Dear MCS Family,

Last night, our MCS BOE formally approved a middle grades literacy model, in partnership with The Goizueta Foundation, designed to support every child at MSGA and MMS.

This initiative, "Writing the Book on Literacy: The Next Chapter," extends the district's successful Science of Reading-based approach into the middle grades, aiming to provide comprehensive training, coaching, and instructional resources to educators at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy and Marietta Middle School. This initiative will ensure every middle schooler receives the support they need to thrive and emerge as confident, capable readers, ready for high school and beyond.

The initiative builds on MCS's previous success in the Science of Reading and elementary literacy on the 2023 Georgia Milestones. MCS third-grade reading scores grew five times greater than the state of Georgia and the metro Atlanta area.

In recent years, MCS has been recognized as the statewide leader in elementary literacy. I look forward to how MSGA and MMS will set a new standard for helping every middle-grades student reach their fullest reading and writing potential.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer. To our graduating Class of 2024, we wish you all the best.

With gratitude,


Marietta City Schools

Summary - Board of Education Meeting

May 14, 2024 | Regular Monthly Meeting

Student Of The Month

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized Kaine Webb, a fifth-grade student at Dunleith Elementary, as the May Student of the Month.

Kaine is a dedicated fifth-grade student in Ms. McDowell's class who exemplifies kindness and helpfulness in and outside the classroom. He is passionate about physical activities, especially playing football with his classmates during recess. Recently, Kaine had a fantastic experience on an overnight field trip to the Georgia Aquarium, which was both educational and exciting. His enthusiasm and positive attitude make him a cherished Dolphin.

Congratulations to Kaine Webb for his recognition as the May Student of the Month!

Employee Of The Month

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized Tiffany Moody, a fourth-grade teacher at Dunleith Elementary, as the May Employee of the Month.

Tiffany is known for prioritizing solid teacher-student connections with her students. She practices daily positive affirmations with her class and creates anchor charts for students to use as take-home study guides. Additionally, Tiffany empowers her students by encouraging them to write sequels to stories they've read and then share their work with other classes, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. She also received the honor of Dunleith's Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations to Tiffany Moody for her recognition as the May Employee of The Month!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized The Kiwanis Club of Marietta.

The organization has "adopted" Lockheed Elementary as part of its Major Emphasis Project, demonstrating its commitment to supporting students' mental health. They have donated $16,000 to create sensory rooms and "Comfort Corners," which will be a comfortable space in the classroom for calming and decompressing methods to help prepare a student for learning. Kiwanis also supports MCS in various ways, including scholarships, volunteering, and programming. Initiatives like the K Kids Club, Builders Clubs, the GEM Awards, and other Major Emphasis Projects, such as bringing Barney to Marietta, highlight their extensive involvement and impact.

Congratulations to The Kiwanis Club of Marietta for its outstanding support! Thank you to Lisa Lawrence, Andy Tatnall, Ernie Wagoner, and Joy Doss for this special recognition.

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized the Marietta Middle School Boys Soccer team. The team had an outstanding season, clinching the Middle School Championship title on March 28 at Westminster, solidifying their dominance in the league. The team finished the season with an undefeated record and demonstrated exceptional skill, scoring 75 goals while allowing only two.

Congratulations to the Marietta Middle School Boys Soccer team for for receiving this special recognition!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized rising seniors Benjamin Githanga, Trina Whitaker, and Jamarcus Hill, who were selected as finalists for the prestigious 2024 Governor's Honors Program (GHP). These students excelled through several rounds of interviews among thousands of applicants and will be focusing on their respective fields of music, social studies, and theater performance. During the GHP, they will spend one month at Georgia Southern University, from mid-June to mid-July, and engage in advanced educational, cultural, and social enrichment activities. This unique residential summer experience also provides housing and meals, ensuring that each participant can fully immerse themselves in their specialized studies.

Congratulations to our 2024 Governor's Honors Program finalists for receiving this special recognition!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized our students' exceptional artistic talents. Several student works of art have been selected for display in the Central Office Board Room for guests to enjoy and admire. This recognition celebrates our students' creativity and reminds us of the importance of the arts in education and its role in fostering a rich and engaging learning environment.

