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“The Business of Growing great young men”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal


As a College we are in a constant cycle of self review and looking at how we can raise achievement and outcomes in and outside the classroom.

A study by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research looked at the factors that contribute to the success of young men in schools across the country with a focus on Boy’s schools.

I have studied the results of the research and compared them to the factors that make De La Salle a successful learning environment for our young men, this has affirmed the vision and goals that we stand for at the College and reflect just what it is we aim to achieve with our young men.

The researchers of this study summarised the practices that they found were responsible for producing high performance in boys’ schools, these are below.

In bold I have included the practices that De La Salle uses to achieve these factors that lead to achievement and the growth of our young men at De La Salle.

  • Ensuring first-year students identify with the school and its values, often giving senior students a role here. – Senior Student Mentors, Retreats, Camps, Orientation day, Lasallian History
  • Providing a range of sporting, cultural, and service co-curricular activities so that there was opportunity for every boy to experience the need for effort before achievement; the value of working toward goals; success and enjoyment in something that mattered to them; relate to each other as ‘brothers’; get to know and trust teachers in other settings: all these were also useful for classroom engagement and achievement. – Sports, Music, Cultural Groups, Academic Counselling, Service Programme, Debating
  • Leadership roles for senior students that invest them in the school’s wellbeing and success as well as their own individual success. – Prefects, House Leaders, Leadership Courses, Assemblies, Portfolios of Leadership
  • Identifying student need early on and responding to it, particularly with targeted literacy and numeracy support in junior years; and later, identifying students at risk of not achieving qualification goals sufficiently early in the school year to improve their work. – Literacy Centre, Academic tracking, Academic Counselling
  • Making the most of the NCEA structure—openness, goal setting, progress marking, greater range of achievement, and public recognition opportunities. – Academic Counselling, Assembly Awards, Scholars, Health Science Academy, Trades Academy, Work Experience, Gateway
  • Publicly recognising academic achievement, so it is ‘cool” to be acknowledged and rewarded. – Assembly Awards, Scholars Tie, MATES, PILOT


  • Framing high expectations of achievement in terms of effort and student goals related to meaningful qualification and career pathways, and backing all students with support. – Careers Ed, Careers Expo, Academic NCEA Tracking, Academic Counselling, De La Salle Certificate Years 7-10
  • Including sporting, cultural, and service goals within those to be identified by each boy, so that there is an all-round education. – Sports, Music, Culture and Faith opportunities, Home Room times to review Goals and Targets
  • Openness around student goals and progress so that parents can better support their child and students have a clear framework for their learning. Parent – Teacher – Student Conferences, Parent Portal, Parent-Partnership meetings

Coherence from a values base

  • Threading core school values through the school day and in the way teachers and school leaders relate to the boys. – Our Lasallian values and traditions, Prayer, Worship and Reflection, Building Right Relationships

Sound basis for teaching practice

  • Ongoing reviews of class achievement and school operations in order to improve practice. –Regular College Self Review
  • Evolutionary change on the basis of careful inquiry using data related to students. – Staff Professional Development using student data, Informed Teaching
  • Making the most of teaching time. – Focus on Attendance, Punctuality, and the priority of Teaching and Learning time over all other activities.

The study produced useful data for us to review our own practices in our on-going efforts for our young men.

God bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English

“Your Culture Is the Key to Your Identity”

My contribution this week comes from our 2024 Head Boy- Troy Sanday

Being a proud Polynesian, I have realized that our culture is not only about customs and traditions passed down from one generation to another. It forms our essence, forms our values, and determines how we perceive the world. Our culture tells the stories of our ancestors, it shapes our present, and it guides our future.

Sometimes it can feel as though we have misplaced the keys to our identity, just like losing the keys to a house. In such moments, we may feel alienated or lost. Our culture is an integral part of our identity, and being able to express it and live it is what strengthens our sense of self.

To my brothers don't be hesitant to share your culture.

