Digital Futures PhD Network 31 January 2024

On the 31st January 2024, Digital Futures held a network event for PhD students at The University of Manchester. Coming from all three faculties of UoM, PhD students attended to build interdisciplinary connections for future collaborations.

Sarah Barton Townsend, Strategy and Engagement Manager of Digital Futures, giving an introduction of Digital Futures

Beginning the event, Sarah Barton Townsend, Strategy and Engagement Manager, Digital Futures, welcomed all attendees and gave an overview of how Digital Futures can provide support as a research platform. Stressing the importance of interdisciplinary working, Sarah encouraged attendees to build connections outside of their usual fields.

A series of lightning talks followed, starting with Siddharth Sule who gave a talk, "Simulating Particle Physics at the Large Hadron Collider on your Laptop". You can watch Siddharth's presentation here:

Ian Muirhead then gave a presentation on "Connecting the World, Saving the Sky: Mobile services from very low Earth Orbit". Catch up on Ian's presentation here:

Next, Rifny Rachman showcased "Adaptive AI for Holistic Supply Chain Optimisation: Merging Societal and Business Aspects". Yang Xu then proceeded with her presentation, "The emergence of Multisensory Non-Traditional trademarks (MNT) in the Extended Reality (XR) gamified retail market and its possible challenge to trademark law". In case you missed it, catch up on Rifny's presentation below:

Trang Dinh followed with a presentation "On the modelling and impact of negative edges in graph convolutional networks for node classification". To learn more, watch her talk below:

Rounding off the lightning talks, Shirin Khawjah gave a talk, "Cyber-attack on Artificial Intelligence under the European Law". In case you missed it, view Shirin's presentation below:

Concluding the presentations, the world café workshop gave attendees the opportunity to share knowledge outside of their respective fields, catalysing interesting conversations and diverse perspectives on research.

The World Cafe Workshop

The end of the world cafe workshop marked the end of an insightful and thought-provoking afternoon.

The University of Manchester's wider Digital Futures network is highly interdisciplinary and operates across the whole range of the University’s digital research - connect with us and keep in touch: