KC News Round Up Wednesday 27th March 2024

Dance Showcase

The KC Dance Showcase was a wonderful display of talent and hard work that featured GCSE and BTEC exam work alongside extracurricular clubs and performance work. The evening was a great success with all pupils performing brilliantly, and £350 raised for the school charities.

Boarders' International Evening

On Friday, KC Boarding hosted an International Evening to celebrate the range of cultures we have here across the boarding houses. The Boarding and Catering teams transformed the dining hall with flags and bunting. Everyone enjoyed a three course meal from the Catering team which took us to Southern America with chicken and waffles (Chaplain Katie was happy!)

The highlight of the evening was the pupils sharing their cultures and nationalities with each other. There were astounding performances from Rocio and Carolina (Spanish traditional dance); Ines (Argentinian traditional dance) and Mandi, Zarina and Miss Henry (Afro-Caribbean dance). Ping-Ping modelled a traditional Thai costume, Jazmine educated them on Chinese jewellery and Loreto educated on traditional Spanish dances. It was a truly multi-cultural celebration!

Duke of Edinburgh

The Silver Award D of E groups travelled to Ashdown Forest for a three day and two night expedition for the practical section of the Silver Award last weekend.

They faced freezing temperatures at night and rain, sun and wind during the days. The pupils showed incredible resilience, pulling together to help each other navigate around the hills and valleys of East Sussex. They all passed their expedition section and showed fantastic teamwork and spirit. Well done everyone!

Year 9 Cheese Tasting

Year 9 French enjoyed a cheese tasting experience as part of their French lesson last week.

They had a variety of cheese from Port Salut, Boursin and Brie, as well as a delicious baked Camembert, accompanied with some baguette and crackers. Some cheeses were more liked than some others, but the Brie and Boursin were the clear winners.


Katie in the Lower Sixth ran the Year 7 A and B team interhouse football tournament last week as part of her PE BTEC coursework.

‘I organised an interhouse football tournament for Year 7 in their PE lesson on Friday as part of my PE BTEC course. The pupils had a lot of fun, and scored a lot of goals! The final result was that Celts won for the A team and Saxons won for the B team.’ Katie
‘It was lovely to see Year 7 enjoying their football tournament, organised by Katie in Lower Sixth. It was clear that everyone was having so much fun; a wonderful atmosphere, along with some very competitive football. What a great opportunity for the Year 7s to display some house spirit too! Well done to Katie for hosting such a well-organised event.’ Miss Handford.

Easter Egg Hunt


Boarders Ping-Ping, Chloe, Sia and Jazmine, organised an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. The girls hid 250 eggs around KC and all boarders teamed up and searched for them. But it wasn't just the boarders who got involved - a few birds managed to find about six of the eggs before the pupils could! The group who won was led by Mazvita, collecting a total of 37 eggs.

Easter Bake Sale and Cake Competition

The Soroptimist Club ran an Easter Cake Competition and bake sale on Tuesday, with all proceeds from the sale going to Hospice in the Weald.

We had many entries into the cake competition and the winner was Charlotte in the Lower Sixth, followed by Helena in the Upper Sixth in second place and Year 9's Claudia who came third. Our winners received Easter gifts and some baking implements as prizes. Well done to our winners and everyone who took part.

Charlotte's winning creation!

Science Club

Science Club have been busy recently! This week they made boomerangs out of cardboard and moulded by hand to get the correct shape. Used most famously by Australian Aborigines for hunting, they look simple but use a complex combination of aerodynamics to perform their amazing return flights.

Last week they also made ‘Lava Lamps’ using vegetable oil, water, food colouring and effervescent tablets to create bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. Water is more dense than oil but when the gas bubbles attach themselves to blobs of water, the blobs and gas together are less dense than the oil, so they float upwards. At the surface, the bubbles pop and the blobs of water sink back down again.

National Theatre Archive Trip

On Tuesday Year 11 pupils attended the National Theatre Archive in Waterloo. Pupils watched a recorded version of 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane' which they previously saw earlier in the year. This was a perfect opportunity for our pupils to refresh their understanding of the play and make final notes. They will be reviewing this performance as part of their GCSE exam in May. It was a highly beneficial trip!

HALO Lecture

Our AIM pupils have had a thought provoking end to the term, with a fascinating lecture from Dr. Trainor entitled "Should we tolerate that which we hate?".

Dr. Trainor explored the idea of tolerance and what we might need to consider in order to tolerate a group or idea and why that might be difficult. Pupils found the lecture engaging and insightful. We thank Dr. Trainor for such an engaging and exciting lecture to end the term and wish him well on his future adventures!

Dr Trainor’s topic of ‘Should We Tolerate That Which We Hate’ allowed for a great discussion and left much to think about. Charlotte, Upper Sixth
It was really insightful, it also helped me understand witches views and how they affected their communities. - Tabitha Year 9

Next term promises to be just as exciting; with Mrs Payne starting us off with a lecture on Emotional Intelligence on the 17th April.

Chaplain Katie's Haircut!

Chaplain Katie had her hair cut in assembly to help raise awareness around hair loss and to support our pupil Lillie and her campaign to raise enough funding to make one wig for a child in need. The whole school has also shown their support by wearing a hat, wig, scarf or indeed anything else they can fit on their head. Lillie recently had her own hair cut for the Little Princess Trust.

Carnival of the Animals Rehearsal

The first rehearsal for Senior and Prep Orchestras for the Carnival of the Animals took place today and it sounded fabulous! Make sure you have your tickets for May 1st – there will be music, poetry, art, dance, singing and more! Booking below.

Staffing News

This term we say goodbye to two of our long-standing staff members and wish them all the best for the future.

Nick Trainor - Teacher in Charge of Politics

I have had a wonderful time working at KC, it has been a real privilege to be part of the KC community. I will miss the relationships that I have built with pupils and colleagues, and the laughs over biscuits in the staff room.
However, it is with much excitement that I leave KC to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, walking the length and breadth of the country with my wife. There is no place like KC and I will carry all the happy memories with me on to my next chapter.

Derek Lamm - Electrician

It has been a pleasure and an honour to be part of KC and I am pleased to have met and worked with so many wonderful people here. However, as much as I'm honoured to be able to ensure your electrical safety, it's time for me to move on.
The catalyst for the move is an opportunity to join my partner's growing catering business, so I'll be hanging up my screwdrivers and picking up a butter knife.
The venue for this new venture will be the tearoom at Lullingstone Castle and World Gardens and some of the week at The Village Tearoom in Borough Green.

Carnival of the Animals

Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible - they are selling fast…

The Wellbeing Hub

These upcoming events and resources may be of interest:

  • Nutrition for concentration and performance with Tina Lond-Caulk, Author Speaker, and Nutritionist. Wednesday 24th April, 6:30pm. Book here to join.
  • Is your child struggling with negative body image? Body image is not how you look. Body image is how you think and feel about your body, your appearance, or your looks. Discover empowering tips to enhance their body confidence right here.

Easter Holidays

Camp Beaumont

Monson Swim School

Have a lovely Easter break, see you on Tuesday 16th April!