Update | november 2023

Welcome to our last Institute Update 2023! In this edition, we present our latest research and technical assistance activities, as well as our outlook for 2024. Besides our EU-funded research activities, we will continue to develop technical assistance and capacity-building activities globally. As we are involved in several new projects with opportunities arising in the near future, we would like to invite every interested urban professional to register for our urban expert database: please join and connect - see our call below. Looking forward to a successful 2024 together!



We have come to an end! In October we held a successful Final Conference in Trondheim and published the ‘How To PED’ Cookbook, chronicling our experiences and packaging key learnings into a digestible set of ‘recipes’ for creating Positive Energy Districts.


We met with VARCITIES partners in Leuven in September for our sixth Progress Meeting: The project is on track to deliver 28 Visionary Solutions for health and well-being in cities. We are developing a knowledge exchange programme to support the dissemination of these solutions to other cities. Are you interested? Check VARCITIES City-to-City Exchange Programme!


Last month, we participated in the project meeting in Leuven, Belgium. We are leading the work of Communication and Dissemination activities, Twinning City activities, and finished research results on Co-governance indicators and Nature-building communities aiming to establish local coalitions to ensure the continued benefits, impact, and maintenance of interventions beyond the project’s duration. Read the Press release for more information!


The DUST project is well underway in developing participatory experiments for just sustainability transitions, with explorations taking place into the level of participation in just transition policies and how to assess this. We are also looking at how to involve the Least Engaged Communities (LECs) in policy debates through a community champion network that will platform the stories of communities in networks beyond the project. Follow us to find out more about the DUST project!

PLUS Change

The PLUS Change website is up and running! Check out our new series, 'PLUS Changers in the Spotlight', where we introduce the different partners in the consortium, and be sure to give us a follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


Exciting news from UP2030! The project is rapidly advancing, and from the 13th to the 15th of November we will be in Lisbon with all our partners for the UP2030 General Assembly. We will discuss project updates, the needs of our partner cities, and how to best align them with the tools and services provided by the different partners. To stay in the loop on our next steps, make sure to visit our website and follow us on our social media!



Last September, together with Down to Earth partners, we took part in a Study Visit in the Italian region of Molise. The theme of the Visit was the environmental risks linked with depopulation and the ageing population in rural areas. We discovered that the regional authority of Campobasso addresses the issue. The Visit feeds into a Thematic report on the topic, which will be released early next year and presented at a public conference in Patras, Greece. Discover more on our website!


The Online Courses

The ISOCARP Institute and Think City Institute have partnered to develop Smarter, Dynamic, Greener, a series of three online courses that explore environmental and technological challenges in cities across Asia. The programme is oriented around actionable strategies to meet SDGs in the region and targets public and private sector professionals working in Asia. Drawing on up-to-date knowledge from a range of expert lecturers, each course will promote co-creative strategies for resilient development in Asian cities. Take a look at our first course on Climate Resilience and find out how to sign up here:


Are you involved in an urban development project with a complex array of stakeholders? Do you want to find a way to communicate effectively across sectors and engage citizens in meaningful and long-lasting ways? Get in touch with us to find out about our participatory storytelling advisory services. We can help.

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Welcome our intern

Oishika Basak is a recent graduate from Utrecht University, where she did her Research Master’s in Urban and Economic Geography. Her passion and research interests lie in topics like spatial and social (in)justices, climate politics, citizen participation, and dialogues centred around inclusion and diversity. At the ISOCARP Institute, she assists the project managers in various communication and dissemination activities, and develops position papers for the Institute’s knowledge base.


Opportunities for new partners! We are looking for new partners with whom we can work together on capacity building, research exploration, public outreach and technical assistance both in and outside of Europe. We are always open to new connections, reach out to us via email: info@isocarp-institute.org or connect on social media