The Corner Shop. By Cerys Hudd

This is one of our entries for The Stag x LitSoc Creative Writing Competition. Cerys entered two brilliant pieces: first up, the paradoxical storefront of The Corner Shop.

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A sore thumb, an eye sore;

call me what you want.

Nobody gets past my

paradoxical storefront.

Gazing from the street

a blur of furrowed brows.

My mere existence is

a mix of rouse and drowse.

You leave bad reviews,

yet you’ve never stepped inside.

Rather judge my difference from

a distance;

a difference you wish I hide.

Take a closer look;

I bet you still can’t figure me out.

Your rules are too simple but

it’s me you project your doubt.

You try to shut me down,

berate me day after day.

In hopes I go bankrupt.

In hopes I fade away.

Well you can count your pennies

and you can count your pounds.

I’m a human being;

my worth has no bounds.

I’m a glitch in society;

too much and too little.

You try to confine me,

but your boxes are too brittle.

I chose to exist

beyond your limitations.

No matter what we’ve been told

for generations and generations.