"All dreams come true, if one has the courage to pursue them."

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Every year, SJS comes up with something unique and creative to foster the young minds with curiosity, innovation and critical thinking. "The Junior Journal" is another unique feature of the school which aims to showcase and celebrate the exceptional events and achievements of the students learning at SJS, Naraina. The publication is released on a monthly basis, providing a comprehensive overview of the notable accomplishments, events and projects undertaken by the learners in a month, within our educational community. This monthly journal will serve as a platform to recognize and applaud the outstanding efforts of the students.

Stay tuned every month to witness, discover and explore the remarkable talents and accomplishments of the learners at SJS with deep and meaningful learning experiences which are curated keeping in mind the skills, attitudes and beliefs of the children at this age.

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Abhivyakti Triumphs: Celebrating Victory Beyond the Finish Line

"Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is."

Amidst thunderous cheers and soaring spirits, the school hosted the Prize Distribution Ceremony of Abhivyakti- The Annual Sports and Cultural Fiesta on November 25, 2023. The ceremony was graced by the proud parents of the winners, Director of the school Brig. Sanjay Thakran (SM) Retd. and Head of the School, Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa, along with enthusiastic faculty, who celebrated the dedication and sportsmanship of the talented athletes. Beyond medals and certificates, it was a collective triumph, reminding us that sports is not just a competition but a journey of self-discovery and teamwork. Congratulations to all, as our school continues to foster a vibrant sports culture!

Winning Streak

"Enlightening Minds: IGKO Brilliance Unveiled"

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

On October 10, 2023, the International GK Olympiad, organized by SOF, witnessed 39 brilliant minds from Class III-V showcasing their knowledge prowess. Among the stars were Ridhaan Khurana, Praneet Singh, A Rehan, Vivaan Singh, Shivansh Ghosh, and Shivansh Tanwar who outshined others. Their remarkable achievements, including gold medals and certificates, illuminate our school's commitment to nurturing bright minds. Congratulations to the winners for embodying the spirit of intellectual excellence!

The Ranks!

"Illuminating Souls: Salwan Junior School's Gurpurab Extravaganza"

"In the symphony of life, let Guru Nanak's teachings be the melody that guides our hearts."

On November 23, 2023, Salwan Junior School, Naraina Vihar, hosted a soul-stirring Gurupurab assembly. Students illuminated the essence of Prabhat Pheri, delivering a poignant script on Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings. The air resonated with sacred shabads, and the assembly concluded with the heartfelt distribution of prashad. Ms. Sonia Wadhwa, Head of the School, graced the occasion with her soulful rendition of shabads and chants from Gurmukhi, extending warm Gurpurab wishes to one and all.

Class III showcasing Guru Nanak's teachings
Children singing shabads

"Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders: SJS Celebrates Children's Day"

"There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children."

At SJS, we embrace the responsibility of shaping a brighter future for our learners. Children's Day, celebrated online on November 14, 2023 , featured heartfelt messages from teachers in a specially curated assembly video. Rhythmic renditions and virtual interactions made this day, dedicated to the joys of childhood, a cherished and memorable experience. It's our commitment to provide not just education but a holistic platform for wholesome personality development.

Teacher's Giving Tribute to Children

"Joyful Echoes: UBI's Enchanting Children's Day Extravaganza"

"Childhood, a canvas of innocence, brushed with hues of joy."

On November 14, 2023, United by Ink Organisation (UBI) and Salwan Junior School curated a Special Open Mic Event, 'Celebrating Childhood.' The event, guided by a heartwarming Hindi poem 'Bachpan,' showcased eight students of the school narrating tales, singing, weaving a charming tapestry of childhood memories. Ms. Gunjan Bhatia, a teacher at SJS, hosted the event along with the Salwanians from all classes. The event was a huge success.

A glimpse of the virtual show


"Walls Awaken: A Symphony of Learning Unveiled"

"Within the walls of innovation, every brick becomes a stepping stone, every corridor a pathway to knowledge."

On November 30, 2023, our school boldly transformed the static walls into dynamic learning canvases, revolutionizing education. Educational murals strategically adorned the premises, inspiring curiosity and reinforcing lessons. From numbers to history, our walls breathed life into subjects, creating a multisensory experience. Students embraced ownership, extending classrooms beyond walls. Witness the metamorphosis, as our school became a vibrant canvas of limitless knowledge and boundless possibilities.

Montessori walls depict knowledge and numbers

Constitutional Canvas: A Vibrant Tribute

"Constitution Day is not merely a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of the living document that breathes life into our democracy."

"November 26, 2023, marked our school's spirited celebration of Indian Constitutional Day. Through captivating presentations and interactive activities, a tapestry of constitutional understanding was woven in the senior classes. The day not only honored our constitution's architects but also ignited a profound appreciation for democratic ideals. In the fusion of education and enjoyment, we celebrated the essence of our nation's guiding principles."

