I am just a child. By Cerys Hudd

And now for the last of our published entries to The Stag x LitSoc Creative Writing Competition. Cerys entered two pieces: now it's time for I am just a child.

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My family tree split here and there

like the chestnut in Jane Eyre.

Can't wait to get a divorce;

cheated on too of course.

I can't be my mother's child;

I am too selfish and too reviled.

I can't be my father’s child;

I am too stubborn and too wild.

I am just a child.

My family tree drops its fruits,

grows another and forgets its roots.

Can't wait to continue my family line;

abandon what was and have another nine.

I can't be my grandad's child;

My mother never reconciled.

I can't be my grandma’s child;

My father is his compiled.

I am just a child.

My family tree rots where it splits;

perfect place for the problem child to sit.

My mother looks at me and sees my father; he sees my mother.

Their parents do the same.

Refusing to take accountability and instead shift the blame.

I am just a child no one claims.

Too broken. Too ashamed.

I am full of hate and doubt

of the lovers who burnt out.