How to Use Clip in Hair Extensions

Assuming they are delivered using made strands, read the pack to ensure that they are heat-safe, or you risk liquefying the fibers. Then again, you can fix or wind your hair to match the extensions instead.

A trick for styling the extensions is to pull your own hair back into a braid then clip the extensions in one by one to the side of your head and contort or fix them.

Then again, you can clip the extensions to a skirt holder to make it more direct to style them.

Wash, dry, and brush your hair. Notwithstanding the way that these extensions are over in a brief time, your hair should be great, dry, and freed from any packs or tangles. Wash your hair as you normally would, then, license it to air dry or use a hairdryer. Brush your hair until it is smooth and liberated from ties.

Portion off the hair just underneath your ears. Slide the handle of a rat tail filter through your hair, just under your ears. Pull everything over the perhaps find any way to improve into a bun. Check the level part that you made in the mirror to ensure that it is even. Any strands of hair intruding on it could get on the brush and feel awkward.

Ideally, the part should be level with the cut piece of your hair.

Once more it would be truly brilliant to brush the free hair under the brush to ensure that it is smooth.

Install a 3-clip weft into your hair, just under the part. Find a weft that has 3 clips sewn into it. Snap open the brush like clips on your weft. Position the weft straight over the even part and slide the brushes into your hair, as close to the roots as could be anticipated, and snap them shut. Begin with the middle clip first, then do the sides.

Do whatever it takes not to clip in the extensions exorbitantly close your hairline. Keep them 1 inch (2.5 cm) from your hairline for a trademark look.

Repeat the cycle for mid-ear level. Let down another fragment of hair. Use your rat tail brush to make a level part that is level with the focal point of your ears. Collect everything over the part into a bun, especially like beforehand. Install a 4-clip weft into the roots just under the part. Yet again insert the middle clips first, then, do the sides. Check out colored hair extensions.

A couple of packs will have a short 4-clip weft and a long 4-clip weft. Use the more restricted 4-clip weft here.