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ITA most improved player

Ajay Mahenthiran's rise up the lineup and rankings is the definition of most improved. His freshman year, Mahenthiran was not a part of the starting 6 line-up. His sophomore year, Mahenthiran played at the No. 5 singles spot and went 20-4.

During his junior year, Mahenthiran posted a 16-2 record. He was the ITA Regional champion, placed 9th at the ITA Cup, was ranked No. 8 in the ITA National rankings, the No. 1 player in the NCAA Regional rankings and No. 2 player in the ITA Regional rankings.

A Quote from the Head Coach

"Ajay truly encompasses the meaning of this award. Going from not in the top six, to playing five and six, to being a regional champion, all-American, and our top player, Ajay has shown what can happen through true hard work and perseverance. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement." - Head Coach Todd Wojtkowski