“It is through sharing that we keep our traditions alive; this is also how other people get educated and inspired while at the same time finding solidarity and strength within their societies”

Be proud of who you are and don't be afraid to express your culture.

special character

Assistant Principal Mission- Mrs Teuila Vaotuua


by Campus Minister- Niko Lomano

From the 7-9 June, a group of Year 13 students had the opportunity to travel out to Chosen Valley Christian Camp in Ararimu to partake in Kairos. Without sharing too much detail, due to its secrecy, Kairos is Spiritual Leadership retreat aimed at our year 12 & 13 students. To further allow them to self-reflect on who they are as an individual and Christian. Big thanks to all those involved - Mr English, Br Thomas, Whaea Reti and Mr Tasi. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without your guys work behind the scenes. God bless!

Sacramental Programme

Register here

Our Sacramental Programme is starting in term 3, week 1.

Classes will start on the first day of term 3- Monday 22 July at 3.30 – 4.30pm in the College Chapel.

Parents are required to attend this first class as it will be an information and registration meeting.

You can pre-register your son’s to receive either/or

  • Sacraments of Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Confirmation

Register your son for the Sacramental Programme via this online form

If you have any questions please email

Mr Niko Lomano

Campus Minister

09 276 4319 ext 834

Live Jesus in our Hearts forever


Deputy Principal Curriculum- Mr Phil Doyle

Year 7 – 10 Reports

All Year 7 – 10 students will have a report emailed and sent home in Week 10 of the Term. This will be very useful for Academic Counselling which will be in Week 2 of Term 3 – July 31.

Literacy and Numeracy Co-requisite for NCEA

We are currently entering students into the second round of Literacy and Numeracy tests. All Year 11 students who have not yet attempted any of the assessments in 2023 or in the May window 2024 will be sitting during Assessment Week in Week 8 Term 3.

We will also enter another approximately 50 Year 10 students. Teachers are currently using teacher PaCT [Progress and Consistency Tool] judgments in Mathematics, Reading and Writing to decide who is ready to be assessed. If your son is selected for the next round you will hear from us in early August. In the meantime students can always have a look at the tests at

As I mentioned last newsletter, these Common Assessment Activities (CAA) are digital first assessments, meaning that students need access to a laptop. Year 10 students are the group that need access to a reliable laptop. Check out our BYOD requirements on the school website.

The 1st Assessment Event window for Literacy and Numeracy standards ran from 20 – 31 May 2024

Scholars in the Spotlight

Equator Sausoo (inset), Dunila Peleti and Ronel Tanuvasa 8AND

Mr Anderton reports that the boys are well on the way to becoming Millionaires in 2024. Ronel has been doing some excellent work in Religious Studies and Dunila is making great progress in Mathematics. Keep up the great work gentlemen.

Mrs Apelu-Tulisi with Marvin Kaetau, Joesiah Emanuela and Taipaleti Veatupu 8TLG

These men are scholars for their outstanding results in their recent easTTle assessment. Mrs Apelu-Tulisi is also impressed at the way these boys are preparing for Matariki. Congratulations men.


Deputy Principal- Mr Elton Charles

Year 13 Targeted Parent Partnership Meeting

Year 13 Dean- Mr S. Jay

Thursday 13 June we held a targeted parent partnership meeting for Year 13 students. The purpose of the meeting was to support students who are behind in achieving their goals. The meeting was also held to give Year 13 students an understanding of the different options that are available to them when they leave school.

Our academic prefects Alista Mafile’o and Prix Ete-Ah Ken presented a study guide and an assessment schedule for Term 2. Parents were able to track when their son’s assessments are due this term. Our night was broken into 3 segments:

  1. Dean’s message and guest speakers.
  2. A mini academic counselling session- Year 13 homeroom teachers having one on one time with families to discuss their son’s progress and career pathway.
  3. Families then had an opportunity to meet and greet with the different providers to get insight on the various career pathways that might be suited to their son’s interests and skills.

Mr. Mika Fuitalo (Year 13 homeroom teacher), Michelangelo Rasch (Deputy Head Boy) and Paul Manuel Fa’avae (Year 13 student) were our speakers on the night. They all connected to our community through their words of wisdom and encouragement.

ICT Academy

Term 2 School Holidays Computer Courses

Senior students have opportunities to do Computer Courses during school holidays at the Techtorium Institute of Technology in Newmarket.

Term 2 School Holidays Courses are listed below. All Course costs will be funded by the College.

See Mr J Singh for enrolment details.

