Walkin' in a Wellness Wonderland Recipes by Deanna Nichols

May this beautiful holiday season fill your heart with love, your home with joy, and your life with laughter.

Just as the star of Bethlehem brought hope and wonder at the birth of the Savior, our Christmas wish for you and your loved ones is that this holiday season fills your hearts with hope for a new season of health, hope, and happiness. Thank you for your love and support for our family during what has been a very challenging year! Please enjoy some of our favorite holiday DIY's and recipes, as well as free printable labels as our gift to you.

With Gratitude,

Jon, Deanna, and X Nichols

☕️ Be Your Own Barista! ☕️

This morning I was craving a sweet coffee with a little Christmas inside. 🎄I can make that here at home with about 3 carbs, versus the 50 or so it would cost me at a coffee shop. Plus my coffee has the healthy fats and protein to start my day off well metabolically.

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/mJTyCp6dTuY

Here's what I used:

☕️ I started with a mocha @drinksupercoffee pod which contains vitamins, protein and MCT oil.

☕️ I added some Peppermint Mocha Supercreamer (if you add the creamer first, it magically keeps your coffee warmer!) This is a seasonal flavor.

☕️ Then I coated the inside of this amazing mug (the mug MATTERS) with @pyureorganic chocolate sauce

☕️ I added a tablespoon of grass fed butter for more healthy fats and for general creamy yumminess.

☕️ 3 drops of @doterra Madagascar vanilla oil. Because 🤤

☕️ I use the liquid monkfruit sweetener by @lakanto and you only need a few drops!

☕️ Once the coffee brewed, I frothed it and topped with Zero Sugar Reddi Whip and a sprinkle of dried vanilla powder.

Let's Make Natural Soothing Salve

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/xd9rES3yX1c

We melted 3 cups of organic coconut oil, 3 cups of EVOO (I prefer California Olive Ranch), and 1 cup of beeswax over a double boiler.

After filling our 4 oz glass salve jars with the liquid, We added to each jar:

10 drops doTERRA Immortelle - this is my favorite oil for skin/tissue because of all the incredible oils in the blend

4 drops cedarwood

5 drops tea tree

4 drops geranium

5 drops Blue Tansy, another high level skin oil - This oil has a deep blue color due to a chemical constituent called chamazulene that occurs during the steam distillation of the flower. It turned green in our salve because of the yellow color of the EVOO.

We also added a pipette of NSP Silver Shield - if you haven't, you absolutely need to research the benefits of silver for wounds and infections.

We literally use this salve for EVERYTHING and even on our animals. We usually give it as a Christmas gift to friends, and one 4 oz jar lasts for months. This recipe made 18 of these jars.

Download FREE labels here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MsOGhOweqL97DNoLmozIosC64u4cr4Eu/view?usp=sharing

Avery Presta 94501 template

Healthy Gifts Are Da Balm!

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/Phhkxsm17ms

Many people don't realize that lip balms can be highly toxic with ingredients such as:



🤮artificial dyes





and more! Our DIY lip balm is so much better!

1. Melt 1/4 cup each

🌱 organic coconut oil

🌱 organic shea butter

🌱organic bees wax

2. Remove from heat and pour into a heated glass measuring cup

3. Add doTERRA essential oils and stir

***The brand is important because most essential oils are synthetic or adulterated with the very toxins we are trying to avoid. I added 10 drops of each oil:

💦 peppermint

💦 Madagascar vanilla

💦 tangerine

💦 myrrh

4. Pour into lip balm tins. Work quickly before it hardens.

🎁You can make cute labels for the lids, here is a set of labels you can print out and enjoy.

Download labels here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11yxhxzuv9Pe-6xAY5Dy5sngEdK0IIyPK/view?usp=sharing

Round Avery labels template 5472

🎵...And a Lotion Bar That Smells Like Trees🎶

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/C58c6Rt_ewE

Y'all! These lotion bars are beautiful and they smell AMAZING. The best part is that they have only clean non-toxic ingredients and they are simple to make!

All you need is 5 oz each of: shea butter, olive oil, and beeswax

You melt then over a double boiler and remove from heat to add the essential oils. I like to pour the liquid into a heated glass measuring cup first to make it easy to fill the molds.

