City Manager's Report October 2023

City Clerk's Corner

City Accepting Applications for all Commissions

Pico Rivera City Hall

The current terms for all City Commissioners are due to expire December 2023 and each of the five (5) commissioners for each commission may be reappointed for another full term by their current appointee (City Council Member). The City of Pico Rivera will commence taking applications to fill any prospective vacancies for the following City Commissions on November 6, 2023.

  • Planning
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Sister City
  • Veterans

Any resident of the City of Pico Rivera is eligible to apply for these Commissions. Applications must be received by December 4, 2023 to be considered for appointment in January 2024. For further information or an application, call the City Clerk's office at (562) 801-4389 or download the application from the City's website.

Departmental Updates

Office of the City Manager

Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization Program - Community Design Charrette #2

Residents Engaging Staff and Consultants at the Community Open House held at the Pico Rivera IDEA Lab
  • The City held its second design charrette week for the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization Program where staff held a series of pop-up events, stakeholder trips, and a community-wide open house.
  • The city and its consultants presented alternatives for the future roadway configuration on Whittier Boulevard in addition to development options with varied heights, densities and uses.
  • Residents, business owners, and stakeholders provided the city with valuable feedback which will be incorporated into the draft Specific Plan and Multimodal Plan for Whittier Boulevard.

Office of Sustainability/PRIME

Bigbelly Smart Waste Bins Pilot Program

Big Belly Waste Bins

The City is excited to announce the launch of a Bigbelly Smart Waste Bins Pilot Program, which plans to install 50 smart waste bins throughout Smith Park this January 2024. This project has the primary goals of: 1) Meeting SB 1383 organic diversion mandates; 2) Improving operational efficiency; and 3) Furthering environmental stewardship.

Some of the expected benefits of this project are:

  • Work towards meeting SB 1383 mandates of diverting organic waste disposal to a target of 75% by 2025.
  • Improve aesthetics by replacing damaged, outdated bins.
  • Eliminate trash overflow and reduce littering by fully enclosing waste bins.
  • Reduce waste collections per month, which will increase operational efficiency by alleviating labor hours that can be dedicated to other maintenance needs (i.e., cleaning bathrooms, repairs, field maintenance, etc.).
  • Further environmental stewardship by reducing annual waste to landfills by 69%; increasing recycling by 112%; decreasing the use of plastic bags by 86%; reducing vehicle miles traveled by 78%; and reducing carbon dioxide annually by 78%.

PRIME Power Choice Program

Tesla Energy Products
  • The City is excited to announce the newly approved PRIME Power Choice program, a residential roof solar and battery program that aims to democratize solar equipment and participation, and reduce monthly energy bills for the Pico Rivera community.
  • This program entails a partnership between Tesla and Participate Energy. Tesla will assess, design, install and maintain the equipment, while P.E. is responsible for the financials.
  • The City, through PRIME, will lend its creditworthiness to PRIME customers, ensuring that participants benefit from no upfront costs and no credit checks; in other words, all residential PRIME customers will qualify.
  • Residential solar is a self-generated renewable energy resource, and when paired with battery storage it creates a home back-up and emergency power system.
  • Power Choice will give homeowners the freedom of affordable solar and battery storage for just $115 per month.
  • Additionally, participants will secure consistent low energy prices of $0.145 kWh throughout the day and see significant savings in comparison to paying variable Time of Use (TOU) rates. PRIME customers can sign-up later this year through the Tesla website.

Community and Economic Development

Washington and Rosemead Boulevards Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan

View of Washington/Rosemead TOD Specific Plan Study Area

The Washington and Rosemead Boulevards Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan will host its public scoping meeting for its upcoming Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The public is invited to join for a brief presentation on the project and provide comments on the scope of the information and analysis to be included in the (EIR).

  • What: CEQA Scoping Meeting
  • When: October 25, 2023 at 5:00 PM
  • Where: Pico Rivera City Council Chambers, 6615 Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera CA, 90660

Clearman's Steak and Stein

Clearman's Steak n' Stein
  • The 77-year-old Clearman’s Steak ‘N Stein Inn in Pico Rivera, known as “The Stein” by longtime diners, has undergone a design refresh and reopened on Friday, October 6.
  • The remodel preserves the restaurant’s old-school ambiance while introducing more seating, a brand-new bar, and an updated layout.
  • Some of the restaurant’s original 1946 design elements are also being restored. While the food menu remains largely the same, the Stein is introducing a slew of new cocktails to the beverage menu including an update on the classic Old Fashioned.

The restaurant business hours are:

  • 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Thursday
  • 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday through Saturday
  • 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sunday

Rise Apartments

Rise Apartments from Whittier Blvd, Before and After

Rise Apartments (formerly Whittier Manor) hosted its grand re-opening on October 19th. The massive 79-unit retrofit included interior and exterior improvements including all new electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment. The interior improvements also included new kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, flooring, windows, doors, trim, and paint. The exterior improvements included new handrails, balcony decks, repaired stucco, resurfaced parking lot and a modern façade.

