Mamma Mia By Caroline Schlieker

While auditioning for the Winter Musical, Brandon Kelly, 11, dances to the song Mamma Mia. Each student first sang individually and later joined a group to dance the choreography.

During the "Does Your Mother Know" song Jadon Newman, 12, and Riley Settle, 11, play the roles of Pepper and Tanya. In "Mamma Mia" Pepper is a local boy who found himself infatuated with a wealthy wedding visitor named Tanya.

"Being a choreographer and lead for this show has really been such a great experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to freely create and share the art of music, acting, and dance with others." - Riley Settle, 11
For his audition, Colin Nguyen, 12, rises onto his knees, after crawling across the floor, as he performs a scene from the song "Lay Your Love On Me."
"During auditions, I wanted the role of Sky because he was the main guy role besides the dads. I crawled because it truly fits Sky's character and because of the movie the crawl became a running joke throughout theater." - Colin Nguyen, 12
In the first group of students auditioning juniors, Brynn Thompson and Hannah Roberts compete for the main role of Sofie. When the cast was announced Thompson got the role of Rosie and Roberts was cast in the ensemble.

On the first night of the show lead role Sophie Sheridan, played by Molly Aldridge, 10, dances around the stage with her bridal party to the beat of "Voulez Vous."

"Mamma Mia was such an amazing production and a fun experience for all involved. I am so grateful to have played Sophie, and I learned so much about myself as an actress and person." - Molly Aldridge, 10
In the wedding scene Danielle Reeves, 10, hugs other ensemble characters. In the musical Sophie and her fiance Sky decide to live life and travel the world together instead of getting married so young.
While auditioning for the role of Sophie, Zoe Narvarte, 10, stretches toward the audience while she sings the song "Honey Honey."
"I was so excited when I found out we were doing "Mamma Mia," I really wanted to get Sophie because she is such a lively character. I love all the songs she sings so I had a blast singing "Honey Honey" for auditions." -Zoe Narvarte, 10
Before intermission, juniors Riley Settle, Jordan Dryer, and Brynn Thompson dance to the song "Dancing Queen." Dryer took the lead role in the production of the mother Danna Sheridan.

"I loved the show and character I played because I got to have so much fun and be super dramatic. I also love my interactions with Riley and Jordan they are very cool, and I am glad I got to know them."

As students line up and dance, Jaden Newman, 12, moves to the song "Mamma Mia." Later it was announced Newman got the role of Pepper.

As the musical ends, main characters Donna Sheridan played by Jordan Dryer, 11, and Sam Carmichael played by Douglas Brown, 12, decide to be together. In "Mamma Mia", the two characters meet and 20 years later are reunited at Donna's daughter's wedding.

On stage, Micah Roberson, 10, stands next to Hannah Roberts, 11, and Brynn Thompson, 11, to audition for "Mamma Mia."
"We had to use our own time to prepare for the audition. " Robertson said "Your audition was as good as the effort you put into practicing. It took a lot of time to get the dances right, but I was very excited to get the chance to try out." - Hannah Roberts, 11
In the second act of the musical, Molly Aldridge, 10, plays the role of Sophie Sheridan after she wakes up and becomes stuck in a nightmare. The ensemble around her danced to the music to resemble her matching the song title "Under Attack."
At the start of the musical, Riley Settle, 11, takes off her hat while she plays the role of Tanya. In the musical "Mamma Mia", Tanya is one of Donna Sheridan's extravagant and outgoing best friends; who has been married and divorced three different times.

In act two of the "Mamma Mia" Musical, Riley Settle, 11, playing Tanya, and ensemble member Tristan Daluz, 10, interact in a scene. The pair were acting together throughout the song "Does Your Mother Know", where some of the local boys tried to entertain Tanya.

After the final scene, seniors, Micah Nelson, Colin Nguyen, and Jadon Newman throw their hands into the air before taking a bow. After the musical concluded the whole cast lined up, held hands, and made their final bow.