Underground Artists to look forward to Isaac Casanova

I will be writing about current artists in my rotation with my personal favorites on this list being Lazer and Jaydes I believe they all deserve more recognition. These are all artists that are gaining fame very fast and they all deserve it.

Lazer Dim 700

Lazer Dim 700 is a rapper out of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Lazer found inspiration in another rapper named glokk40spaz but with a more unique approach. Lazer has a very different voice and flow mixed with his outgoing personality. As he comes from a less fortunate background all his music is recorded only using an iPhone and headphones. When you look at it like that it's imposing how far he’s made it off of just those items. Starting in 2024 he's gained the recognition he deserves after all the work he’s put in since 2018.


Jaydes is easily the most versatile artist in the underground scene right now. People often refer to him as “the Giveon of the Underground” because of his excellent vocals. Jaydes is a music artist but also a producer of his own and others' music. When listening to him you can get music ranging anywhere from rap to RnB to indie and beyond that. The music Jaydes makes is usually small songs but no matter how short they are, they portray how talented he is. Jaydes started music at 14 and now at 18, his music is reaching the right audience.


OsamaSon is such an entertaining rapper. The complex beats he raps over along with his different voice. You can tell from his songs he has taken lots of inspiration from the popular rap label "Opium". The similarities between sound is the main reason OsamaSon seems to be growing so fast because the timing in how "Opium" is shining right now their audience wants to find others sounding the same way. Though Amari Middleton from Goose Creek is not the most honest rapper in the underground he is definitely one of the most entertaining and fastest growing.

Rich Amiri

Rich Amiri is a very new rapper. He is quite diverse but after finding his ideal sound for him he sticks to it. When you listen to Amiri you can see a resemblance in his voice between him and mainstream rapper Future. Rich Amiri is by far one of the fastest-growing artists this year dropping back-to-back hits like "Ain't Nothing" straight to "One Call" with both reaching crazy numbers immediately. Amiri's talent got him signed and popular very fast and it is well deserved.