Brand Guidelines Last updated: November 2023

The main Logo

The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) is the annual exhibition hosted by BIGGA. It is a well known and respected brand within the greenkeeping industry.

The main BTME logo should be clearly visible on all publications and use the pre-set clear space provided as part of the artwork.

The BTME logo should be accompanied by the main BIGGA logo on all external media (with the exception of promotional merchandise items) to reinforce that BTME is a BIGGA event.

Size and clear space

The clear space for the logo is the width of the E of BTME all round.

It should appear at no smaller than 15mm in height from the top of the curve to the bottom of the curve on an A4 document.

The only exceptions to this rule are where the pre specified lockup combinations that include the BIGGA, BTME and Continue to Learn logo are applied together. When these are in use the rules for the measurements should be taken inline with the BIGGA logo.

The lockups

In certain circumstances a combination of the BIGGA, BTME and Continue to Learn logos or simply BTME and BIGGA may be required.

Specific lockup groups have been set up and are available for application. These should be applied based on the size of the BIGGA logo appearing no smaller than 20mm in height on an A4 document.

When using the lockups a clear space equivalent to width of the E in BTME should be left around the branding. The files available have this built into them to ensure consistent application across all projects.

These clear spaces apply to both the trio of logos and the BTME and BIGGA combination lockup.

BTME title graphic

The BTME word graphic is specifically designed to be applied on external media, those adverts and items where the audience may not realise what BTME stands for.

The majority of the usage remains on our own advertising and signage to help clearly define the brand, however the graphic is available on request for specific projects.

It should be used sparingly and at a size where the wording is clearly legible.

There are a number of variations available for different applications

Available colour-ways

The core BTME logo and multi-brand lockups are available in a range of colour choices for specific applications.

Full colour versions should appear on white or very pale tinted coloured backgrounds as long as they do not flare with the logo.

Solid white versions should appear on dark backgrounds where it is only appropriate to use a single colour variation.

Grey versions should only appear on white backgrounds. The grey version is a secondary set up rather than for primary usage.

Solid black versions should appear on white or very pale backgrounds where it is only appropriate to use a single colour variation.

Application of the logo

Correct application

The logo may appear in full colour on a white or pale tinted background as long as the colours do not blend closely with that of the logo. When used over strong coloured or photographic backgrounds the solid white or black versions should be used.

For background graphics and occasions where full colour print is not available, the single colour versions should be used.

Incorrect application

Do not distort, amend or recreate the logo in any way.

Always ensure that the logo is clearly visible and not obscured by overly fussy backgrounds.

Creative use of the solid white or full colour logo is allowed for a graphic element on covers or document backgrounds provided the logo also appears in full and is not obscured elsewhere.

Brand Colours


All designed items including brochures, leaflets, stationery and banner stands should be produced in FuturaTS.

All other general items (emails, letters, word documents etc.) should be produced in Helvetica or for older versions of Microsoft Office, Arial is the final choice as this is available font on most computers (PC or Mac).

For more information

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, if you would like to be supplied with any specific files, please contact our Design and Brand Executive Libbie Waddleton