Glimpses of knowledge from the ppt showed in classes

"Palette Perspectives: Unveiling the Art Alcove"

In the strokes of imagination, every color whispers a story. With this beautiful thought, students are welcomed into the art corner in the art room where creativity dances on the canvas of inspiration, and each masterpiece tells a tale only the heart can hear.

Class II kids immersed in joy, crafting paper boats through the art of origami, fostering creativity and teamwork in delight
Young Artisan Himanshu (V-A) Captivates with Pencil Sketch of Lord Shiva In a dazzling display of talent, fifth-grader Himanshu drew a mesmerizing pencil sketch of Lord Shiva. His attention to detail and artistic finesse showcase a maturity beyond his years. Himanshu's portrayal of divinity through art is truly commendable.
In a delightful class III project, two students Irfan and Aryan showcased their artistic flair, sketching the iconic Punjabi singer, Diljit Dosanjh.
Manit, our passionate young artist of class -II captivates with stunning car sketches, showcasing creativity and talent in a remarkable display of automotive artistry.
Class IV talent, Seejal Sharma , showcase vibrant Madhubani Art with their beautiful and colorful creations.
Class IV talent, Atharv Gupta showcase vibrant Madhubani Art with their beautiful and colorful creations.
"Young artists from classes I to V master the art of oil pastel blending using vibrant colours at coaching

Cognizance Canvas: Navigating the Microsoft Education Empowerment Summit

"In the dynamic fusion of human intelligence and artificial ingenuity, education becomes a canvas for innovation."

"On November 15, 2023, Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa, Head of the School and Tajinder Kaur, teaching faculty of SJS, delved into the dynamic fusion of human intellect and artificial innovation at the Microsoft Educator Exchange Global Summit E2. The summit unfolded a world where AI intersects with education, revealing a spectrum from parallel intelligence to AI-powered tools. A journey of insight, the summit ignited a vision of limitless possibilities in the realm of modern learning. Both of them led a power-packed session on AI in Education and shared with the audience some of the AI powered tools that we are using in the classroom to enhance learning outcome and foster creativity.

Scooping the scope of AI for the audience

"Luminous Unity: Sparkling Festivities at the Virtual Diwali Assembly

"Diwali, a festival of lights, illuminates the heart with joy, dispelling darkness, and fostering hope."

In our vibrant online Diwali assembly, the school radiated with cultural brilliance on November 9, 2023. Students, through eloquent narrations and artistic performances, painted a virtual canvas of unity in diversity. The festive spirit soared as creativity bloomed in diverse activities and adorned virtual classrooms. Despite the digital realm, the celebration was a testament to the resilience of togetherness, blending joy, culture, and artistic expression.

Painting the virtual classes colourful with colourful performances
Virtual assembly glimpses

Growth Harmony: Meeting for Parents and Teachers

"Collaboration paints the canvas of a child's journey with shared colors."

In the magical realm of education, on November 25, 2023, the Pre-School and Pre-Primary classes hosted a PTM, weaving a tapestry of interaction. It was a symphony where parents and teachers collaborated, not just to understand progress but to nurture dreams. These meetings are whispers of potential, catching challenges before they echo, empowering parents to be partners in their child's journey. Smoothly, the PTM unfolded, a harmonious dance of support and growth."

Beyond Breaks: Nurturing Minds in the Pollution Break Edition Workshops

"Workshops for children are like windows to a world of wonder, where learning meets enjoyment"

From global travels in virtual realms to rhythmic Zumba beats, the online workshops (16th-18th November) conducted by the school, were a symphony of learning and joy. Beyond the pollution break, students explored languages, dance, mental maths, cookery club and many more fostered a positive student-teacher bond. These workshops, infused not only knowledge but skill and competency building as well, where young minds lit up and hearts bloomed, making the days both enriching and delightful.

Cooking Masters
Health benefits through Healthy eating habits.

Mindful Mastery: Nurturing Teacher Well-being at Salwan Montessori

"Nurturing emotional well-being is like weaving a tapestry of tranquility, stitching together moments of self-compassion and joy."

"In the symphony of education, Ms. Sona Gombar, Head of Montessori branch at Salwan, Gurugram orchestrated a transformative session on November 17, 2023. Focused on the emotional well-being of teachers and managing children's attention spans, the workshop empowered 110 participants from Salwan Schools. As we unplug for introspection, the session aimed to enhance resilience and adaptability, recognizing the vital role emotions play in shaping an enriched learning environment."

Getting started with it
Resource Person: Ms. Sona Gombar, addressing the staff

"Marvelous Strokes: Class V Wonders Illuminate Kiran Nadar Museum"

"Creativity is like a colorful kaleidoscope, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary bursts of innovation and inspiration."

