An elegant perspective

Making a symbol

We used perspective to give identity to the symbol by merging two key elements of VH inmo, the V at the beginning of the name and the buildings for the real estate.

A detailed typography

And a typeface redesigned to represent these angles in key parts of the typeface as small details. This way the whole logo maintains coherence and consistency.

We mix uppercase and lowercase to achieve two effects. We give importance to what differentiates our name the VH, in addition to putting it in capital letters we give it strength and forcefulness, while inmo we keep it in lowercase because our goal is to imply that our vision of the real estate business is friendly, close and accessible.

The complete brand

Make a unique symbol, with an elaborate typography and supported by elegant colors. Sometimes golden colors can become a bit pretentious, but if we add an earth color, that color of good quality wood furniture, of wet sand, we can evoke elegance and confidence with the mix of colors.

close-up cards

Stationery layout

Poster Mockup

Car layout