Academic Year 7/8

Assistant Principal- Mr Herbert Tanuvasa

De La Salle Diamonds

I saw a video last week where Sylvester Stallone was talking about how things have gotten easier; with “convenient” being the word he used. He said life gets easier and how that’s great, wonderful, etc. But then he also says that it’s not. Stallone believes as human creatures we are meant to force ourselves into tough situations. He cherishes hard work even though he hates it, likening it to strong medicine; tastes terrible but it makes you feel better.

When we find ourselves in a dark place we find out who we really are. When we are challenged we realise what is important to us. Trials separate our personal “chaff” from our “wheat”. As tough as dark places are, we can all attest to how over the years they have shaped our character.

Below are photos of the Year 7/8 Sports Camp boys, practicing Ki o Rahi. These young athletes will be going to Sports Camp in Term 3 to compete against other boys (who are also at a high sporting level). There will be times when everything will go their way, and there will be times when nothing is going their way. Do we step in and do things for them when the ball is not bouncing the way they want it to? No, we allow them the opportunity to struggle, in the hope that in that dark place they develop the drive to push on.

This is how diamonds are made

In Christ

literacy centre


Joshua Hapimana Silbery-Martin

Kia Ora and Malo e lelei! My name is Joshua Hapimana Silbery-Martin, and I am currently working in the Health and Physical Education department, a role I find incredibly fulfilling. Collaborating with my PE colleagues, our shared mission is to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment, nurturing lifelong learners. Additionally, I have the privilege of coaching the De La Salle Wrestling team, a passion of mine since 2007 when I first discovered the sport. It's inspiring to witness the school embracing wrestling, with many students enthusiastically engaged in learning this new discipline. Special credit goes to Ms. Vaai, the team's Wrestling Coach and Manager.

In my three years within the education sector, I have gained invaluable experience. Previously, I spent eight years of my work experience in Building and Construction, where I dedicated six years to training and mentoring apprentices and managing projects. As an educator, my aim is to empower students to become confident, resilient, and lifelong learners who will one day serve as exemplary role models and leaders. I aim to empower our learners by fostering an environment and employing strategies that enable students to take ownership of their learning and develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed. I aim to guide and assist in our learners academic achievement alongside character building our learners into great men of service, community, excellence and faith.

Quick Fire 3

  1. FUN FACT- One fact about me is that I am a mixed martial artist having competed in multiple combat sports such as Olympic Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing . I have always loved the competitive nature of combat sports since I was young. Another fun fact is that I’m also a Kai Whakairo (traditional Māori wood carver) a skill that I picked up 4 years ago having completed a level 5 certificate at Te Wananga o Raukawa. I do hope one day I can implement the learnings I have gained from Whakairo and pass down the old traditions that have been part of all Polynesian whakapapa for hundreds of years.
  2. WHAT'S THE BEST PIECE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE RECEIVED? If you are passionate about your work you will never feel like you are working. So find your passion! Use it to drive you, because motivation is temporary and will only get you so far. But with purpose and goals this is what will drive and push you through trials and tribulations that may come your way. There will be many days you will want to call it quits. But keep focused on your passions and goals and you can achieve anything. All credit to my good friend for the advice.
  3. FAVOURITE THING ABOUT WORKING AT DE LA SALLE? - My favourite thing about working at De La Salle is the relationships I build with the learners and staff. I love how strong the brotherhood is within the school. I admire people that are passionate about the work they do for the community and especially for our rangatahi. I can see why many of the staff that work at De La Salle stay for long periods of time due to the heart of the school, our young people. They are the future!
Poipoia te kākano Kia puāwai - Nurture the Seed and it will Blossom

Ngā mihi nui kia koutou

Mr Silbery-Martin


For the past seven weeks, the Maths Faculty has been greatly enriched by the presence and contributions of our teacher trainees, Antony and Bowen. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and deepest gratitude to both Antony and Bowen who have brought fresh energy, innovative ideas, and unwavering support to our classrooms. Their commitment and passion for education have shone brightly through every lesson. Their hard work and willingness to go the extra mile have not only supported our students in their learning journeys but have also inspired them to develop a deeper appreciation for mathematics. We want to thank Antony and Bowen for their dedication, hard work, and the positive influence they have brought to our school. We wish them all the best in their future teaching careers, and we are confident that you will continue to inspire and educate with the same passion and excellence.

