

Gene Siskel Film Center

Gethsemane Garden Center

Giving Project 2023 Cohort

Good Omen

Goodman Theatre

Mac Grambauer

Great Lakes Tattoo

Glenance Green

Norbert Green

Jillian Gryzlak

Patricia J. Handlin and Flint Taylor


Harris Theater

Haymarket Books


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Insect Asylum

IO Theatre

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jerry's Sandwiches

Tim Jones-Yelvington

Just Seeds

JUSTIce Cream

Abha Kapila

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Kartemquin Films

Keep It Savory

Leigh Kelsey/Rhymes with Twee

Danbee Kim

Koval Distillery

Nora Kyger

Las Crafty Anties

Beth LeFauve and Mark Roe

Rebekah Levin and Sophie Kaluziak

Liberation Library

Lifeline Theatre

Lilla Barn

Lillstreet Art Center

Cherie R. Lockett

Lula Cafe

M. Henry

Katie Madden

Naomi Martinez/Monstrochika

Marz Brewing Co.

Gordon Mayer

Lillian McCartin and Brad Thomson

Yesica E. Morfin/Made a Mano

Museum Of Illusions

Music Box Theatre

The Music of the Baroque

National Museum Of Mexican Art


Nerfect Art Novelties

Arionne Nettles


One Of a Kind Show Chicago


Pie Pie My Darling

Diego B. Prados/Bus Stop Paintings

Production Mode

The Promontory

Purple and Lime, Inc.

Leslie Ramyk

Randolph Street Market

Rebuilding Exchange

Red Light Chicken

Rep Chi

Sarah-Ji Rhee

RIP Repurposed

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

Dianna Rodriguez/Light & Love Soaps

Roeser's Bakery

Kristina Roque

Azucena Sanchez

Sanctuary Health

Seguin Gardens and Gifts

Seminary Co-Op Bookstore

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Skydeck Chicago

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Sourlis Glass Studio

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Wake N' Bakery


Donna Wildearth

Wolfbait & B-Girls

Women & Children First

Amanda Yos/Knot.Yos


Thank You to our Host Committee!

(As of 2/23/24)

Tony Alvarado-Rivera

Makkah Ali*

Mollie Anderson*

Emmanuel Andre*

Gary & Katie Arnold

Becky Belcore & Chris Williams

Devonta "Tae" Boston

Nouha Nacer Boundaoui

Evette Cardona & Mona Noriega

Missy Carpenter*

Inhe Choi

Ann Christophersen & Amy Blumenthal

Michael Collins & Cat Greim

Alice Cottingham

James & Megan Murray Cusick

Shelley Davis & Omar McRoberts

Cecile DeMello*

Lee Dewey*

Jill Eid & Mike Papp

Sue Eleuterio & Tom Sourlis

Hanan El-Youssef*

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Ruth & Dale Fast

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Jani Hoft & Linda Wagner

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Susan Kaplan

Alice Kim

Danbee Kim

Julia Klein

Jeanne Kracher & Laura McAlpine

Nora Kyger & Bill Foster

Skyler Larrimore*

Laura León

Rebekah Levin & Sophie Kaluziak

Cherie Lockett

Sharmili Majmudar & Laura Noah

Gordon Mayer & Kate Graham

Agnes Meneses

Joey Mogul

Mary F. Morten & Willa J. Taylor

Gina Olson & Amy Johnson

Alan Paberzs

Chandra Palmer*

Amisha Patel & Neena Hemmady

Maru Pauta

Jon Quinn*

Barbara Ransby & Peter Sporn

Ireri Rivas Mier y Teran *

Brittany Roque

Muhammad Sankari*

Margie Schaps

Dick Simpson

Debbie Southorn

Roxy Trudeau

Thelma Uranga

Tom Wilson & Susan Aarup

*Also a Crossroads Fund Board Member


Bindu Alexander

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Makkah Ali

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Emmanuel Andre

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Tracie D. Hall

Alhelí M. Irizarry

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Gabriel Jones

Skyler Larrimore

Chandra Palmer

Jon Quinn


Ireri Rivas

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Michael Aguhar, Program Director

Emmanuel Garcia, Development and Communications Director

Lizette Garza, Program Director

Jane Kimondo, Executive Director

Katie Madden, Development Manager

Joanna Preston, Program Associate

Kristina Roque, Operations Director

Alexis Sanchez-Boyzo, Communications Associate

Makiko Yamauchi, Finance Manager


Lucy & Peter Ascoli

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