Turing Fellow Spotlight - 4th Session An Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence event

The Institute for Data Science and AI hosted their 4th session in the series of online talks provided by The University of Manchester's Turing Fellows. This session saw two presentations given by Professor Marcel van Herk and Dr David Wong.

Professor van Herk is Chair in Radiotherapy Physics and is responsible for developing a programme of international leading radiotherapy physics research and innovation to deliver direct patient benefits with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. Learn more about Professor van Herk's research here.

His talk was titled 'Radiotherapy, a precision treatment for cancer patients - optimisation using big data analysis and AI' and centred around his research on increasing radiotherapy accuracy to better target the tumour and spare healthy organs.

Professor van Herk was followed by Dr Wong's presentation titled 'Towards remote and contactless assessment of movement disorders'. It explored some of the ways that clinical information has been gleaned from videos over the last 5-10 years. It then look at some of his recent work in trying to measure and classify some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and then discussed the practical challenges in developing these methods for real-life clinical practice.

Dr Wong is a Lecturer in AI in Healthcare. His research interests focus on investigating the impact of using continuous signals to assist clinicians in diagnosing and monitoring patients. Read more about Dr Wong's research here.

If you missed this event, you can watch it back here:

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