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Purdue University in Indianapolis

Purdue University celebrated its new urban extension in Indianapolis on Thursday (June 27), formally inaugurating Purdue University in Indianapolis. City and state leaders gathered with numerous attendees at Monument Circle to dedicate Purdue’s new Indianapolis extension.

Drineas named as next head of the Department of Computer Science

Professor Petros Drineas

Purdue University College of Science named Professor Petros Drineas as head of the Department of Computer Science, effective July 1, 2024. "As I step into the head role at Purdue CS, I am deeply honored to continue the legacy of excellence and innovation set forth by my predecessors. Our department takes great pride in its pivotal role in shaping the field of computer science since its inception,” said Drineas.

Bertino re-elected as Vice President of the ACM

Professor Elisa Bertino

Elisa Bertino, Samuel D. Conte Professor of Computer Science was re-elected as vice president for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Bertino served a previous two-year term from 2022-2024. She is an ACM Fellow, former ACM Secretary/Treasurer, and 2019–2020 ACM Athena Lecturer.

Zhang earns NSF CAREER award

Assistant Professor Tianyi Zhang

Assistant Professor Tianyi Zhang won a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for his proposed work titled, “Regularizing Large Language Models for Safe and Reliable Program Generation." His project aims to address the challenges associated with using Large Language Models (LLMs) for program generation and develop approaches to enhance the correctness, safety, and robustness of LLM-generated code.

Can science make it too costly for hackers to attempt to steal information?

Associate Professor Jeremiah Blocki

Associate Professor Jeremiah Blocki applies his work with passwords and secure systems to stem the ongoing tide of hackers by finding new and better ways to store information as securely as possible. Researchers take several angles to explore password security beyond the logon screen of your favorite website.

Cybersecurity program among the nation’s strongest, drawing best and brightest undergrads to careers in highly demanded field

With its strong demand and industry growth potential, students are drawn to our highly ranked computer science program specializing in cybersecurity.

“First and foremost, Purdue’s high ranking for cybersecurity underscores our commitment to excellence in educating the next generation of computer scientists. This leading position not only reflects the quality of education our students receive but also the caliber of research conducted by our faculty,” says Petros Drineas, professor and incoming head of Purdue’s Department of Computer Science.

Purdue's graduate programs continued their elevation in latest U.S. News & World Report rankings

The Gateway to the Future arch

“Purdue graduate students and faculty in master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs are among the best in the country,” Purdue President Mung Chiang said. “The latest graduate and research rankings reflect the success of our students and colleagues across multiple colleges as we continue to support scholarly excellence at scale.”

Purdue professor brings sci-fi robots to life

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science Sooyeon Jeong makes virtual assistants and social robots to help patients, and she says the robots have a few abilities that can aid their human counterparts in the field.

What is the best college in Indiana? See where your alma mater ranks

  • A recent study from SmartAsset revealed the best and highest-ranking colleges in Indiana based on five categories: tuition, student living costs, scholarship and grant offerings, student retention rate and starting salary for new graduates.

Purdue prof creates tool to address sinus surgery fail rate

  • Sinusitis plagues about 30 million U.S. adults, and their doctors often recommend sinus surgery to find relief, but the procedure is notoriously ineffective. A researcher at Purdue University in Indianapolis is sniffing out a solution by creating software—powered by artificial intelligence—that can predict who will and will not have a successful surgical outcome.

President Mung Chiang talks about launch of Purdue University Indianapolis

  • Purdue University in Indianapolis will officially launch in two weeks. Purdue President Mung Chiang told reporter Jane King from News 8’s “Daybreak” that it’s an exciting time not only for Boilermakers but also the business community.

Why All Students Must Learn Academic Research (And How It Helps Them)

  • A foundation in academic research is also important in strengthening the ability to discern between true and false information. In fact, a January 2024 study from Purdue University found that ChatGPT gave wrong answers 52% of the time.

PlaneEnglish Launches Updated ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator: Enhanced ATC Training Experience, Cross-Country Flight Simulation, and AI Integration

  • Headquartered at the Purdue Research Park, PlaneEnglish also offers customization options and enterprise licensing for flight schools and other institutions interested in using the software in group settings. Since its release in 2019, ARSim has been downloaded by over 600,000 users and is a training partner to the United States Air Force.


