Discover Flight Model Aviation is much more than a hobby! It’s a passion; it’s a sport; it’s a unique view of the world. And it’s never been a more exciting time to fly. Take an inside look into the world’s largest model aviation association and learn more about how you can start flying today.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics


  • SINCE 1936
  • 2,400 CLUBS
  • 180,000 MEMBERS

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The Academy of Model Aeronautics also operates the largest model aviation museum in the world.

  • 1978 museum was founded
  • 11,000+ unique artifacts
  • 1,200+ artifacts on display
  • 22,000+ model aircraft building plans

With nearly 2,400 flying clubs and 3,000 flying fields located throughout the country, there’s an opportunity to fly near you.

What does an AMA membership offer?

  • Liability Insurance
  • Liability coverage for operation of remote-controlled model aircraft, boats, cars and rockets
  • $2,500,00 comprehensive general liability
  • $25,000 accident/medical coverage for members
  • $10,000 maximum accidental death coverage for members
  • $1,000 fire, theft and vandalism coverage for members

Mentorship & Advocacy

  • Access to a community of more than 180,000 members internationally
  • Security of having AMA as a liaison with several local, state and federal government entities
  • Access to AMA-recognized Special Interest Groups
  • Support of more than 50 full-time staff members and hundreds of volunteers dedicated to serving all modelers
  • General club and member support and sponsorship

Membership FAQs

What is the cost of becoming an Academy of Model Aeronautics member?

The cost of becoming an Adult member is $85, Seniors $75, Youth ages 19 and below are $15.

What does it typically cost to purchase a remote-controlled model aircraft?

Remote-controlled model aircraft can be purchased for as low as $100.

As a member, what kind of model aircraft can I fly and where can I fly?

An Academy of Model Aeronautics membership provides coverage for whatever you fly, wherever you fly.

Should I join a flying club?

There are many benefits to joining a club, including hands-on instruction, exposure to other facets of the hobby, and camaraderie with and mentorship from other members.

As an AMA member, do I need to provide my own equipment?

Yes. Before choosing a model aircraft, we recommend talking to other remote-controlled model aircraft enthusiasts at a club or hobby shop to select an aircraft that best suits your interest, experience level and anticipated flying location(s). You may also want to consider purchasing an RC flight simulator, as well. This will help you learn to operate a model aircraft before you take to the skies.

How can I become an AMA member?

Signing up is easy. Simply visit our membership page, and follow the instructions to begin your journey with the Academy of Model Aeronautics today!

Signing up is easy. Simply visit our membership page, and follow the instructions to begin your journey with the Academy of Model Aeronautics today!

Academy of Model Aeronautics Established 1936

5161 E. Memorial Dr. Muncie, IN 47302

(765) 287-1256 |