Ritual Intimates The Services + Pricing Guide

hi beautiful friend -Welcome to ritual intimates.

Please take a few minutes to read through our services & pricing guide entirely.

Table of Contents:

  • I. Meet your Photographer
  • II. Services Guide
  • III. Pricing + Products
  • IV. Payment Plans
  • V. Stay Connected
  • VI. FAQ

Meet your photographer

Howdy, I'm Maddie! 30-something year old certified goofy gorl and the one behind the lens at Ritual Intimates. Empowering humans & creating self expression & art through intimate imagery that tells a story is my jam. I am deeply inspired by music, movement, cinematography, film, and nature. When I'm not at my studio you'll catch me at a show, playing video games, and hanging out with my husband + people I love the most.

I have been photographing for over 10 years, and Ritual Intimates was created to hold space for self expression and creating art through intimate imagery, by simply existing as we are right now. Existing in a body and navigating through life is not easy - but the most important thing my photo journey has shown me is the priceless value of being documented and that we are all worthy of existing in art. You will always have a place in my studio.


Immerse yourself in the full session experience. This is fantastic for anyone - whether its your first professional photography experience ever, or 1000th session with me.

Our session fee is $450 and includes:

  • A ~4-5 hour intimate portrait experience in our studio
  • Professional hair and makeup by our team
  • 90 minute in-studio session
  • Posing + expression guidance from head to toe
  • Session prep guide (with outfit inspo and get-ready tips)
  • 3 looks/outfits
  • Access to our client wardrobe with over 50 pieces including robes, body chains, headwear, and weaponry
  • Same day preview
  • Private viewing & ordering appointment within 1-2 weeks after your session

***All digitals, products, and collections are purchased separately.***

Ritual Intimates is located in Downtown Akron, Ohio inside one of Canal Place's industrial lofts. Outdoor sessions may require an additional fee to accommodate extra travel + session time.

Session Add-on's

Session add-on's extend your session by 30 minutes-one hour

  • Shibari $300 (includes shibari rope with one aesthetic tie with professional)
  • Crescent Moon Set $150
  • Renaissance Set $150
  • Rooftop Access $150 (Spring/Summer/Fall months only
  • Gold Leaf $150
  • Flower Bed $150

✶ the day of your session

All you have to worry about is showing up in some comfy clothes, and we take it from there. We'll begin with your professional hair and makeup by our team at the start time of your appointment, followed by the transition into your session. We can also spend some time in our client closet, curating your looks, and I will be there helping you along every step of the way. We will never rush any part of your experience <3

✶ After your session

We'll have you come back to the studio within 1-2 weeks for your private viewing + ordering appointment. After our break, we'll view your gorgeous images in-person, take a look at samples, and build your dream collection. Your final images will be expertly edited and hand-retouched before being sent to you.


In-house prepayment plans are available and customizable leading up to your session. We accept PayPal Credit, Affirm, Afterpay, and all major credit cards at the time of your viewing. Prepay for your favorite collection or utilize prepaid incentive amounts & receive free perks including a waved session fee, wall art pieces, album upgrades, and more.

Preserve yourself as art the way you deserve. Samples are available in the studio to view in-person.

✶ luxe Collections

Renaissance Collection $5000 (our most value)

  • 12x12 Handcrafted Album w/ 40 Images + matching album box w/ optional diamond cover
  • Artisanal Box w/ 15 8x10 prints
  • Full digital gallery + crystal USB
  • 24x36 wall art piece (acrylic or metallic)
  • Your next session fee free within 12 months

Wisteria Collection $3800 (our most popular)

  • 10x10 Handcrafted Album w/ 30 Images + matching album box
  • Full online digital gallery + crystal USB
  • 16x24 wall art (acrylic or metallic)
  • $200 print credit

Noir Collection $2500 ($3200 Value)

  • Artisanal box containing 15 5x7 matted prints
  • 15 digital images in online gallery
  • 11x14 wall art piece (metallic or acrylic)

✶ Digital collections

Interested in just digitals? Your high-res, fully retouched digital files will be delivered in a private, customized online gallery that is available for download on the devices of your choosing, as well as a crystal flash drive containing your images. Full sessions will yield 70+ final images.

Full Digital Gallery $2000

1/2 Digital Gallery $1750

15 Digital Images $1200

✶ Handcrafted Albums

Luxe velvet, leathers, and beautiful hand-made albums. Gorgeous panorama pages with fully-customized layouts. Printed professionally on archival materials with over 100 different cover options. Matching digital files can be added on for $500 with album purchase.

8x8 album with 20 images | $1500

10x10 album with 30 images | $2000

12x12 album with 40 images | $2500

Diamond Cover with image of your choice - +$200 (add on)

Matching Album Box - +$200 (add on)

Custom Page Gilding -$100 (add on) available in gold, silver, black, or custom designs

✶ artisanal Boxes

A luxurious photo box containing a matted print collection including 15 of your favorite images with box cover of your choice. Over 100 cover materials available. Matching digital files can be added on for $500 with purchase.

15, 8x10 prints (11x14 mat) - $1950

15, 5x7 prints (8x10 mat) - $1500

ready to reserve your session?

Sessions are booked either over the phone during your consultation, or through our booking link that is sent to you via email.

frequently asked questions

"Wtf do I wear?"

We have you covered in a multitude of ways - the first being our client closet with over 50+ pieces! Upon booking we also send over our client prep guide that contains in-depth outfit inspiration, as well as tons of lingerie & shopping recommendations.

"How far in advance should I book?"

If you need to have products or digitals by a certain time, book your session 10-12 weeks in advance. We typically book sessions anywhere from 2-6 months out. Rush fee can be applied for $500.

"I'm nervous, and I have body image issues."

Me too, friend. To be 1000% real with you - body image issues exist within us all and please know you are not alone. Boudoir is an incredible way to embrace, accept, and shift our minds into celebrating ourselves instead of waging war with our bodies. I promise your feelings and experiences are valid in my space, and I'm here to empathize, listen, and help you navigate body image issues with care. Your nerves will melt into excitement as we move through your session day.

"Can I bring someone to my session?"

It's preferred that you arrive solo so you can experience your day entirely through your own eyes. Sometimes having another person present can diminish your personal experience or feelings unintentionally. You got this <3

"I don't know what to do with my hands!!!! (aka how do I pose?)"

I've got you! I will pose every inch of your body from your hair, face, hands, down to your toes. I'll even remind you to breathe and drink water :)

"But I'm not a model..."

Our clients are mothers, doctors, managers, students, healthcare workers, fast food employees, teachers, artists, scientists, people who come from all walks of life. You are a human and worthy of being celebrated no matter what.

"What do I do with my images?"

Honestly, whatever you want! Please know your images are kept private unless you are okay with us shouting your photos from the mountaintops. We can curate a stunning Luxe collection to your liking, and there are multiple digital gallery options. Digital image collections come with printing rights as well, which is pretty cool.

"Can I reschedule?"

I know life happens to the best of us! I do offer one reschedule, if it is less than 7 days prior to your session an additional fee ($175) may be applied to supplement our HMUA's time. If we need to reschedule a 2nd time, your session fee will be forfeited and a new one is required to rebook. There are a lot of moving parts to make your session happen, so if you need to reschedule please try to get ahold of us ASAP! If for some reason I have an emergency I will also do my best to reach out ASAP.