Far right teacher trainees, Antony and Bowen

Year 9 & 10 Mathex Competition

Mr. Vailahi took 16 boys to the Year 9-10 Mathex competition held at the Auckland Seventh Day Adventist High School this week, with up to eight schools participating. One of our Year 9 teams finished in first place equal with Tangaroa, leading to a tie-breaker. Tangaroa won by solving the extra question first. We congratulate the following boys for their excellent performance in finishing second: Shivnesh Naidu, Cayden Peto-Apulu, Denzel Tupuanai, and Job Saberon. Special thanks to Mr. Doyle, Mr. Kumar, and Mr. Marcelo for preparing the boys. Well done, team!


This week, 96 Year 10 boys gathered to compete in a thrilling quiz competition to determine the top Year 10 homeroom class. The event, organized by Mrs. Kumar, saw enthusiastic participation and showcased the students' knowledge and quick thinking.

A special thanks goes to Prefect Juan Koti and the Year 13 leadership group for their invaluable assistance in running the activity smoothly.

The competition was intense and culminated in a dramatic tie-breaker round between 10WEN and 10UFI. Both classes displayed remarkable knowledge and speed throughout the event. In the end, 10WEN clinched victory by answering the final question in the fastest time, earning them the title of the top Year 10 quiz homeroom class.

Congratulations to 10WEN for their impressive performance and to all participants for making the event a resounding success.

Business Studies Projects

Senior Business students will use the opportunity to showcase their products at the Matariki Festival on Thursday 27 June. You can come out and support their enterprise by either following/ordering on their social media pages or buying directly on the day.

FOU Health science academy

Year 12 Hospital Tour

by Bonaventure Year 12HSA

On Thursday 6 June, I, alongside other Year 12 students, went on a trip to Middlemore Hospital, in the Ko Awatea Centre. On that trip, we were given a tour around the hospital in groups, watching different departments in the hospital and how they function e.g laboratory, operational theatres, population health etc. We were able to even participate in these departments by doing a practical on surgery and the procedures needed, to ensure that the person on the operating table is safe and healthy. Furthermore, we were able to absorb information about the different career pathways we could choose from, that could help benefit our communities as well as choosing something we may be passionate about. We were also given a free expo in one of the lecture rooms where we could all understand more into the benefits of what these departments do for us as people as well as understanding the work and dedication being put into these departments, This trip was a successful and informative trip and I would recommend this trip to anyone who is wanting to pursue a career in Health Sciences or the medical field as this is a helpful source to give you access into choosing your pathway and what can help you to achieve that pathway. Thank you to Mr Kumar for supporting us students on this trip and thank you to the Middlemore staff for having us in your space.

Guest Speaker: Paul Baker – Plastic and Reconstruction surgeon

Year 11 and 12 HSA student had an opportunity to have korero with an experienced Plactic and reconstructive surgeon, Paul Baker who works at Middlemore and other hospitals around the country.

He shared his educational journey and his job profile with student. All students were able to see and gain insight into the equipment surgeons use for skin grafting surgery in operation theatre and how rewarding the role can be to improve quality of life for people who require skin reconstruction.

Year 12 HSA Leadership Event

All boys from Health Science Academy schools from Auckland had a leadership day on Tuesday 19 June in Otahuhu. They listened to wonderful speaker and had workshops with supported students’ journey in HSA and leadership roles. Thanks for Mr Ufi for driving and supervising students on the trip.


Connecting with Tertiary

The Whanau Māori have been fortunate to have had opportunities of visiting Tertiary institutions with the view of widening their field of options in preparation for future learning and careers. In this we have combined with the Careers Faculty and would like to send our appreciation to them for their tautoko - He mihi nui ki te roopu careers mo to tautoko ki te Whanau Maori.

These opportunities have included the reintroduction of KATTI which allows students to engage in whakawhanaungatanga (connect) with like-minded students and Tertiary providers. The aim is to develop students understanding of their potential. This course is run from Year 10 through to Year 13 and was a central pou for our Māori students. KATTI was unavailable for several years due to COVID. This year the Year 11 to Year 13 courses were reintroduced with a high uptake by our student body. The feedback from our akonga was very positive. The Year 12 program was run at Massey University and involved 6 of our akonga.