As student interest in computing-related majors and the societal impact of artificial intelligence and chips continues to rise rapidly, Purdue University has launched a new major initiative, Purdue Computes, consisting of four dimensions that will connect faculty and students from across the institution and enable the university to advance to the forefront with unparalleled excellence at scale.


As the Department of Computer Science celebrates its founding 60 years ago as the first in America, it will add 50 new faculty over the next five years, continue to grow its undergraduate and graduate programs, and look toward a continued upward trajectory with the target of becoming one of the top 10 computer science programs in the U.S. by the end of the decade.


Purdue will focus on establishing itself as a leader in strategic areas of artificial intelligence at the intersection between the virtual and the physical, leveraging strengths in agricultural data, neuromorphic computing, deepfake detection, smart transportation data, AI-based manufacturing and other programs existing and new across the institution. The planned new university-wide institute will add 50 affiliated faculty over the next five years.


Building on national recognition of its semiconductor degrees program, Purdue will further enhance our economic and workforce development pipeline and become a global epicenter of semiconductors research, learning and industry partnership with a planned $100 million upgrade to semiconductor facilities over the next few years and growth in education, research and industry partnerships.


Purdue University is a thriving hub for quantum research and development. Purdue’s community of interdisciplinary quantum researchers focus on advancing quantum science and engineering to create future technologies that will transform our lives, economy and our world.


Your support for the Data Science building renovation will give Data Science students and faculty an exciting hub in which to collaborate and conduct research and will ensure that Purdue remains at the forefront of this rapidly changing field that impacts all aspects of life.

Contact James Parker at japarker@purdueforlife.org or at 765-496-3525 to learn how you can support this project.

Take Your giant leap. leave your legacy in the Hall of Data Science

The future renovation of the new Hall of Data Science is an exciting giant leap for our students—and presents exciting opportunities for Boilermakers like you."

Envisioning inviting spaces to gather, study, and collaborate, we are thrilled to introduce the Data Science Locker Campaign. By making a gift of $1,000 to support the Hall of Data Science, you will have the opportunity to leave a permanent legacy for you or a loved one on a locker.

We invite you to take a giant leap with us and support this exciting initiative. Your gift will help to create a welcoming and secure environment for our students, and you will have the opportunity to be a part of the legacy of the Hall of Data Science.

For so many of us here at the College of Science, myself included, the new Hall of Data Science is truly a dream come true." - Lucy Flesch, Frederick L. Hovde Dean, College of Science


Announcing our next giant leap: a new extension of our flagship campus bringing the academic rigor and accessible excellence we’re known for to central Indiana.

Fueling a transformational growth, Purdue University’s first comprehensive urban campus will offer unique opportunities for Boilermaker students and faculty. We will expand enrollment. We will build startups. We will create new knowledge. We will connect talents and industry. We will maximize Indy’s unique strengths such as sports and biomedical technology. Purdue campuses now bookend the Hard Tech Corridor: 65 miles connecting Indy and West Lafayette with LEAP Innovation District at the midpoint. We will generate talents, jobs and innovation together in America’s heartland!"

Mung Chiang, President, Purdue University

Science at Purdue University in Indianapolis

Essential understandings of science and lifelong critical thinking skills are developed at Purdue University in Indianapolis’s College of Science. Computational, math and data sciences form the foundation for innovation and thoroughly prepare graduates for careers in dynamic and rapidly changing environments.

Science Majors

Computer Science - Join a legacy of innovation in both advancing scientific research and creating industry applications by learning computing fundamentals.

Artificial Intelligence - Explore the link among cognitive psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence — and investigate AI ethics — for a holistic understanding of how to build and understand systems.

Data Science - Discover the intersection of computer science and statistics in a field that uses quantitative and analytical methods to help provide insights and form predictions based on big data.

Nikhil Anand Dhoka, a Purdue computer science and mathematics student in Indianapolis, is set up for success at the intersection of technology and finance. Learn more about his plan.
Sarah Papabathini, a Purdue AI student in Indianapolis, is making a difference in her community every day as a DREAM Alive mentor, an Indy 500 Festival princess, academic researcher and volunteer.