Congratulations to Heidi Escobar Ramos, Bennett Peters, Abishaie Akin-Cole, Martha Underwood, Alliyah Blair, Emerson Beaman, and Zoe Armstrong for for receiving this special recognition!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education would like to recognize Marietta High School senior J'Kelyn Carroll, who won the 2024 Esports Madden Football Georgia High School Association State Championship on May 1 at the University of West Georgia. This is J'Kelyn's second time winning the state championship while at MHS; he previously won the championship in the fall of 2022. J'Kelyn has committed to Siena Heights University in Michigan, where he received an athletic scholarship for Esports.

Congratulations to J'Kelyn Carroll for receiving this special recognition!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized Marietta High School junior Daniel Torres Garcia, who has been selected to join the prestigious Georgia Music Educators Association All-State Band for 11th and 12th grades. His journey to the All-State Band started with a successful district audition in Cobb County. Daniel excelled even further, scoring as one of the top 24 flutes in Georgia.

Congratulations to Daniel Torres Garcia for receiving this special recognition!

Special Recognition

The Marietta City Schools Board of Education recognized Marietta High School teacher Bershawn Angry and senior Alejandro Reyes Zambrano for being honored with the Georgia Department of Education's Exemplary English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Award for their outstanding dedication to teaching and learning English.

Bershawn has served as a role model by effectively implementing the co-taught classroom model, collaborating with multiple teachers, and engaging with students at various levels of English proficiency for the last three decades. She is known for her innovative teaching strategies and leadership skills as the lead teacher for all Advanced Composition.

Alejandro came to the United States from Venezuela in 2021 and has shown remarkable dedication to mastering English. He has excelled academically by completing dual enrollment, honors, and AP Spanish courses while balancing a part-time job at a local restaurant. Alejandro is also heavily involved in his community through volunteer work with his church.

Congratulations to Bershawn Angry and Alejandro Reyes Zambrano for receiving this special recognition.

Board Meeting Approvals

  • Approval of Minutes - 4/16/24 Combined Work Session-Regular Monthly Meeting (7/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Minutes - 4/26/24 Board of Education Mini Retreat (7/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Minutes - 5/7/24 Work Session (7/0 - Approved)
  • Approval of Minutes - 5/8/24 Board of Education Mini Retreat (7/0 - Approved)
  • FY2025 Other Funds Budgets (7/0 - Approved)
  • Marietta City Schools Board Norms and Protocols (7/0 - Approved)
  • Marietta City Schools Board of Education Meeting Schedule as amended (2024-2025) (7/0 - Approved)
  • Learning Resources and Media Center Disposition (7/0 - Approved)
  • "Do The Math" Intervention Program - Lockheed Elementary (7/0 - Approved)
  • Caterpillar Simulators - Heavy Equipment Operator Career Pathway (7/0 - Approved)
  • Literacy and Justice for All - Year 4 (7/0 - Approved)
  • Student Information System – Aspen (7/0 - Approved)
  • Online Registration System – Aspen (7/0 - Approved)
  • Pest Control - All Facilities (7/0 - Approved)
  • Mulch - Elementary Playgrounds (7/0 - Approved - As Amended)
  • Pine Straw - All Schools (7/0 - Approved)
  • Pine Straw Installation - All Schools (7/0 - Approved)
  • Flooring Replacement - Central Office (7/0 - Approved)
  • Flooring Replacement - Marietta Performing Arts Center (7/0 - Approved)
  • Video Projection System - Marietta Sixth Grade Academy (7/0 - Approved)
  • Microsoft Volume License - Dell Technologies (7/0 - Approved)
  • FTE Data Tracker (7/0 - Approved)
  • Equipment Disposition (7/0 - Approved)
  • Field Trips (7/0 - Approved)
  • Financial Report
  • CARES Financial Report
  • Cell Phones, Smartwatches, and Social Media - Middle Grades Presentation
  • FY2025 General Fund Budget – Tentative Adoption (7/0 - Approved)
  • Writing the Book on Literacy: The Next Chapter (7/0 - Approved)
  • Lu Uno Interactive Playground Software - PowerUP EDU (7/0 - Approved)
  • Executive Session (7/0 - Approved)
  • Personnel Action (7/0 - Approved)
  • Administrative Personnel Action (7/0 - Approved)