Whakapiki Ake is a course that we have had great success within recent years. It is run by the Auckland University School of Medicine. This year we were able to take a group of 11 Year 11 boys to have an all-day experience at the University. They enjoy visiting several different areas of medical study.

We have augmented this with support from Howick Optometrists who took several of our boys for a one-day experience opportunity during the school holidays. These experiences have encouraged several of our young men to move towards that area as a career goal.

Other support from outside companies included sessions held by Creative Designers with our students in the Arts and Technology area and a presentation by Victoria University student body. Again, the aim of both presentations was to widen the range of options that the students would see before them. And again, it was well received by our students especially those seniors with only one or two years left.

These ongoing programs are proving invaluable to the experiences our students have at school.


The Antarctic Heritage Trust conference was a program that promoted exploration to young people. A group of Year 12 students accompanied by Mr. Skipps, including myself, were allowed to learn about the experiences of explorers and how we are all navigating the highs and lows of life, as well as celebrating whakapapa, diversity and our success. We heard from an inspirational speaker Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i who told us about the many voyages in her life and how we must be able to sail the oceans of our destiny.

Before the start of our workshops, we participated in a session at the Wero Whitewater Park which encompassed the efforts of teamwork and navigation.

After lunch, we were split into different workshops which advocated to our future. Through these workshops we were able to realize the many voyages our ancestors had taken to bring us where we are today, as well as where waka is set to sail. Through this trip we were able to learn about exploration around the world and the exploration in our own world. This trip has taught us that being a leader takes responsibility and that there are various ways of leading in different scenarios.

Inter-House Competitions

Kicking-Off with an Exciting Multi-Sport Event

The Sports, Wellbeing, and Community portfolio has recently launched this year's highly anticipated inter-house competitions once a week during lunch. Last week Wednesday, the Year 7 students from Mutien House faced off against their rivals from Benildus House in a thrilling multi-sport event that marked the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable season of inter-house spirit and athletic excellence.

The afternoon was filled with high energy and enthusiasm as students from both houses participated in a variety of sports, including basketball, touch rugby, and football. With impressive displays of skill and strategy on the court. The courts were buzzed with activity, and the spirit of friendly competition was creating an atmosphere that was both electric and inspiring.

Both Year 7’s from Mutien and Benildus house gave their all, showcasing not just their skills but also their teamwork and sportsmanship. The cheers from their classmates and the encouragement added to the vibrant atmosphere, making it a true community event. It was heartwarming to see students supporting one another, regardless of who was winning, embodying the true spirit of our school's values.

Congratulations to Benildus House on their win, and a huge well done to all the Year 7’s students from both houses who took part. Stay tuned for more updates and be ready to cheer on your house.

Current House Points - Term 2 Week 8

Olympic Freestyle Wrestling

In mid-May (4 weeks ago) Ms Va'ai and Mr Silbery-Martin held the first training session of Olympic Freestyle Wrestling. Then on Sunday 9 June, four senior wrestlers and three junior wrestlers competed in the Auckland Regional Wrestling Championships held at Dilworth Sports Centre. Their opponents had 1-5 years of wrestling experience but that didn’t phase our boys considering their 1-3 weeks of wrestling training.

By the end of the day, our De La Salle Wrestling team came away with four Gold, two Silver and two Bronze- putting all eight competitors on the podium for their first-ever wrestling competition! They now qualify for the North Island Championships at the end of June and hopefully Nationals in October. The results are:

  • Coach: Mr Silbery-Martin - Gold
  • Captain: Zion Te'o Year 12 - Gold
  • Antonio Fuimaono-Mulipola Year 13 - Bronze
  • Loranzo Scanlan-Mulipola Year 12 - Bronze
  • Jordan Halalele Year 11 - Silver
  • Wayne Esekia Year 8 - Gold
  • William Seve Year 8 - Gold
  • Caine Motuliki Year 8 - Silver
BACK L-R Zion, Jordan, Antonio, Loranzo and Coach Mr Silbury-Martin FRONT L-R Wayne, Caine and Willliam

2B rugby team

"Team of the Week"

"The 2nd XV B Rugby Team has had a standout season thus far, and in this "Team of the Week" segment you will hear more about how their hard work, dedication, and impressive performances have gone from strength to strength. Under the guidance of a group of dedicated teachers and coaching staff, the team is demonstrating their potential to achieve great things.

