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Weddings are a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry in the United States. With all their associated costs — from travel and food to flowers and favors — those big days often come with a big price tag for wildlife and the environment. But they don’t have to. The Center for Biological Diversity's Wildlife-Friendly Wedding Guide lays out the areas where you can make more sustainable choices and share your Earth-friendly values with others, while making your wedding unique and personal. And many greener wedding choices come with the added benefits of simplifying your plans and shrinking your costs. Small changes add up, and wildlife can use all the help they can get.

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Weddings are a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry in the United States. With all of the associated costs, the big day often comes at a big expense to wildlife and the environment. Say "I do" to a #WildlifeFriendlyWedding 💖🌎 https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/

💖Big events can come with big carbon footprints, and weddings are no exception. Use our calculator to understand the carbon emissions associated with your wedding, as well as where you can reduce your impact on the climate. #WildlifeFriendlyWedding https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/carbon-calculator

🥗 Compared to the average wedding meal, offering a fully plant-based menu can reduces emissions by 90%! Get more #WildlifeFriendlyWedding tips on how to incorporate more Earth-friendly foods for your big day here: https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/food

💍 Choose a diamond that sparkle with the added benefits of avoiding the environmental destruction and social injustices linked to mining. Opt for a lab-made stone or find a jeweler who ethically sources their materials. #WildlifeFriendlyWedding https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/rings

🌹 The importing, transportation and energy costs of having fresh cut flowers at your wedding has an enormous carbon footprint. Choosing alternatives like floral rental, flower substitutes or making your own are equally beautiful and better for the planet. https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/flowers

Many new wedding dresses and suits are made with animal-based textiles such as silk and wool and cause environmental destruction and habitat loss. Shop secondhand instead and dazzle your guests with a gorgeous vintage piece with no extra cost to wildlife. https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/attire

🌸 Sendoffs are fabulous, but toss the balloons, glitter and fireworks that harm wildlife and pollute natural habitats, and choose a more wildlife-friendly option like flower petals, wildflower seeds or ribbon wands made of thrifted materials. https://wildlifefriendlywedding.org/miscellaneous


The Wildlife-Friendly Wedding Guide is a project of the Center for Biological Diversity that is aligned with our mission of saving life on Earth and our belief in the interconnectedness of human life with nature. Whether you're getting married, thinking of getting married, or are a wedding or event planner, the Wildlife-Friendly Wedding Guide seeks to empower others to be more conscious of their wedding day carbon footprint and choose more Earth-friendly options to have a more meaningful and lasting celebrations without the cost to wildlife and the environment. The Center’s Population and Sustainability program addresses the human impacts on wildlife and the environment caused by population pressure and destructive consumption and production. We fight for solutions that advance justice, equity, health, and a compassionate world where both people and wildlife can thrive.