ACM MoBisys 2024

The 22nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services. ACM MobiSys 2024 seeks to present innovative and significant research on the design, implementation, usage, and evaluation of mobile computing and wireless systems, applications, and services. This conference builds on the success of the previous nineteen ACM MobiSys conferences. It is sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE.

Automated Detection of Cryptographic Inconsistencies in Android’s Keymaster Implementations | Abdullah Imran (Purdue University), Antonio Bianchi (Purdue University)

CVPR 2024

The IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

Imprint: Generative object compositing by learning identity-preserving representation | Yizhi Song, Zhifei Zhang, Zhe Lin, Scott Cohen, Brian Price, Jianming Zhang, Soo Ye Kim, He Zhang, Wei Xiong, Daniel Aliaga

SVDTree: Semantic Voxel Diffusion for Single Image Tree Reconstruction | Yuan Li, Zhihao Liu, Bedrich Benes, Xiaopeng Zhang, Jianwei Guo

SfmCAD: Unsupervised CAD Reconstruction by Learning Sketch-based Feature Modeling Operations | Pu Li, Jianwei Guo, Huibin Li, Bedrich Benes, Dong-Ming Yan

Dr. Bokeh: DiffeRentiable Occlusion-aware Bokeh Rendering | Yichen Sheng, Zixun Yu, Lu Ling, Zhiwen Cao, Xuaner Zhang, Xin Lu, Ke Xian, Haiting Lin, Bedrich Benes

LAESI: Leaf Area Estimation with Synthetic Imagery | Jacek Kałużny, Yannik Schreckenberg, Karol Cyganik, Peter Annighöfer, Soren Pirk, Dominik Michels, Mikolaj Cieslak, Farhah Assaad, Bedrich Benes, Wojtek Palubicki

Quantifying Uncertainty in Motion Prediction with Variational Bayesian Mixture | Juanwu Lu, Can Cui, Yunsheng Ma, Aniket Bera, Ziran Wang

Lampilot: An open benchmark dataset for autonomous driving with language model programs | Yunsheng Ma, Can Cui, Xu Cao, Wenqian Ye, Peiran Liu, Juanwu Lu, Amr Abdelraouf, Rohit Gupta, Kyungtae Han, Aniket Bera, James M. Rehg, Ziran Wang

Speech2UnifiedExpressions: Synchronous Synthesis of Co-Speech Affective Face and Body Expressions from Affordable Inputs | Uttaran Bhattacharya, Aniket Bera, Dinesh Manocha (In collaboration with Adobe Research)

Making Vision Transformers Truly Shift-Equivariant | Renan A. Rojas-Gomez, Teck-Yian Lim, Minh N. Do, Raymond A. Yeh

Alpha Invariance: On Inverse Scaling Between Distance and Volume Density in a Neural Radiance Field | Joshua Ahn, Haochen Wang, Raymond A. Yeh, Greg Shakhnarovich

Towards Safer AI Content Creation by Immunizing Text-to-image Models, AI for Content Creation Workshop @ CVPR 2024 (best paper runner-up) | Amber Yijia Zheng, Raymond A. Yeh

AmbiGen: Generating Ambigrams from Pre-trained Diffusion Model, Workshop on Graphic Design Understanding and Generation | Boheng Zhao, Rana Hanocka, Raymond A. Yeh




In the field of computer science, there is a sustained and significant increase in demand for our academic programs. We are thrilled to announce that, once again, we have surpassed our previous records for freshman admission applications, with the total exceeding 11,000. At the start of fall classes, 889 freshman students joined our previous classes for more than 3,000 undergraduates.

This year, freshman women students represent 22% of the undergraduate population and women are 23% among all undergraduate students.



Our graduate population has exploded with 538 MS and PhD students for the 2022-23 academic year. This represents a 26% increase in growth from the previous year.

Purdue Computer Science graduate students work in any of the 14 research areas in the department.

Purdue Computer Science offers the traditional PhD and master's degree programs in addition to a professional master's degree in information security.