Substance Youth Parent Update february 2024

Hello Substance Youth Parents! We're so excited to update you on what is happening in Substance Youth!

Winter Retreat

We are so excited to do our very own Substance Youth retreat this trimester! The retreat will be March 1st-3rd at our Northtown Campus! This is an incredible opportunity for your students to invite friends & build relationships and grow spiritually in a fun safe way at Substance Church. The cost for this retreat is $50. For more information and to register your student, click the button below!

New Trimester Small Groups

Our new trimester of small groups is starting the week of February 11th and we are so excited to be providing more group options for your student to participate in! On Wednesday nights we have Connect Groups, Bible Studies, Alpha, Worship, and our 6th grade experience along with groups on Tuesdays and a Sunday Westside Connect Group! To see all of the groups we are offering this trimester and to register your student, check out our Youth Small Group Guide HERE or click the button below!

Tuesday Night Small Groups

On Tuesday nights at Northtown, there will be a small group option for the entire family! Freedom for high school students, a Bible Study for junior high, childcare for kids, along with groups like Alpha Marriage or Financial Peace for parents! We would love to see you and your family at the Northtwon Campus on Tuesday nights this trimester! To see a full list of all the groups available on Tuesdays, click the button below.

2024 Student Registration

We have a new student registration for the 2023-2024 school year! Please take a moment to register your student for Substance Youth HERE or click the button below. Completing this process will ensure that our information for you and your student is up to date and that you have completed our consent form for your student.

Substance Youth PREPARES and RELEASES students to the next step of their faith journey!

Substance Youth Wednesday Schedule


  • 7th: First Wednesday Service
  • 14th: Small Groups - Start of the new trimester!
  • 21tst: Small Groups
  • 28th: Small Groups

To see our full Youth and Church Wide calendar click the button below!

Small Groups

We want you to be in the know on what your student's group is doing each week! Read below to learn more about what each of our small groups are covering this month! To register your student for a specific small group, check out this trimesters small group guide HERE.

6th Grade Experience

Our 6th Grade Experience is a group intentionally created just for 6th-grade students to help them transition from Kids ministry into Substance Youth! This trimester, they will be doing weekly Bible Studies using a curriculum from the One Hope Ministry!

Check out the video below to hear more from Pastor Parice about 6th Grade Experience!

Connect Groups

Junior High and Senior High Groups

Connect groups are designed to help students engage with the Sunday Sermon and find community! They do an icebreaker question or play a game, spend time in worship, watch a video recap of the sermon and discuss, and break up for a time of prayer!

We have three connect groups available this trimester! On Wednesday nights we have a Connect Group for middle school students in 7th-8th grade and another for High School students in 9th-12th grade. We also have a group on Sunday mornings at our Westside Campus for students in 6th-12th grade!

Youth Alpha

(7th-12th grade)

The Alpha Youth Series is designed to engage students in conversations about faith and answer the questions they are asking! They will watch a video each week that covers a key topic and spend time in discussion and prayer! Here are the topics and videos they will be covering this month!

Bible Studies

Middle School

We have two middle school Bible studies this trimester! One will meet on Wednesday nights during our normal small group time. Additionally, on Tuesday nights at Northtown we also have an option for middle school students!

High School

On Wednesday nights we will have a Bible study for high school students in 9th-12th grade! This group will read scripture together every week and discuss how we can apply it to our lives!

Youth Worship Prepare

(7th-12th grade)

Youth Prepare will meet every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm for students in 7th-12th grade. In Youth Prepare, they will go over things like song arrangement, stage presence, and most importantly helping students develop a true heart for worship. After a student goes through Youth Prepare they will be able to audition for our Youth Band. The Youth Band leads our students in a monthly youth-only worship service.

Sunday Services

One of our goals is to have every student love our Sunday services!

We'd love to have you join one of our amazing campuses around the metro area! We have a campus at Northtown, Downtown, and Westside. At every campus, there are Youth staff or volunteers that would love to help connect you and your student to Substance Youth! Stop by the 7 Minute Party after each service and we'd love to help you get connected.

It's all about 4-7 Friends and Ownership in a Ministry!

Youth Serving

There's nothing better than serving with friends! Every week at all of our campuses we have places for students to find ownership here at Substance. From the coffee team, greeting team, to the kids ministry there are plenty of opportunities for students to jump in at Substance Church!

Get Invovled

Parent Small Groups

We want to provide you with opportunities to have community and dialogue with other parents so you don't feel like you are parenting your student alone. We have small groups that do just that every Wednesday night at our Northtown Campus! To see what groups are available and to register click the button below!

Wednesday Serve Teams

We would love to invite you to serve on a support team on a Wednesday night! We are looking for people who can help serve on teams such as check-in, parking, greeting, and prayer to help make Substance Youth a great experience for students and families! If this is something you are interested in, you can fill out THIS quick form to let us know what team you would like to serve on and how frequently!

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