The City's Comprehensive Zoning Code Update Process is Underway!

Learn More About the City's Comprehensive Zoning Code Update

In September, the Pico Rivera City Council approved an expansion to the Citywide Design Standards and Guidelines project to include an update to the City of Pico Rivera’s (City) zoning code Title 18 of the City’s Municipal Code. The project, formerly known as the Citywide Design Standards and Guidelines will now be the Comprehensive Zoning Code Update (CZCU). The project will continue to address the need for objective design standards through a review process that will culminate in a revised zoning code that will better serve City staff, development applicants, and the greater community. The CZCU is necessary to implement the goals of the City’s General Plan, which was last updated in 2014 and includes several policies that require amendments to the zoning code. Additionally, this update will address recently approved State legislation to facilitate housing development, set clear expectations for the design of new development (known as Objective Design Standards), and streamline the development review and approvals process overall.

What is the Zoning Code?

The zoning code is a regulatory tool that implements the policies of the City’s General Plan, a long-range planning document that details a jurisdiction’s (such as a city or county) vision for future development. The zoning code effectively functions as the legal tool cities use to determine what can be built and where.

Get Involved!

Community input and participation are critical to ensure local voices are included in this process. Please visit the project's website using the QR Code above, sign up for our mailing list, and attend a study session with the City's Planning Commission and City Council!

Public Works and Citywide Project Updates

Pico Rivera Regional Bikeway Project Update

  • The Regional Bikeway Project's first phase has started. Please expect traffic delays when driving around Mines Avenue from Paramount Boulevard up to the east of Rimbank Avenue.
  • Residents and commuters are encouraged to use alternate routes during construction. Construction will be completed in phases to limit the impacts on the residents and businesses.
  • The project's overall goal is to provide a safe regional bicycle connection to existing trails, promote active transportation, promote stormwater quality, and beautify the community.
  • In addition to the bicycle lanes, improvements within the project limits include pavement reconstruction, construction of bio-swales for stormwater capture, ADA improvements, traffic signal modifications at the intersections of Paramount Boulevard at Mines Avenue and Rosemead Boulevard at Mines Avenue, landscaping improvements, and signage.
  • The Project will utilize sustainable native and drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and trees to limit water usage. The project is anticipated to be completed in Summer 2024.

Rivera Park Gym Light Upgrade

  • Rivera Park basketball gym has received interior lighting upgrades.
  • The light fixture upgrades consisted of replacing existing lights with new LED fixtures, replacing aged electrical conduit and wiring, and replacing mounting harnesses.
  • The new lighting upgrades aim to enhance visibility and have energy-saving benefits.
  • These improvements will allow residents and visitors alike to enjoy our amenities for years to come.

PFAS Construction Update

  • As of Fall 2023, construction of the PFAS Filtration Systems at Water Plant 1, Plant 2 and Well 5 is ongoing.
  • Installation of filter vessels and process piping at Well 5 and Plant 2 are now substantially complete.
  • In the coming months, those systems will be put through rigorous inspections and testing overseen by the State Division of Drinking Water before final start-up and commissioning for the delivery of filter water to Pico Rivera consumers.
  • Construction of vessels and process piping at Water Plant 1 will follow, with start-up and commissioning anticipated in the Spring of 2024.
  • A separate project for the future construction of PFAS filtration at Water Plant 3 is planned to start as early as Fall of 2024.

Community Events & Programming Recap

National Taco Day at the Senior Center - October 4, 2023

On October 4, our Seniors enjoyed tacos, mariachi music and dancing in celebration of National Taco Day!

REACH First Trimester Activities in Full Swing!

Reach Students Participating in Activities
  • REACH started its club and training activities as the first trimester kicks off! Students are able to participate in Pickleball, Culinary and Theater. Students in upper grades will learn the rules of pickleball and have doubles games at their site with other student.
  • Students in lower grades will learn about farming, chicken life cycles, and more while learning different recipes.
  • The theater club will learn what it takes to put on a play for their parents as they present Mr. Willoby's Christmas Tree!

Upcoming Events & Programs

Halloween Spooktacular - October 28, 2023

Spooktacular 2023 Flyer!
  • The annual Halloween Spooktacular will take place on Saturday, October 28th at Smith Park from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM Average attendance is over 7,500 patrons.

Veteran's Day Ceremony - November 13, 2023

The City will host its annual Veteran's Day Ceremony on November 13, 2023 at 10:00 AM. Breakfast will be provided from 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM.

Views of Pico Rivera

Stunning views, landmarks, and moments around Pico Rivera as captured by City Photographer Robert Moreno

A cool, overcast, fall day, overlooking the water at the Rio Hondo Basin Spreading Ground