on the rise: An atlanta falcons long-form Video Series


On the Rise: Season 3 is a long-form video series that takes an exclusive look at The Atlanta Falcons football team as they navigate through key moments such as Free Agency, the NFL Draft, Training Camp and the regular season all in the span of the year 2023. Featuring exclusive interviews and insight on the team from the players, coaches, staff and even expert analysts, audiences are provided several fresh perspectives on the team that steps on the field on Sundays over the course of the NFL season.


With an all-access approach, On the Rise gives fans a closer look at the team and the work being put into the product on the field. With a relentless goal to build a strong and informed fanbase, this series provides the best insight into the current state of the team and seeks to create a passionate fanbase that extends beyond simple viewership of the games on Sunday. By using press conferences, creative cinematography, mic'd up player moments, and in-house sit-down interviews with players and coaches, On the Rise tells the story of the team from about as close of a point of view as you can get: from the team itself.


To provide this type of access for the fans it takes a strong effort from the Digital, Communications, and Football departments. Every gameday we have at least three cameras (for home games it can be up to seven cameras) capturing highlights and mic'd up moments during an Atlanta Falcons game. While it is critical to capture the game action, it is also important for our video team to capture small moments between every snap of football to tell the story that is not always the most obvious. In order to capture the energy in the stadium and the adversity on the field it takes a keen eye and an awareness of the team itself. Every week we sit with players to interview them on moments in the game and get insight into the mindset of the team. By additionally pulling moments from player mic'd ups and press conferences to give multiple points-of-view, our team of editors tries to build out the story in an organic and creative way. The strong cinematography and detailed storyline-centric video editing is what sets this series apart from other content.


  • Jenny Ross (Shooter/Editor)
  • Mark Whittingham (Shooter/Editor)
  • Dimitris Griffin (Editor)
  • Taylor Vismor (Editor)
  • Austin Hittel (Shooter)
  • Emily Pritchard (Shooter)
  • Stephen Jackson Jr. (Shooter)
  • Matt Haley (Communications)
  • John Deighton (Communications)
  • David Bassity (Communications)


Whether it's being the first to sit down with a Free Agent after they sign a contract, or being present in the Draft room while our General Manager is on the phone with the eighth overall pick, running back Bijan Robinson, there is so much to see in Season 3 of On the Rise.

Atlanta Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot in the Draft Room in Season 3 Episode 2 of On the Rise.



What does it take to make the 53-man roster? Players battle it out on the field during Training Camp and preseason to show they have what it takes to be an Atlanta Falcon. With a lot of anticipation leading up to the NFL regular season, hear from the players, coaches, staff, and NFL experts looking from the outside in to see what goes into to building this team.

Wide Receiver Frank Darby celebrates a touchdown in 2023 AT&T Training Camp in Season 3, Episode 3 of On the Rise.


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