This year, the team is led by Head Coach Mr. Endemann, with Mr. Skipps as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. The backs are trained by Mr. Felise and Mr. Ngan-Woo, while Mr. Lomano (Forwards) and Mr. Tuli (Backs) ensure the players are in top physical condition as trainers. Team management is overseen by Mr. Fifita, assisted by student manager James Mika. Their collective effort is vital in nurturing the squad's talent and ensuring the boys perform at their best.

The team is captained by senior player Michelangelo Rasch (13GTS), who brings experience and leadership to the group. He is joined by co-captain Elijah Wright (11LAB), a young talent whose skills and potential make him one to watch. Their leadership has been instrumental in fostering a team culture focused on continuous improvement and hard work.

Our squad of 31 players, ranging from Year 11 to Year 13, has shown remarkable growth since the beginning of the preseason. The team's commitment to the mentality that "there is always room for improvement" has been truly evident in their performances. This approach has not only enhanced individual skills but has also solidified their team work as a unit, giving us full confidence that they have what it takes to be the best.

This year, we've emphasized developing our squad as a feeder team, preparing players for potential call-ups to the 2A's or First XV teams. With a strong presence of Year 11s and 12s, the focus is on cultivating the future of our school's rugby program. The young talent within this group is impressive, and they are being prepped for higher levels of competition.

At the start of the season, the boys were given Student/Athlete contracts to highlight the importance of balancing their responsibilities as students AND athletes. Having teachers being their coaches, this initiative was designed to ensure they understand the privilege of representing the college and the need to excel academically as well as on the sports field. The emphasis on being STUDENT athletes first, has reinforced the importance of prioritizing all school work while striving for excellence in rugby as well.

The team has faced some tough competition and have come away with only the one loss; a challenging match against Auckland Grammar that resulted in a narrow loss in the dying minutes of the match. Despite this setback, the boys showed great humility and sportsmanship which we were all extremely proud of. They learned valuable lessons from that game, which have only made them stronger. Their perseverance was rewarded with a significant win over Southern Cross Campus last weekend, and they are now gearing up for another crucial match against St. Paul's Collegiate.

We encourage everyone to come down and support the boys as they continue their journey this season. Your support is truly appreciated and makes a significant difference. Go, 2nd XV B Rugby Team!

Chiefs #8 Wallace Sititi, Class of 2020

Wallace Sititi - Class of 2020

De La Salle Former Deputy Head Boy, Wallace Sititi, Chiefs' Number 8, is gearing up to play in his first Super 15 Rugby final this weekend against the Auckland Blues. Since leaving De La Salle in 2020, Wallace has had an impressive journey in rugby, representing the New Zealand U20 team, North Harbour, and currently the Waikato Chiefs.

We extend our best wishes to Wallace for the final at Eden Park.

following excerpt taken from the Waikato Times

When Wallace Sititi pulled off his stunning intercept and sped 70 metres to set up a crucial Chiefs try in their Super Rugby Pacific semifinal win over the Hurricanes last Saturday, there was one man back in Auckland saying, “I’ve seen this before”.

De La Salle College headmaster Myles Hogarty can still remember vividly the 1st XV game in 2020 when King’s College had an overlap to win the match, and his school’s captain, and deputy head boy, came up absolutely clutch.

“It was exactly the same, except, our game, it was two-to-one and Wallace was out there against the fullback and wing, and he sussed them out, and ran the length of the field to draw the game,” Hogarty recalls to the Waikato Times.

Fast-forward four years, and Sititi’s skilful and gutsy (had he not regathered the ball he likely would have been yellow-carded) play at Sky Stadium was the crowning glory of a stunning performance that all of a sudden put his name up in lights and his him a potential All Blacks bolter in Scott Robertson’s 32-man squad next Monday.

The selectors may yet want to wait a little longer, but, on the back of his storming semifinal performance where he was game-high in carries (15), metres (150), defenders beaten (four), clean breaks (two), and team-high in tackles (13, with just one miss, and a turnover win thrown in, too) it’s left little doubt the 21-year-old has what it takes to do the business on the biggest stage.

