Looking back at 2023 with Democratic Whip Katherine Clark

The end of 2023 is fast approaching — and what a year it has been. While not without difficult moments at home and abroad, these past twelve months have been filled with many successes that I’m proud to share with you.


The Infrastructure Law

Since its passage in 2022, the Infrastructure Law has delivered $6 billion to Massachusetts for nearly 200 transformational projects — including many game-changing projects here in MA-5.

From a nearly $1 million grant to help the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) electrify its bus fleet to a $58 million investment to rid our schools of lead pipes and ensure safe, clean drinking water in schools, the Infrastructure Law is helping us build the healthier, stronger communities our families deserve.

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark speaks at a podium. She is standing in front of a playground.

The Inflation reduction act

In just its first year, the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act has slashed the cost of insulin to $35 per month for seniors and expanded affordable health care coverage for nearly 57,000 Bay Staters. It has created over 170,000 good-paying, green-energy, union-protected jobs in 44 states, including in the Commonwealth. And it has injected fairness into our tax system by requiring the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share — all while putting us on a path toward sustainability.

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark and Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra greet a room of MA-5 seniors.

putting people over politics

This year, the House Republican Majority governed with chaos. Instead of putting together a plan that prioritized working families, they held our economy hostage to advance their extreme, anti-freedom agenda — threatening to default on America’s debt for the first time in our nation’s history and driving us to the brink of government shutdown, twice.

Yet Democrats refused to let them bully everyday Americans. United, we fought to save the people from the devastating impacts of these MAGA-manufactured catastrophes. And we won, again and again.

While Republicans continue to choose MAGA extremism over the needs of their constituents, Democrats remain firmly on the side of the people.

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark speaks into a podium before an audience of reporters. Standing next to her is House Democratic Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar.

this year, we fought for reproductive freedom

Fifty years ago, Roe v. Wade delivered a landmark victory for reproductive freedom in America — empowering women to control their futures and moving us closer to our country’s promise of liberty and justice for all. Tragically, extremist Republicans upended that progress by overturning Roe and launching an all-out attack on abortion — endangering the lives of countless women in the process.

Like so many of you, I refuse to stand for it.

This year, I fought alongside House Democrats to halt the MAGA march toward a nationwide abortion ban: standing with abortion providers, giving voice to the women who have suffered under draconian bans, introducing legislation that safeguards access to birth control, and filing a discharge petition to codify abortion access.

Still, this fight is far from over. I will continue pushing back against Republican extremism until every woman in every zip code has the reproductive freedom she deserves.

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark holds a sign that reads: Hands Off Our Birth Control.

$31 MILLION FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY PROJECTS across the fifth district

  • Repair of Building 2 Doriot Chambers, City of Natick: $3,560,000
  • Small Unit Digital Twin for Robotic and Sensor Systems Integration, City of Natick: $3,560,000
  • Chris Walsh Memorial Trail Project, City of Framingham: $3,000,000
  • Advancing Military Exoskeleton Technology Project, City of Natick: $2,990,000
  • Hurld Park Construction, City of Woburn: $2,950,000
  • Grow in Revere Food Hub Project, City of Revere: $2,000,000
  • Riverside Climate Resiliency Project, City of Revere $1,977,220
  • Malden River Works, City of Malden: $1,800,000
  • Lake Waushakum Clean Water Project, City of Framingham: $1,700,000
  • Carr Park Resilient Community Solar Project, City of Medford: $1,500,000
  • Advocates Community Health Access Expansion Project, City of Framingham: $500,000
  • Massachusetts Bay Community College’s Center of Health Science, Early Childhood Education, and Human Services Project, City of Framingham and Wellesley: $400,000
  • Boys and Girls Club, City of Waltham: $300,000
  • Charles River Community Health, Inc., City of Waltham: $247,000
  • Stormwater Tree Trench Project, City of Watertown: $240,000
  • Regional Tree Protection and Planning Project for the Charles River Watershed: $115,000


This includes:

More than $7.2 million in delayed Social Security benefits and tax refunds

$64,000 in SBA grants and loans for local small businesses.

$187,783 in restored benefits for veterans and active duty servicemembers.


I am proud to have resolved 1,672 cases this year for MA-5 residents – people like Barry Needalman. When this longtime Framingham sailor needed to update his boat radio and was experiencing trouble connecting with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), my office got him the answers he needed.

A YouTube thumbnail of a video detailing the story of Framingham sailor Berry Needlman. Watch HERE.

1 congressional art competition winner

This year’s winning submission from MA-5, Jasmine Wang’s “The Birthplace of American Liberty,” depicts one of the Fifth District’s most cherished statues: the Lexington Minuteman.

An homage to the town’s rich history, Wang’s piece skillfully captures the spirit of Lexington — the pride, innovation, excellence, and beauty that sets the town and our entire Commonwealth apart. It has been a joy to see this piece hanging on the walls of the U.S. Capitol this year!

1 congressional app challenge winner

Arlington High School’s Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck is our District’s winner of the 2023 Congressional App Challenge! Finlayson-Johnecheck created BlockStatus, an all-in-one scheduling app, to help high school students track important announcements and manage their busy workloads.


This year, the world watched in horror as conflict consumed Ukraine and the Middle East. My heart breaks for the communities devastated by loss and for the countless families left to grieve and pick up the pieces.

Here, too, our safety and democracy have been threatened. Political extremists across the country have embarked on a mission to undermine our hard-won freedoms and ensure our kids have fewer rights than in past generations: seeking to stoke bigoted violence, legitimize anti-LGBTQIA+ discrimination, impose a nationwide abortion ban, suppress voting rights, and censor opposition to right-wing MAGA ideology.

Thank you again for your partnership, your advocacy, and your commitment to strengthening our community and country.

I’m eager to continue our march toward progress in 2024.

Let’s get started!