Orcutt Academy Spartan Newsletter May 17, 2024


Thank you to all who joined us at Spartan Showcase last week. This "open house" style event gave our students and staff the opportunity to showcase what makes OA such a special place. We have included some pictures that show just a glimpse of the experience. Thank you to all the teachers, staff, students and parents who made this such a successful event!

Next week, we have our senior awards night. We are grateful for the folks that work at the Healing Rooms for allowing us to continue to use this amazing venue to award our seniors hundreds of thousands of dollars of financial aid to help them pursue their life and career goals. Brenda and Brian Williams as well as April Meehan have worked hard to both help provide the facilities and to set up and plan the awards ceremony itself. The ceremony starts at 6 p.m. and our Orcutt Academy PTA will be providing light snacks and beverages following the festivities. It should be an amazing evening for our seniors and their families.


Our fourth annual film festival took place during this year's Spartan Showcase. This year the festival received nineteen entries, each showcasing skills students have developed and refined in our Art and English classes. This year, the Audience Choice Award went to Ky Montes. The Silver Spark award went to Kobe Lemus and the Gold Spark award went to Adrian Durham. Along with a trophy, Adrian took home a brand new camera that he can use to make further films. Check out the Silver and Gold Spark winners in the video above.



Have a great weekend!

Rhett Carter