Super Rugby Pacific final: Blues v Chiefs. Where: Eden Park, Auckland. When: 7.05pm Saturday. Coverage: Live on Sky Sport 1, live updates on Stuff.

gateway & careers

Careers Advisor- Mrs M. Nayagar

Transitioning from School

Vocational/Apprenticeship/Trades Courses in New Zealand

As your sons nears the end of their schooling at De La Salle College in Mangere, the next steps in their educational journey are crucial. One excellent option to consider is transitioning directly into apprenticeship, vocational or Industry courses as part of their Tertiary Education pathway . This pathway offers numerous benefits, including high demand for skilled workers, hands-on learning, and robust earning potential. The careers department at De La Salle College would work collaboratively with parents, students and appropriate providers to assist in making this a smooth and successful process.

Benefits of Vocational, Apprenticeship and Industry Courses

  • High Demand for Skilled Industry people: New Zealand is experiencing a significant shortage of skilled tradespeople. Industries such as construction, plumbing, electrical work, and automotive services are in constant need of new talent. This demand translates to strong job security and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning: Industry-trades courses provide practical, hands-on training that prepares students for real-world tasks. This approach can be more engaging for students who thrive in dynamic, applied learning environments rather than traditional classroom settings.
  • Strong Earning Potential: industry-trades people often earn competitive wages, and there is potential for earnings to increase substantially with experience and additional qualifications. Many industry-tradespeople also have the option to start their own businesses, which can be highly lucrative.
  • Fast Track Learning ,Shorter Training Period: Compared to traditional university degrees, industry- trades courses typically require a shorter period of study, allowing students to enter the workforce and start earning sooner.

Available Industry-Trades Courses and Providers in New Zealand

There are numerous industry courses available across various fields. Here are some popular options along with reputable providers:

Providers: Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), Unitec Institute of Technology

Providers: IGNITE, SKILLS -UPDATE, NZMA, QES Cause Collective

Courses: Carpentry, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying

Electrical: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Trades

Plumbing and Gas fitting: Drain laying

Courses: Automotive Engineering, Light Vehicle Engineering Automotive Engineering:

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy: Courses: Hairdressing, Barbering, Beauty Therapy

Providers: Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO), New Zealand Institute of Hairdressing

How the Careers Department at De La Salle College Can Assist:

The careers department at De La Salle College is a valuable resource for students and parents navigating post-school and during school options. Here’s how they can assist:

Career Counselling: Personalized counselling sessions to help students understand their interests, strengths, and career aspirations. The Careers team can guide students toward the industry-trades that best match their skills and interests.

Information Sessions and Workshops: Hosting information sessions and workshops that provide insights into various trades, the benefits of vocational training, and potential career paths.

Connections with Tertiary Training Providers: Establishing relationships with local training providers and facilitating visits, open days, or meetings with representatives from institutes like MIT and Unitec.

Application Assistance: Helping students with the application process for trades courses, including preparing necessary documents and meeting entry requirements.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Informing students and parents about available scholarships, financial aid, and apprenticeships that can help reduce the cost of training.

Professional Shadowing Opportunities: Arranging professional shadowing placements to give students a taste of what working in a trade is like, thereby helping them make informed decisions.

Conclusion: Transitioning from school to industry- trades course can be a strategic and rewarding choice for many students. With a high demand for skilled workers, excellent earning potential, and practical learning environments, trades courses offer a viable and attractive career path. The careers department at De La Salle College in Mangere is equipped to support your son through this transition, ensuring they have the information, resources, and guidance needed to embark on a successful career in the trades. Encouraging your child to explore these options can set them on a path to a fulfilling and prosperous future.


1st XIII league team won against Southern Cross Campus this week securing their place in the semi-finals next week against Manurewa, Wednesday 26 June

Year 12 Ropes Course - Week 9

The Year 12 Ropes Course will be held at Kokako Lodge from 24 to 27 June, during Week 9. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students, and those who complete the course will earn 5 credits.

Please note the following important details:

  • Course Dates: 24 June - 27 June (Week 9)
  • Credits: 5 credits upon completion ( 3 Achievement standards , 2-unit standards )
  • Student Arrangements: All Year 12 students must communicate with their subject teachers to make arrangements for any assessments due during this week
  • All students will be returned to school by 3.30pm every day

If any issues or concerns arise, please direct them to Mr. Keane.

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