On this artistic odyssey, our dynamic Class V prodigies - Alakshendrr, Vihaana Dhingra, Yadavi Suri, Rudhav Bhatia, Ayansh Jain, and Prisha Juneja - ventured into the 'Superhero' realm at Kiran Nadar Museum. Amid 1,700 schools, their creative prowess shone, even under the spotlight of interviews. Amidst the vast canvas of participants, our little heroes painted courage, leaving us beaming with pride at their extraordinary feats.

Little wonders of SJS
Ready to paint the canvas
At the venue

Floral Tapestry Unveiled: SJS, Naraina's Horticulture Odyssey

In the canvas of nature, we sowed dreams, believing in tomorrow. Salwan Junior School, Naraina, blooms with life in the botanical exploration. From Madhu Malti's embrace to Bougainvillea's pink allure, our garden reveals tales of horticulture. Juicy oranges, the regal mango, medicinal herbs—all weave a green symphony. Witness our young ecologists' showcasing our school garden to you here:

The students also created a webpage of the school garden which can be accessed here: A detailed documentation about each plant was done as a part of horticulture project taken up by class V and the same is available on the link enclosed here.

Experiments of Co-authoring Stories with an AI by Salwanians

"Ink Reverie: Chronicles from the Literary Sanctum"

"Within these bound realms, words unfold like magic, creating worlds that linger in the soul." Welcome to our Literary Corner, where every page is a doorway to imagination, and every story is a journey into the infinite realms of the written word.


Story 1: A Christmas Miracle

Once upon a time, there was a greedy boy named James. He was always wanting more even though he had so much of stuff that Santa could borrow a few hundred toys and James would still be left with enough toys for the entire town.

One day, James was walking around the town when he stumbled upon an old man who was sitting on the sidewalk. The old man was wearing torn clothes and looked tired. James looked at the old man and realized that he could use some help. He approached the old man and asked if he needed anything. The old man replied that he was hungry and hadn't eaten in days. However, James’ heart was not in helping the old man and instead was looking to post some pictures on social media for the sake of 'likes'. James said that he would be back in half an hour with food and a warm blanket. But James forgot all about the old man as soon as he entered the warmth of his home.

The next day, he passed by the same place, flaunting his warm clothes and richness. But when he arrived there, he realized that the old man had died. His young daughter was sitting there hugging him in the hope of her father coming back to life. James realized his mistake and had a change of heart, one full of the spirit of giving. James ran home looking for his mother and father so that they could whip up a cake, a batch of sweets and a warm pudding.

James' mother and father were surprised by his sudden change of heart but were happy to help him prepare the food. Together, they baked a large chocolate cake, made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and cooked a warm apple pudding. James then packed everything in a basket and headed back to where the old man's daughter was sitting.

He handed over the basket of food and sat with the daughter, so that she had someone with whom she could share her feelings. James felt sorry for her and promised her better supplies for a house, a basket full of food every day and some money. She felt cheerful and thanked the boy.

As James walked home, he realized that he had never felt so happy before. He felt good about himself for the first time in his life, and he couldn't wait to do more good deeds. Over the next few weeks, James worked tirelessly to help those in need. He visited sick children at the hospital and got them toys and games to play with. This was his best Christmas ever!

As James continued to do good deeds, he noticed that his peers started to take notice. They were impressed by his generosity and started to follow his example. James was happy to see that he could inspire others to be kind and giving. One day, as James was walking home from the hospital, he heard a loud noise coming from an alleyway.

It was a Christmas party that the neighbourhood had planned to celebrate with the people on the streets. James walked towards the noise and saw a group of people, some homeless, some poor, all together enjoying the festivities. There were lights, Christmas music, and food. A few amongst the crowd were wearing the clothes and playing with the toys that James had donated. Everyone was having a great time. James smiled and knew that he had played a part in making this happen.

By Alakshendrr Mupparty (V-B) (Co-authored with AI Dungeon)

Story 2: The Story of Enchanta Land

There was a place called Enchanta land , it was full of myth and magic . But one day an evil fire Queen named Crackle came there with her army of minions and set the castle on fire. Since then, she ruled the once beautiful land. I find myself standing at the edge of Enchanta land, staring at the charred remains of what used to be a beautiful castle. The sky overhead is dark and foreboding, as if reflecting the evil that now rules over this land.

As I make way to the outskirts of the kingdom, I saw a group of rebels looking at me intently from a distance. As I approach them, they tense up and draw their weapons. One of them steps forward and asks, "Who are you, and what is your business here?". " I am a traveller. I was drawn to the beauty of this land, but now feel sad to see it in its current state. I wonder, if I can help you?" I answered.

