Moorlands Star Writer of the Week

All work chosen for Moorlands Star Writer of the Week will be shared here.

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This week’s Star Writer is Holly from 3CM. After studying some of Aesop’s fables, Holly chose to base her fable on the tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper. In Holly’s version, The Bear and the Cat, Cat is a foolish creature who fails to prepare for the winter ahead. Bear tries to warn Cat but Cat doesn’t listen. Read the story to find out whether Bear takes pity on his fellow creature! Well done Holly, your teachers are very impressed by your impressive storytelling!

This week’s star writer is Saul G from 4G. Saul produced a wonderful,non-chronological reportabout the Romans. We were very impressed with the vocabulary he used as well as his beautiful presentation

This week’s Star Writer is Isabelle from 5T.

Isabelle has been awarded Star Writer for her descriptive piece of narrative writing based on Danny the champion of the world. Her writing included many Year 5 features and was neatly presented with joined handwriting from the very beginning to the end.

This week’s Star Writer is Zoe, 6C, for an amazing non-chronological report written about World War 2. Zoe thought carefully about the layout of her report and included thoughtful word choices. Her presentation was also beautiful!

This week's Star Writer is Saoirse in 2H. She wrote some amazing instructions about how to make a healthy frittata, after cooking one in our Food Technology lesson. She set out her instructions clearly, including the list of ingredients, equipment and then ordered the steps with numbers. A range of 'bossy' verbs and super adverbs were included, as well as Saoirse's lovely presentation. Fantastic!