Cylchlythyr Ysgol Saltney Ferry "Working together, we shall all succeed / Cydweithio, gallwn gyd llwyddo."

Be respectful, Be Responsible , Be the best you can be.

Annwyl bawb,

Another incredibly busy week in Saltney Ferry Primary school. This week we have been focusing on being responsible members of the school. The children have been discussing all the ways that they have been responsible in their environment and giving some excellent examples.

Tidying away after themselves. Keeping the environment clear of rubbish, using kind hands and helping people and listening to people were just some of their amazing ideas.

Our new "Good to be Green" behaviour system is working really well. W e have a large amount of children who have been able to stay on green cards most of the time. Where children have had a Yellow card they have turned this around quickly. This has had a positive impact. Red cards are a serious matter. We do not expect any child to receive a red card. This may result in a phone call home. The child will always be given an opportunity to turn their behaviour around first.

We are running after school clubs and it has been lovely to see lots of children attending them. See below for more details.

Our whole school attendance is slowly creeping up. This week we are up to 92.6% which is amazing. Thank you all.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Mr Martin

Ser yr wythnos...

Dosbath Alwen - Nirvana

Dosbath Padarn - Theo

Dosbarth Tegid - Cayden

Dosbath Brenig - Connie

Dosbath Gwynant - Harrison

In Dosbarth Tegid this week we have begun learning our 8 times tables. See if the children can tell you the story for 8x8! We are practicing our ball skills in P.E. and are starting to learn skills to play invasion games. We used our understanding of Venn diagrams in a science task and sorted animals into different habitats.

A busy week for Dosbarth Alwen focusing on our topic book, Each Peach Pear Plum- the children have decided they’d like to learn the story using actions too- watch this space! We’ve learned how to use tally charts and used them to find out the class’ favourite characters from the story and have looked at the map from the book and then created our own. Ardderchog pawb!

We're very pleased to have received our delivery from the Tree Council UK of 100 trees!! Many exciting plans ahead with how we will develop the school site for our pupils.

Dosbarth Padarn have had a fab week exploring moral arguments from our story, Beegu and how she felt. Super efforts to improve our writing!

In numeracy we've continued place value and looked at one more, one less. Super mathematicians this week!

We have embraced the story of Dwynwen and love, with our little friends recalling the characters names and plot

This week, Dosbarth Brenig have continued with their work on 'King of the Sky' in their LLC lessons. We have worked on describing a setting using 2a sentences and have also completed some roleplay activities, pretending to be the boy in the book. They have learnt about the role of homing pigeons and why Mr Evans in the story might keep them. In Maths, we have finished off our work on subtraction and moved on to doubling and halving.

This week in Dosbarth Gwynant's topic lessons we have been looking at why people visit Wales and how we can persuade people to visit. We have explored the 7 Wonders of Wales poem and began to research places to visit in Wales. We are then going to create persuasive posters to encourage tourism in Wales! We have also been learning how use Welsh to ask about the weather yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Great to see so many new faces in our clubs this week. Booking link is live for next week on school dojo page, it will reset each Thursday or speak to the session lead.

Our website continues to be updated, do take a look and let us know your thoughts. All Spotify and Youtube links will be posted there with new content coming soon!

Dates for the diary:

Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st - Glan Llyn

February 2nd - Year 6 St David's.

February 9th - last day of this half term.

February 19th - back to school!