The rebels look at each other and then back at me. After a moment of tense silence, the one who spoke before nods and lowers his weapon. "We could use all the help we can get," he said. "We're the resistance against the Fire Queen Crackle, and we need all the allies we can muster." All geared up and excited for a new adventure, I replied, "I am definitely in. I know the history of this place as back in the days, I was forced by the Queen to work in the castle. Right now, I have a business to attend to and will be right back."

The rebels look at each other again, then nod in agreement. "We'll be here waiting," the same rebel says. "But be careful, my friend. The Queen's minions are everywhere. They won't hesitate to capture or kill you if they find out you're not with them." With that warning in mind, I leave Enchanta land and make way back to my hometown.

As I travel back, I can't help but think about the rebellion that is happening at Enchanta Land. I start to devise a plan on helping the rebels and possibly defeat the Fire Queen Crackle. Upon arriving at my hometown, I started gathering supplies and information about the Fire Queen and her army. After a few days of preparation, I travel back to Enchanta land.

This time, I take a different route to avoid being spotted by the Queen's minions. On my arrival, I saw the rebels, waiting for me. They greeted me warmly and expressed gratitude for returning. "Things have been getting worse," one of them said. "The Queen has been sending more troops to patrol the area. We need to strike soon before it becomes too difficult to mount an attack." I nod in agreement and ask if they have any intel on the Queen's movements or weaknesses. They share possible entry points to the castle and the location of the Queen's personal chamber. "I have decided to take you inside the castle through a trapdoor I know of, while working in the castle." I mentioned. The rebels look at each other, hesitant and asked. "Are you sure that's safe?" I understood their concern and assured them of their safety.

After a moment of consideration, the rebels agree to follow my lead. I lead the group to the trapdoor and carefully guided them into the castle's underground tunnels. We heard the sounds of the Queen's minions patrolling above the grounds. As we made our way deeper into the tunnels, we came across a room filled with supplies that the Queen has been hoarding. We took the supplies and continued on our way towards the Queen's chambers. Finally, we reached the armory and took all the powerful weapons of the Queen to fight the fierce battle .

We heard some voices after some time, as we approached the Queen's chambers, we sneaked in closely to listen intently to the ongoing conversation. We heard their plans for a massive attack on the rebels, which will take place soon. "We need to strike now, before its too late" one of the rebels said. We all agreed in unison. and marched forwards. As we moved, we saw heavily guarded gates by the Queen's minions. We attacked the guards and took them down without raising the alarm. I signalled the rebels to move forward into the Queen's chambers.

The Queen is sitting on her throne, surrounded by her most loyal minions. She looks up alarmed and demanded, "What do you want?" I step forward and said, "We want peace and freedom from your tyranny. The people of Enchanta land deserve better than to be ruled by a cruel and selfish Queen." The Queen laughed and said. "You think you can defeat me? I am the most powerful sorceress in all the land!" Without hesitation, we charged. A fierce battle ensued, with spells and weapons flying in all directions. I could feel the heat of the Queen's fire magic as she launched it towards me. I dodged it and strike back with your own magic and weapons. The rebels fought bravely alongside and took down the minions one by one.

Eventually, the Queen and I were the only ones left standing. After a death stare at each other, the Queen launched a massive fireball towards me, but I managed to deflect it with a well-timed shield spell. I retaliated by casting a freezing spell, causing the Queen to be temporarily frozen in place. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I strike again with my most powerful weapon.

With a final scream, the Queen fell to the ground, defeated. The rebels cheered and congratulated the team and me for the victory. I took a moment to catch my breath and surveyed the damage done to the chamber. The rebels started gathering the Queen's minions and tied them with enchanted ropes. "This is only the beginning" I declared. "We need to work together to rebuild Enchanta land and ensure that its people are safe and free." The rebels nodded in agreement and started working on making the plans for the future.

As we move towards the outer gate of the castle, we saw the clear sky and shining sun after a long time in the Enchanta land. In the next few months, we build on making the lands free and happy again with people co-existing and free from slavery and injustice. Slowly, the kingdom begins to thrive again. New homes are built, crops are planted, and trade routes are established. People start to feel safe again and express their gratitude. The people of Enchanta land continue to work hard and establish a strong army with rebels as their protectors. I thank the rebels and despite of their requests, decide to travel onwards towards the next adventure.


Voices in Harmony: Students Bring Stories to Life


"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Nipun and Vivaan of class V of Salwan Junior School, Naraina participated in the Scratch Mania competition held at New Era Public School, Mayapuri.
Praneet Singh of class IV A won a medal and trophy for being a promising player in the cricket match organized by a former INDIAN test cricket player Sanjeev Sharma.

Armaan of Class V A participated in the PNB Met Life Math Quiz Competition. He secured the first position and won a Gold medal.


"The key to to success is dedication to lifelong learning."

We will continue to bring together more holistic activities, cognitive projects and creative innovations for our readers to have a brief glance into the school with every edition of the SJS E-Newsletter: "The Junior Journal," after every month.