Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

When choosing a yin yoga teacher training, you should consider whether you want an online or in-person course. Some courses offer both, and some also combine yin with other subjects, such as aromatherapy or acupressure.

A good yin yoga training will explore basic human anatomy, particularly skeletal variability, to understand how poses will look and feel drastically different from person to person. It will also cover meridian stimulation and theory, as well as the five element theory.

Meridian Theory

Aside from gaining an in-depth knowledge of asanas, yin yoga teacher training can also help you understand the energetic body. This includes learning about acupuncture and the Chinese meridians. These are the energy pathways in the body that connect physical, emotional and mental health. Understanding them can improve your practice and help you teach more effective classes.

The Spleen meridian is one of the main energy systems that helps us to metabolize nutrients and support our digestive and immune systems. Its energy is influenced by the seasons and the emotions of fear and sadness. Poses that stimulate this meridian include reclined butterfly pose, straddle pose and seal pose.

yin yoga teacher training online course is an excellent choice for teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge of Functional Anatomy and Five Element Meridian Theory in Yin Yoga. She’s a well-known educator in the yoga community and has taught thousands of students worldwide. She combines anatomy, storytelling, archetypes, poetry, neuroscience, psychology and meridians to create an engaging and accessible course.


Yin yoga is a profound practice that involves self-inquiry. It offers a different perspective on the physical body, assisting students in transcending obsessive thoughts & emotions. It also allows them to find their inner stillness.

Unlike other yoga styles, yin focuses on the connective tissues and meridians. Using yin poses helps you build flexibility and strength while also improving your mental health. Moreover, it can help you deal with stress and depression.

A good online yin yoga teacher training will teach you how to create classes that support emotional healing & growth. It will also cover topics such as meridians, energy, and the five elements. Moreover, it will help you understand the fundamentals of human anatomy and skeletal variability. This will allow you to better guide your students. It will also teach you how to sequence yin yoga poses. It is essential that you find a training that covers these subjects thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself missing out on a valuable skill set.


In yin yoga, there is a focus on long-held static poses that stretch deeply into the fascia. This helps to improve circulation, release suppressed emotions, and promotes joint mobility. In addition, the practice can also help you relax deeply and gain a greater sense of inner stillness.

In this course, you’ll learn how to incorporate yin into your teaching with a thorough understanding of the practice’s subtle anatomy. You’ll explore yin philosophy, meridian stimulation and theory, the Five Elements, and human anatomy, all of which will help you teach safely and effectively.

The course offers online access to class recordings, a discussion group, and live Q&A calls with the instructor. It also includes printable notes and bonus videos to help you get the most out of your learning experience. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the training. That’s a lot of value for your money!


In a yin yoga class, the poses are held for long periods of time to stretch deep connective tissues and stimulate Chinese meridians. These energetic pathways have a profound influence on our emotions and healing capacities.

Meridian theory is a crucial aspect of yin yoga that helps teachers create classes that support emotional healing and growth. It stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine and explores the tributaries through which qi (or energy) flows in the body.

The online yin yoga teacher training is an immersive learning experience that offers a comprehensive curriculum of physical, spiritual and emotional healing. It covers topics such as the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians, acupressure, and meditation techniques. It also includes a practical teaching skills module to help teachers develop a safe and therapeutic class environment for their students. Upon graduation, the trainee will be certified by Yoga Alliance and will be able to teach yin yoga professionally. She will be able to apply her newfound knowledge and understanding of the holistic practice of yin yoga in her life to help others heal.