Hildebrandt Hoofbeat Week of May 6th

Upcoming Dates to Know:

  • End of Year MAP Testing - Tuesday, May 7th - Wednesday, May 8th
  • 6th Grade Awards - Monday, May 20th, 5:30-6:10 PM AM - Klein Oak Auditorium
  • 7th Grade Awards -Monday, May 20th, 6:30-7:10 PM AM - Klein Oak Auditorium
  • 8th Grade Awards - Monday, May 20th, 7:30-8:10 PM AM - Klein Oak Auditorium
  • LOTE/CTE Comp Sci Semester Exam - Wednesday, May 15th
  • PHS Semester Exam - Friday, May 17th
  • CTE Business Semester Exam & Art I - Monday, May 20th
  • Alg/Bio/Geo Semester Exam - Tuesday, May 21st
  • Chromebook Pick up - Wednesday, May 22nd

Every Student. Everyday.

Help Us Take Care of our New Spaces

We do not allow any FOOD or DRINKS (other than water) outside of the cafeteria. We want to ensure that our Future Mustangs have a beautiful space to collaborate and learn!

Stay informed with Schoology & Skyward Access

Visit our family digital learning website for information about the resources available for students to access anytime, as well as information on how to get logged in as a parent in both Schoology & Skyward. Click here

Student ID's & Lanyards

All Klein ISD Staff and students are required to wear an Identification Card (ID) while at Klein ISD Campuses. Student safety and security are of the utmost importance to us at Hildebrandt and IDs are vital in safeguarding your student and our campus. At Hildebrandt, students are required to wear the ID card on a lanyard around their neck so it can be easily visible. The lanyard must be the correct corresponding color for their grade. GREEN for 6th graders, PURPLE for 7th Graders and BLACK for 8th graders. IDs and Lanyards are mandatory for any Klein ISD event, this includes games, plays, etc.

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