Newry News Friday, 24 November 2023

What's On in term 4

week 8

  • Monday, 27th November - Years 4-6 The Green Room @ Alstonville Public School
  • Tuesday, 28th November - Byron Bay High School 2024 Year 7 Orientation Day
  • Wednesday, 29th November - Primary Principals Meeting

week 9

  • Thursday, 7th December - Staff CPR & Anaphylaxis Training @ school 3:15 pm


  • Thursday, 14th December - Ballina Cinemas & Mini Golf
  • Thursday, 14th December - Presentation and Picnic Night
  • Friday, 15th December - Last Day for all students


  • Tuesday, 30th - Wednesday, 31st January - Teachers return- Pupil free
  • Thursday, 1st February - Years 1-6 Start 2024
  • Friday 2nd February - Kindergarten begin school
  • Friday 9th February -¬†Swimming carnival Year 3-6
  • Week 9: Friday, 29th April - Monday, 1st May - Easter Break
  • Week 11: Friday, 12th April - last day of Term 1 - holidays begin

the anxiety project

"What if we could break our child's anxious thinking patterns by asking a few consistent and curious questions? What if we could help children to reframe challenges in their world, by exploring alternative ways of thinking with them? What if we could break patterns, create new neural pathways? Curiosity activates the same reward centres of the brain that light up when we learn something new or accomplish a goal. When a child achieves a goal or develops new learning, a curious mindset can elicit a dopamine boost - the "feel good" neurotransmitter that unleashes feelings of happiness and pleasure. By using this combination of biology and psychology we can help children beat anxiety as well as develop new ways to talk to themselves."

Extract from The Anxiety Project Parentshop by Michael Hawton.


Please RSVP so we can confirm our catering numbers. Thank you to those who already have confirmed.

library stocktake

Our annual library stocktake has been completed. Overdue notices will be sent home for all outstanding books. Please help your children to find any missing or overdue books.

Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition

Congratulations to our team of mathematicians who each won a merit award or above, in the Australia wide Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition this year. A special mention to Grace who was awarded a distinction and to the Year 4 students who competed in the Year 5 division. We are all very proud of you!

swimming and water safety

Students have enjoyed two weeks of swimming at the Mullumbimby Pool developing their swimming techniques and learning the basics of water safety.

senior english

We have had fun using our creative writing skills to innovate on Nursery Rhymes through script writing. Each author also chose actors and directed a performance of their script for our classmates to enjoy.

3-6 Bushfire Art

In this artwork, students blended warm-coloured acrylic paint to create a background using paintbrushes and then crafted silhouettes of trees, fences, and buildings using the edges of cardboard. Around the border, they experimented with similes, metaphors, and personification to describe the power and destruction of bushfires.

K-2 maths

We have been learning how to pose our own questions when collecting data. This information was then shown in tables, charts and graphs to make the information easier to read. It is important that we learn to read all the different parts of the table, chart or graph. We have also been learning to identify Australian money and use the language of money in everyday contexts such as coins, notes, cents and dollars. We have had fun exchanging money for goods in play situations.

3-6 Step Up Days

The Senior class have enjoyed having Year 3 join us over the past fortnight and Year 3 have had an opportunity to experience how we learn and work together. We have been working on our fluency skills and reading a play-script together each morning. We have also enjoyed using dominoes to solve a range of number problems.

Presentation and Picnic Night

Presentation and Picnic Night will be on Thursday evening 14th December 5:30-7pm. All families and friends are invited to bring a picnic and join us to celebrate 2023. Students should be at school by 5:20 ready to start at 5:30.

  • 5:30 Whole School performance.
  • Awards presented.
  • P and C update
  • Year 5 and 6 presentations
  • Family picnics while photo presentation continues.

Costumes for End of Year Performance 2023

We are planning a Dance performance for the evening of Thursday December 14th, 2023 (Week 10) for the Presentation and Picnic night. The students are working hard towards the performance and are excited to show you what they have done. Each class is performing to music from different decades. Costumes are purely optional, but if you would like to put an outfit together, below are suggestions to guide you so you can start looking at home. There is no need to go to any big expense. Thankyou for your assistance. Can't wait to see you there!

Kindergarten and Year 1 are performing to a song from the 70s Disco era.
Year 2 and 3 are performing to a song from the 60s Rock 'n' Roll era.
Year 4, 5 and 6 are performing to a song from the 80s Pop era.

covid update

COVID-19 transmission is increasing in communities across NSW. NSW Health indicates this trend will continue into December. We are continuing our COVID-smart measures which include:

  • good hand hygiene by washing regularly with soap and water
  • windows open
  • keep your children at home if they are unwell
  • use a rapid antigen test (RAT) kit if you have COVID-19 symptoms and stay home until you no longer have symptoms
  • continue to report positive cases

Class parties

Students will have class parties on the last day, Friday 15th December 2023. Please ensure your child has a healthy lunch to eat at 11am as usual. Class parties will be held at recess time which is 1pm. Please send something to share with your class. The groups will be in their usual classes, K/1, 2/3 and 4-6. Any students with special dietary requirements, parents please send your child with food they are able to eat. Students are able to wear casual clothes on this day. Please ensure your children wear appropriate clothes for school ....shoulders and midriffs are covered, in line with sun safe policies, shoes for school activities - no thongs and a hat.