Monday Messenger Week of December 4th-8th

Week of December 4th-8th

Respect Agreement of the 6 Weeks: Intentional Appreciation

This new six weeks we are focusing on the respect agreement of "Intentional Appreciation" which is appreciating people on purpose! Think about the graphic below: How can you just appreciate your kids while they are playing, whether it is playing a sport or playing at home? Just appreciating THEM, not the status of the play?

Holiday Ideas to Do at Home: Kindness Advent Calendar!

Each day as you countdown to Christmas, you and your family could do a kind act together! I love how this list is already made for you!

December Parenting Book of the Month:

Happenings Around Hill:

It is Inclusive Schools Week! This week we are celebrating ALL of our learners and making sure each kiddo feels loved, valued and believed in for exactly who they are. Whatever special gifts, unique talents, special ways they learn, or where they come from we want to make sure they feel honored and loved! Below are some lessons our teachers have done so far this week!

Inclusive Schools Week Facebook Read a Loud: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM!

Join me as I read Unbound on Wednesday!

Upcoming Dates!

  • December 5th: 3rd and 4th grade Choir Concert @ 6:30
  • December 7th: AHS Show Choir Performances during 5th and 6th grade lunches
  • December 8th: Hill Spelling Bee
  • December 8th: 4th-6th Grade Orchestra Concert from Bailey JH
  • December 15th: Longoria and Stevens out in New York for the Cahn Fellowship (December Coffee with the Principal will NOT be happening this month due to this)
  • December 18th: Polar Express Day!
  • December 19th: Holiday Sing A Long @ 2:00 PM School Wide
  • December 20th: Holidays Around the World
  • December 21st: Winter Parties and Early Dismissal @ 12:10
  • December 22nd-January 8th: Winter Break

Holiday Spirit Days!

Save the Date: Common Sense Parenting Classes Coming in January!

I AM a Mountain Mover!

  • Harvey Moore: Every day, without being asked, Harvey puts up all the chairs. Thank you Harvey!
  • Jayden Pinero: Jayden was a big leader this week, showing a new student around and introducing the student to the teachers. He was so kind and inclusive and made the student feel welcomed and like the belong here! What this recognition is about!
  • Josie Patrick: Out of the kindness of her heart, Josie helped clean up the cafeteria tables Tuesday morning after breakfast. She noticed wrappers on the tables and on the floor. She picked them up and threw them in the trash. Small things can move mountains, everyone! I appreciate you, Josie!!!
  • Blake, Jace, Noah and Christian G: These boys saw a need to pull the weeds out around Mrs. Stelwagen’s memorial tree. Some have also pledged to water it each day with their water bottles so it can thrive.

Let's Shout Our Teachers/Staff Out!

We want to shout out our staff this year again! Let us know below WHO you want to recognize and why! I will make sure the staff member knows about it AND I will include it in our weekly newsletter!

Sam Spam! My ALMOST Two Year Old is enjoying the holidays SO much!

PTA Link! Click Here for ALL THINGS PTA!:;!!JAk4zjHbagF5!pFPkS9_TAbFFCmqjOFtKrQQO6nX3LkaIHlPX-Tb9UNu8jyfdEsYi2o-8Cke2zDKPuPE-nUDpEZbDCh4$

Grade Level Choir Concerts for the Year:

  • December 5th: 3rd and 4th Grade Grade Level Choir Performance @ 6:30 @ Hill
  • April 25th: 1st and 2nd Grade Grade Level Choir Performance @ 6:30 @ Hill
  • May 9th: Kindergarten Grade Level Choir Performance @ 6:30 @ Hill

If you need to re-apply for Free and Reduced Lunch, please do so below with the link!

Attendance Shout Outs/Raffles will continue in 23-24!

Let's keep coming to school on time! Beginning this week at 8:15 I will do attendance raffles! I will get on the loud speaker and randomly select 5-10 kids and if they are at school in class, they will get to come to the office for prizes! Our campus wide goal is 95.1% attendance rate or higher. It's COOL to come to SCHOOL!

Beginning and End Times and Drop Off and Pick Up:

  • Doors open at 7:50 AM and learners may go eat breakfast or walk straight to class
  • The Tardy Bell rings at 8:15 AM. PLEASE have them here prior 8:15!
  • We dismiss at 3:35 PM. Kindergarten will wait inside the front foyer until they hear their learner being called over the walkie talkie and then help their child walk out front to either their parent who walks up or help put them in their car. 1st-4th grade will dismiss out the front doors. 5-6 grade will dismiss from the back of Hill and walk around to either the park if they are a walker or front of the school if they are a car rider. PK will dismiss from the PK POD, same as last year. LOTS of our learners walk to the park or walk home. All other learners will walk out the front of the school with their teacher and we will call your name through the drive thru lane. We will then walk each learner to their car! We are ONLY on duty at the park until 3:50. PLEASE SUPERVISE your learner after 3:50. Mr. Baylor and myself deal with a LOT of park drama (LOL) so your supervision is highly important after 3:50.

Attendance/Tardy Policy for 23-24 SY:

You can click below to see the entire 23-24 Attendance Plan, but here are the big rocks:

No checking out early after 3:00 PM each day. If there is an emergency, a doctor's note will be required the following day or when your learner returns to school.

  • More than 5 absences or 5 tardies: a letter will be sent home
  • More than 9 absences: a parent/family meeting will be required with myself, counselor or AP. Family Meetings with learners who have more than 9 absences and tardies. We will jointly create an attendance plan to monitor and track attendance and ensure that learners are in school, present, and not missing more than 8% of their entire school year.
  • Reinforcements such as 6 weeks attendance parties/lunches for learners who have perfect attendance
  • Raffles every 4 weeks with learners who have been present every day at school
  • 6 weeks GL parties for the GL with the highest attendance to date.

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