Joining us at Ingoldsby Academy Some helpful information and guidance

Welcome to Ingoldsby Academy. We want your children's transition to our setting to be as smooth as possible so have put together some information to help you understand how things work. You can also find lots of information, policies and advice on the school website.


Your source of information and communication will be our app MCAS (My Child at School). Mrs Mawby in the office will get you started. An email will be sent to you to activate your account, you will then be able to enter all your childs details including personal, medical and contact details. Using this app you can also book your child's meals for the term, sign up to clubs and book and pay for wraparound care.

If your child is joining Red Kites (Early Years) then we also use Tapestry to share learning moments with you and for your to share with us. It is important to sign up in order to receive information about your child and appointments for parent meetings which are held more frequently in reception year.

Medicines at school - Please complete the form below if your child require medicine to be administered in school. Please note we need to have the medicine in the original box with the expiry date and a completed form before we are able to administer.


Uniform can be purchased from nationwide uniform.

Parent Meetings

In Early Years we have termly meetings when your child is the focus child for our staff in their observations and targeted planning.

On the first day of each term Falcons, Kestrels and Buzzards hold class meetings at 3 pm to tell you about the upcoming learning.


We offer a range of clubs at Ingoldsby. These need to be booked onto at the beginning of a term and are available from when a child is ready to take on an extra challenge or may have an age group specified. While clubs are free, we ask that pupils want to join the club and commit to taking part. If you require childcare, we have our wraparound available to book separately.

As above, clubs are booked at the beginning of term through the MCAS app.


We offer a breakfast club 8.00 am - 8.40 am and after school 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm except Fridays which is until 4.30 pm. We are a tiny school with limited staffing and do not make a profit on our wraparound so sessions must be booked and paid for in advance or we cannot guarantee that staff will be available on the day.

Again, these are booked and paid for through the MCAS app.

The school day

The gate opens for EYFS (Red Kites) at 8.40 am and registration is at 8.50 am.

Main school playground opens at 8.30 am and pupils go to class from 8.40 am. Registration is also 8.50 am.

Red Kite pupils should be collected at 3.20 pm from the classroom door. All other pupils lessons finish lessons at 3.20 and should be collected from the gate to the car park. A walkway is set out from the main road. Please do not use the staff car park.


Please park on the road at pick up and drop off times. If you have a prior arrangement with the Principal for example if you hold a blue badge, the far side of the car park may be used but arriving early (before 8.25 am or 3.15 pm 4.20 pm) and waiting until pupils and parents have left (after 8.55 am/ 3.35 pm/ 4.45 pm) to exit the car park is a condition for it's use.

How we manage behaviour

Our policy is available in full on our website.

Our predictable and calm approach helps pupils to feel safe, know what is expected and where the boundaries are. We want to create a lovely, calm environment where all pupils can thrive. We aim to support all pupils with a calm voice and demeanour, with respect and with fairness.

Staff use consistent strategies including:

  • Positive framing
  • Signal, pause insist,
  • 123 eyes on me
  • Partner talk
  • My Turn Your Turn
  • The team stop signal.
  • Active listening

We focus on positive reinforcement and rewards which are plentiful through our house system and rewards assemblies every Friday but also aim to be consistent in our response to unwanted behaviour whilst taking account of age and developmental stage.

We give staff options so that we can be both consistent but fair in each individual situation.

If you are finding behaviours difficult at home, speak to your child's class teacher and we will do our best to support/ signpost you to advice/ services.


Arrival after 8.50 am is classed as late. The gate is only staffed up until this time, after which you must arrive at the office to sign your child into school.

We know that pupils with higher attendance do better academically and socially so we aim for all pupils to have attendance over 96% where possible. We understand that illness is part of life but like to keep you informed of your child's attendance should it start to drop. You will be notified if attendance is dropping below 93% and letters will be sent with an offer of support if attendance is below 90% (persistent absence threshold). I would like to emphasise that we are here to support and listen to any barriers to attendance.

We cannot authorise holidays except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. a funeral). Fines are issued by Lincolnshire county council.

We promote an ethos of mutual respect:


We have a friendly PTFA who are always looking for new members!

The last day of every term is a non-uniform day with donations made to support the school.