I used these doTERRA oils:

💦 15 drops Blue Tansy (which is naturally blue and gives these the green color when combined with olive oil)

💦 40 drops Northern Escape

💦 25 drops frankincense

You could absolutely use fewer drops of oil. We wanted a lot and it smells heavenly....like a magical frosted forest! 🌲🌲**We ONLY use doTERRA oils because most "100% pure" oils are synthetic and/or adulterated and contaminated**

You can use any silicone molds. We happen to have some really cute doTERRA molds that were perfect but anything that is kind of flat works well. It takes a couple of hours for them to fully harden and pop out of the molds. Store in an airtight container in a cool area. We separated them with parchment paper so they didn't stick together. These make great gifts in little tins or sealed in cellophane bags.

Download FREE labels here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1umEEdnxVrGKe5asOiDgZi5VQ-N1sWhL_/view?usp=sharing

2X2 Avery labels 22806

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Crunchy Mom Health Hack

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/PDl6rqkzs-E

Scratchy, tender throat? Whip up this natural, easy spray! doTERRA oils are VERIFIED pure and safe for kids and adults (please do not try this with other brands!) Very soothing and supportive as your immune system does its thing!

Yummy GF/SF Salted Caramel Crack Bars

Video link: https://youtube.com/shorts/qCd8db96xts

1. Line a parchment paper covered cookie sheet with grain free pretzels.

2. Melt 2 sticks of salted butter and 1 cup Swerve Brown. Boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

3. Remove from heat and add 3 drops doTERRA cardamom and 5 drops doTERRA Madagascar vanilla. Stir.

4. Allow mixture to cool and then pour over pretzels amd spread evenly.

5. Bake at 325 degrees for 10 minutes.

6. Melt a bag of Lily's chocolate chips in the toaster oven. I did half semi-sweet and half salted caramel. Spread over pretzels.

7. Place in freezer for 30 minutes.

8. Cut into pieces.

Try to eat 1 or 2 servings. Swerve is a great alternative to sugar but it is meant to enjoy in small amounts. Plus the pretzels are made of cassava flour so still have a fair amount of carbs. They are the perfect combo of sweet and salty! Enjoy!

🥄Stirrin' Up Some Yummy Treats! 🥄

Video Link: https://youtube.com/shorts/InQBN4TbHTA

I am in ❤️ with these adorable hot cocoa spoons! You can just stir them into a hot mug of your favorite milk and voila! Even better? They are ZERO sugar but 💯 delicious.

All you do is add @lilys_sweets chocolate chips + organic coconut oil to a double boiler until it is nice and melty smooth. Then turn off the heat to add your @doterra Madagascar vanilla and turmeric oils. I did about 10 drops each. Then pour into silicone ice cube molds, add your toppings and slide in the wooden spoon at an angle.

For toppings we chopped up some @choczero marshmallows, a Lily's white chocolate bar, and some Nativo dye and sugar-free sprinkles. But go crazy and use whatever you like!

We popped them out once they had hardened in the freezer for an hour and wrapped them in cellophane treat bags with cute tags on the twist ties.

Download the FREE tags here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bbzOX7qfV_z_Ict85DNqQQGb_j4c_Zn8/view?usp=sharing

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About Me

Hi! This is Deanna Nichols! Let me tell you why I am passionate about doTERRA essential oils. When I experienced these oils in 2011, I had struggled for 20 years with my health. At this point I had made a lot of changes to a wellness lifestyle but had not seen the kind of improvements I was expecting.

But after using the oils daily for emergencies, to offer extra support for certain body systems, and to help me be at optimal wellness, I saw such improvements in 18 months that it was life-changing and apparent to everyone around me. I just could not keep it to myself! So I began sharing with my family and friends.

Our community has expanded to tens of thousands of families all over world who are using and sharing doTERRA. And I have become one of the top doTERRA leaders and one of the world's largest distributors of essential oils. Every aspect of my life - physically, emotionally, and financially - is better with doTERRA. And I want to help YOU and your family experience that too! This is your life. Live it abundantly. And SHINE ON!

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