The Stinger January 5, 2024

Good afternoon Stinger families!

Happy New Year! Welcome to our second half of our 2023-2024 school year. We look forward to an excellent second semester! Please be sure to read through these newsletters as there are many important upcoming dates for you to make note of. Below you will find new information about scheduling for the 2024-2025 school year, upcoming assemblies, upcoming assessment dates, and much more. I know I can get a little "wordy" in these newsletters, but we want to make sure we clearly communicate everything that we possibly can to you.

We are so excited to announce that we will be having another BBQ lunch on January 12th where we invite our families in to eat with their child(ren). Please complete the below form so we can make sure we have plenty of food for all!


Jill Sarraino, Principal


Main Line Phone Number: 480.272.8600

Attendance: 480.272.8604

Health Tech: 480.272.8602

Upcoming Dates

January 10: Cultural Festival

January 15: No School- Martin Luther King Day

January 17: 1:00: Early Release PLC

January 17: Falcon Parent Night (make note of the date change 8th grade parents)

This is for 8th grade parents only!

January 20: Run the District- how much fun would it be to have a bunch of our STMS families run in their Stinger green? See below links for the flyer and registration.

January 24: 1:00: Early Release PLC

January 31: 1:00: Early Release PLC


Theme Days

As a part of PBIS, we celebrate and do fun "things" with our kids. Every Friday, we have a school theme day. We will share these days with our students during announcements, but you can also find them in this section of the newsletter. Please encourage your child to participate. We can still have fun while learning. Go Stingers!

January 12: STMS

January 19: Layers Day- how many layers can you wear?

January 26: Anything but a backpack day- be reasonable

Outstanding STAR Students

There are students out there who continue to do the right thing, don't always get recognized for their efforts, or just might need a little pick me up. We invite you to write up a nomination. Please revolve your answer around Safety, Trustworthy, Accountable, Respectful. Student names will be read on announcements OR they will get a special visit in one of their classrooms. When completing, you can remain anonymous if you so choose.

Stinger Shining Staff

This is an opportunity (and part of our PBIS system) for you to share your words of appreciation to any staff member on our campus- and it is FREE. The form below will take less than a minute to complete. We appreciate you in advance for letting our staff know the great joy and success that they bring to our campus, students, and community!

Thank you to a former Stinger family who brought Coach Larson some wonderful goodies. When we plan for instruction, we always attempt to connect what students are learning to real world. During coach’s pickleball unit, a now high school student decided that this was his love and passion and doing very well playing this sport. Thank you for supporting our school and Coach, thank you for always going above and beyond to make a difference.

Stingers of the Month


Office Hours are by appointment only. Every teacher will have a google form that students will complete prior to attending their office hours. This ensures safety and also allows for our teachers to appropriately prepare for the many needs that our students have when they come to get additional support in office hours.


  • February 26-March 8: Mimic #3 (ELA/Math)
  • March 18-April 12: AzSci State Assessment
  • April: AASA State Assessment (schedule will be forthcoming)


7th grade parents- We will host a scheduling assembly for our 7th graders on January 23rd during 5th period. Students will bring home their registration sheet that evening. Please review this with your child, select classes for 8th grade, sign and return to your child's Science teacher. Our counseling team will assist students with signing up for their 2024-2025 classes the week of January 30-February 2nd. As a reminder, we staff based on requests, thus, we do not change schedules once they are made. PLEASE take time to talk through your child's wishes, needs, etc. prior to finalizing the course registration sheet. These are due back to the Science teachers no later than January 29th.

8th grade parents- Be sure to attend the Falcon parent night on January 17th for more information regarding scheduling and other important information.


Dear Sonoran Trails Middle School Families,

Welcome back! We hope this letter finds you well-rested and ready for the exciting challenges that the new semester brings. We trust that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday break filled with joy, laughter, and meaningful moments with family and friends.

As we embark on this new semester together, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continued support and commitment to the success of our students. We warmly welcome our returning families and extend a warm greeting to those who may be new to our STMS community.

The start of a new semester provides an excellent opportunity for reflection, growth, and renewed focus. Our dedicated teaching staff has been working diligently to prepare engaging lessons and meaningful experiences that will inspire and challenge students in their academic journey.

We understand that the transition back to school can sometimes be a challenging time for students as they reacclimate to the routine of classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities. To support every student's well-being and success, our counseling team is readily available to provide assistance and guidance. As we embark on this new school year, we want to take a moment to remind you of the essential services and resources we provide to ensure that your child has a positive and successful middle school experience.

