Geraniums In my Garden


Now in the final stages of edits before submitting to publisher for the first print edition. For now, the book will be available only from Blurb bookstore until more books of the series are ready.

Lychnis Coronaria

I hoped to include this photo in the geranium book. Sadly, when converted to Blurb’s ICC profile, which is used for colour printing, it loses what makes it so stunning.

Since this page is a companion to the book, I am including it here.

This native of southern Europe naturalized quickly. As a biennial, it is easy to control by removing the woolly first year leaves when they get too enthusiastic in filling in bare spots. They grow with Plenum Album.

Sample Page


G. clarkei x G. pratense

First found in the Cambridge University Botanical Garden in 1982

Named by Dr Peter Yeo

Placed in the CUBG herbarium in 1987

Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2004

Flowers are single, clear blue with small white eye

Leaves are palmate and deeply divided

Grows in upright mounds to about 23.6 inches (60cm)

Divide every few years

In the garden

A geranium I needed to reshoot. Now I have a nice close-up of the flowers. The only other geranium in flower is Espresso.

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