Classroom Tools & Materials REMC 3 Schools can borrow for FREE!

Below are the materials available, click the links to find out more!

(10) KEVA Maker Bot Maze

(4) Strawbees Dies

Makey Makey (2 classroom sets available)

Zip Snip Cutting Tool (7 available)

(4) Box of 400 Keva PLANKS

(2) Pop up green screen

(2) Hue HD camera

(3) Blue ICE USB Microphone

Ozobots (12 total robots)

(10) Dash robots (with xylophones, launchers, & Coding Cards)

Sphero SPRK+ (1 classroom set available)

Sphero Bolt (2 class sets available)

Sphero Indi (class set)

Intelino Smart Trains (class set)

Microbits (class set)

Emidos (class set)

(2) iPad Air 2 (with DoInk app)

(10) iPad Mini (to use with drones)

(30) Kindle Fire HD Tablets (with Sphero, Dash, & Osmo apps)

(3) FlashForge Adventurer 3 3D printer

(20) 3D Pens

Magformers (class sets with challenge cards)

Magnetic Wooden Blocks (Class set)

Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolkits

Brain Flakes Class Set

Box Lox Cardboard Connecting Kit

Qubits (classroom building set)

Straw Constructor STEM Building Kits

Interlocking Building Blocks

(18) Bee Bots w/charging docks (2 sets available)

Blue Bot w/charging dock (set of 12)

(16) Osmos (Kindles w/apps, Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Pizza Co., Words, Numbers, Tangrams, Math Wizard Series)

Marble Runs (5 available)

(3) Papair Obstacle Course

Glowforge (not available for checkout but files can be printed for you)

Literature Books (click for full list)

(4) Breakout Box Sets with Locks

Classroom Makers Website

Additional Resources

Email Heather at for more information or if you are interested in checking out items for your classroom!