  • Academic Guidance: Our counselors work closely with students to help them navigate their academic journey. Whether it’s selecting courses, setting goals, or addressing any academic challenges, we are here to provide guidance and support.
  • Emotional Support: Middle school can be a time of transition and growth, and our counseling team is here to assist students in navigating the various emotions and challenges they may face. We offer a safe and confidential space for students to express themselves and develop the necessary coping skills.
  • Social Skills Development: We actively promote the development of strong social skills and healthy relationships among our students. Through 2nd step, group activities, and one-on-one sessions, we aim to foster a positive and inclusive school environment.
  • College and Career Readiness: Even in middle school, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Our counselors provide information and resources to help students explore their interests, set goals, and understand the pathways to success beyond middle school.

We are here to ensure that every student feels supported and ready to excel in the new semester and encourage open communication between parents, students, teachers, and the counseling team. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the semester, please feel free to contact us. We value your input and partnership in fostering a positive and enriching learning environment. You can find our contact information below.

Once again, welcome back to Sonoran Trails Middle School. We look forward to a semester full of academic achievements, personal growth, and memorable experiences. Together, as a united school community, we can make this semester a truly exceptional one for our students.

Wishing you a successful and fulfilling new semester!

Kelly Love (8th Grade Counselor); Phone: 480-272-8621; Email:

Michael Moriarty (7th Grade Counselor); Phone: 480-272-8618; Email:

Daniel Slager (School Social Worker); Phone: 480-272-8670; Email:


At STMS, we are committed to fostering an environment that goes beyond academics, recognizing the value of nurturing the whole child. We were able to use tax credit money (thank you) and secure two different presentations for our students that we feel will add great value to the every student on our campus. Assemblies serve as a key platform for achieving this goal. Here is why they matter:

  1. Community Building: Assemblies bring our middle school community together, creating a sense of unity and belonging. They provide opportunities for students to connect with peers, teachers, and staff, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.
  2. Character Development: Beyond textbooks and exams, your child's character is shaped by their experiences. Assemblies often feature discussions and presentations that promote values such as empathy, respect, and resilience. These moments contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals.
  3. Inspiration and Motivation: Guest speakers, performances, and presentations during assemblies expose students to diverse perspectives and ideas. These experiences can inspire and motivate our students to explore new interests, set ambitious goals, and develop a lifelong love of learning.
  4. Social and Emotional Learning: Middle school is a crucial time for social and emotional development. Assemblies will often touch on topics related to mental health, effective communication, and positive relationships. These discussions equip students with essential skills to navigate the challenges of being an adolescent.

February 5th: Student assembly, "Technology Talks" with Dr. Lisa Strohman during school hours regarding the impact technology has on our students daily lives. We will host a parent presentation at 6:30 that evening in our gymnasium. Please plan on attending this presentation as you will find it to be great value to you! Dr. Strohman is a Cave Creek community member who has a wealth of knowledge on educating and training kids, schools and parents to become responsible digital citizens. Check out her website here:

February 12th: "Your Story Matters" presentation to all of our students regarding the importance of their impact in our world. The speaker is Cory Greenwood who engages students and connects with students on their level creating an atmosphere where it is OK to be themselves. Check out his website here:

If you prefer to have your child opt out of the Cory Greenwood assembly due to the content, please email our school social worker, Daniel Slager, with that request.


Debate Club


Our XC girls got second place at the district championships at Cactus High School. Mary was 4th and Charlotte was 8th. Great job Stingers!!!

Yearbook Information

Are you interested in submitting photos to our yearbook? Please click on the link below!

Are you ready to purchase your child's yearbook? Please click on the link below!


Exciting things happening on our campus this winter break! The construction of our outdoor classroom began! We are so excited and will update everyone through social media and our newsletters!


  • Sarah Fairfield, President
  • Bethany Flower & Annie Schwartz, Vice Presidents
  • Mollie Sutherland, Secretary
  • Virginia Sierra, Treasurer
  • Kelly Clary & Jessica Cammarata, FunShine Chairs
  • Ashley Renie & Kelly Groth, Snack Shack Chairs
  • Kelly Harkins, Web & Technology
  • Jessica Spencer, Social Media Chair and Site Council

Future Stinger Night

Please share the below information to any 6th grade parents that you may know! We cannot believe we are already talking about the 2024-2025 school year!



There are just so many wonderful things happening each and everyday on our campus. To ensure you don't miss out on anything, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily updates.

Around CCUSD


CCUEF is going to have a Rally the District with the Suns, March 7th, 2024. They only have until Jan 31st to sell tickets. CCUEF will also be the Community Partner for the Night! They will be showing a short video from Grant the District on the Overhead Screens. They have 350 seats set aside in 6 different price ranges. 30 CCUSD students (16 yrs and younger) will get to be on the court during the National Anthem with the teams. CCUEF will randomly pick students who have tickets. Plus, we get early entrance to watch warm-ups sitting in the lower level.

$5 per ticket will go to CCUEF and any donations received will as well. CCUEF will have a table on the lower level concourse. This will help CCUEF fund grants for 2024.


Superintendent Bill Dolezal



November 5, 2024