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Celebrate CLA!

Held on April 22, 2023, the College Awards Ceremony recognized faculty and staff for outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service in 2023. Three faculty members in the English department were honored: Associate Professor Lynn Badia (Ann Gill Faculty Development Award), Assistant Professor Rosa Nam (Ann Gill Faculty Development Award), and Professor Sasha Steensen (John N. Stern Distinguished Professor).


Every year, Colorado State University celebrates employees achieving a decade of service or more. Congratulations to our wonderful faculty on reaching these major milestones!

10 years

  • Tony Becker, Associate Professor
  • Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker, Associate Professor
  • Airica Parker, Senior Instructor
  • Aly Welker, Senior Instructor

15 years

  • Dan Beachy-Quick, Professor
  • Jenny Levin, Senior Instructor
  • Dana Masden, Master Instructor

20 years

  • Roze Hentschell, Professor

25 years

  • Sue Doe, Professor


Department Awards

On April 17, 2023, the department hosted the 32nd Annual English Department Awards at the Lory Student Center, where students’ success and accomplishments were celebrated by their peers, faculty, and staff.

CURC 2023

English Education junior Cayden Clark-Johnson won "Best in Show: Written Work" at the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase for his poetry collection, Yellow Planet.


Greyrock Review

The 2023 issue of Greyrock Review is out now! Thanks to all who attended the release party at Wolverine Farm in April!

Colorado Review

The Spring 2023 issue has arrived and features new work from Kazim Ali, Joanna Pearson, Deepa Varadarajan, Emily Winakur, and more!


The 2022-2023 issue of SpeakOut! is now out in the world and around town! You can find free copies of the journal at the little library outside FoCo Cafe.

Alumni Spotlight

Lucy Lawrence (B.A. ’21) prepares for a future career in compassionate care

English alumna Lucy Lawrence believes good medicine begins with holding space for people's stories. As she prepares to enter her first year of medical school, she shared why studying art and literature is an invaluable foundation for a career in healthcare.

Congrats, Spring Class of 2023!

B.A. English

  • Karissa Bohme
  • Kira Bonnell
  • Alexandria Branecki
  • Justin Caskey
  • Robert Cavaliere
  • Natalie Coin
  • Grace Cooper
  • Connor Davies
  • Andrew Eisenstein
  • Nealani Elliston
  • Bryan Esparza
  • Cole Fisher
  • Mateo Grasso
  • Zachary Hansen
  • Alexandra Hanson-Caldwell
  • Joseph Harris
  • David Hayes
  • Madison Hebrink
  • Haley Howe
  • Sean Jarchow
  • Sophie Kimble
  • Hannah Leavy
  • Nicholas Lynch
  • Mohamed Mahgoub
  • Mia Manfredi
  • Katherine McDaniel
  • Sarah Meumann
  • Brooke Miller
  • Lillian Morton
  • Camila Nanez Chalarca
  • Grace Neirynck
  • Ariana Nin
  • Kobe Overby
  • Kyle Parnell
  • Anastasia Potzer
  • Migle Prekeryte
  • Jaden Price
  • Brooklyn Reyes
  • Madison Rheinheimer
  • Caroline Ritter
  • Megan Salazar
  • Nathan Salvador
  • Harrison Sandusky
  • Jesse Schaub
  • Megan Schmidt
  • Joel Thompson
  • Andrew Vanacore
  • Sophie Vigil
  • Catrina Vininski
  • Marguerite Watson
  • Brianna White
  • Libby Williams
  • Charles Wilson
  • Peter Wilson
  • Kevin Wojcik

M.A. English Education

  • Leah Day
  • Danielle Parker

M.A. Literature

  • Hannah Bradley
  • Juliet Pearce
  • Nathan Renshaw
  • Callie Stephenson
  • Genevieve Witter


  • Sarah Howard
  • Kelly Konrad
  • Ruicong Ma
  • Lauren Mangus
  • Sara Rad
  • Jacqueline Rusch
  • Carmen Sobalvarro Chevez

M.A. Writing, Rhetoric and Social Change

  • Amanda Wich

M.F.A. Creative Writing

  • Sarah Green
  • C.E. Janecek
  • Eliana Meyer
  • Bryce O'Tierney
  • Mika Todd

Graduate Certificate in TESOL Education

  • Antonio Lopez-Mendez

English Minor

  • Hasan Ali
  • Julie Baltazar
  • Riley Burkhart
  • Rafael Duarte
  • Kelley Dungan
  • Cambria Gifford
  • Tobin Gold
  • Hannah Grant
  • Janay Jolly
  • Hannah Keigher
  • Michael Vidal
  • Alyse Zokal

Creative Writing Minor

  • Hannah Hitchcock
  • Allyson Horvath
  • Dorothy Keck
  • Laurel Ladzinski
  • Hallie Marker
  • Isabelle McGuire
  • Brandi Mills
  • Sierra Reilly
  • Sarka Richterova
  • Lila Smith
  • Walker Sparling
  • Juniper Vane
  • Tessa Warren
  • Breana Winter

Linguistics & Culture Interdisciplinary Minor

  • Camden Perez