CCY Connect april edition 2024


As I’m writing this, I’m studying the book of Judges in chapter 6, where Gideon is called to defeat the Midianite army. I’m struck by verses 25 and 26. In it, God assigns Gideon the task of tearing down his family’s altar to the false gods Baal and Asherah. And not only was Gideon to tear down the altar to false gods, but he was also to take one of his father’s valuable bulls for the sacrifice and present it where all could see on top of a hill. We can’t help but realize this was a huge assignment from the Lord to Gideon. Gideon had to begin trusting God and trusting Him in his hometown before he could even think about facing the enemy on the battlefield. Gideon had had a big day already to say the least, just read verses 1-24 if you’re unfamiliar. Gideon was still afraid and lacked confidence. God assigned him this task literally right in his own backyard!

So, I have a question: how good are we at following through with tasks in our own backyard? By backyard, I mean the backyard of our church family and community. I once read that ‘before God gives His servants great victories before men, He sometimes prepares them by giving them smaller victories at home.’ Before God gave the victory to David when he killed Goliath before men, God gave David the victory of killing a lion and a bear to protect his sheep, 1 Samuel 17:32-37. I’m sure this gave David great courage and confidence. And just like David, Gideon needed courage and confidence as well.

If you happen to feel the need of courage and confidence to serve but don’t know how, CCY has great opportunities. It can be in public eye with others by serving in Christ’s Closet once a month or coming in and sorting clothes in private or with a few friends. One ministry I’m partial to is the Christ’s Crew ministry I lead that supports the widows in our church such as ladies giving them rides to church, doctor’s appointments, etc. or men helping with small home maintenance projects. Another need is the Greeting ministry on Sunday mornings which is so important especially when we greet first time visitors because it’s the first impression of our church body.

So, before I end, I must close with the continuation of Gideon’s assignment. In verse 27 it says Gideon “did as the Lord told him.” Gideon did it, but he did it afraid. Something to think about, pray about, and let God lead you.

Typically, when you think about the negative consequences of “The Fall of Man” we think about how Eve made it so that women now go through the pains of childbirth, or how sin and darkness feel like a looming part of this earth. But how often do we think about one of the most consuming parts of today’s life as being a consequence of the choices made way back when? If you guessed that I am going in the direction of mental illness, then you would be correct.

Did you know that mental illness affects more than 50 million Americans, or that Oklahoma is ranked the fifth highest in percentage of people affected? Within the United States, Anxiety takes the lead with an outstanding 19.1% (basically 1 in 5 people), and leaves Major Depressive Disorder taking second place as the most preset mental illness. However, these numbers don’t include those of us who are affected by these but are not at a diagnosable level. Depression at a basic level has a much higher statistic, with about 21 million people living with depression symptoms.

So, what does this tell us? Knowing that it is such a prevalent issue in today’s world and knowing that ultimately these mental disorders stem from The Fall, this tells us that there are examples that we can look to within the Bible to help see how God used others even with their “imperfections”.

Today I want to look at the example that Elijah gives us in his struggle with anxiety and depression. In 1 Kings 19 we read about how Jezebel threatened to have Elijah killed and, in his fear, he isolated himself and ran away. He went without food, water, sleep or company, and as he sat down under the safety of a tree, he “prayed that he might die.” He prayed “I have had enough, Lord. Take my life, for I am no better than my ancestors,” then he laid down and fell asleep (1 Kings 19:4). Have you ever found yourself just crying and sobbing because you feel like such a failure? Like the world would be better off without you? Have you ever felt so worthless or hopeless and without any confidence that things might get better? I believe that is how Elijah felt as he cried himself to sleep under that tree.

One day he was having a “mountaintop experience” where everything was amazing and then the next, he’s alone, hungry, thirsty, and praying for death. Unfortunately, many of us will face this same situation where we come back from a conference, or a vacation, or a work trip that went better than we could have ever hoped, and then next day we find ourselves collapsed and with depressed feelings that we can’t explain. Fortunately, we have a God that loves us. In Elijah’s case, God sent an angel and provided, food and water and a safe place to rest. Later in the chapter, God also provides Elijah with a companion in Elisha. Rather than letting Elijah stay in that depressed and anxious state of mind, God provided him with what he needed and then gently encouraged him to continue along in his ministry.

So, what do we learn from Elijah’s example? For those that are going through depression, we learn that isolation will only make things harder. We learn that God is in the gentle whisper (1 Kings 19: 11-12), and we learn that He will help guide us out of the darkness that is consuming our minds. We learn that even with our struggles our ministry can continue, and God can still use us. And we learn that we are never alone.

For those who know someone who struggles with depression, we have just seen an example of HALT symptoms. HALT stands for Hunger, Anger (usually a cover for fear or sadness), Loneliness, and Tiredness. When someone is deeply struggling in these areas, they are at a greater risk for falling into a depressed state. So, we ask questions and identify where they are fighting most. Have they skipped a few meals? Where is their anger directed, is there something deeper that they fear or are troubled by? Are they isolating themselves? Have they been sleeping? Once you ask some questions and figure out where they are struggling, you can step in and help as the angel did for Elijah.

Our common phrase is “let me know if you need anything” but often someone in this state of mind will not ask for help because they don’t want to burden you. So instead, show up to their house with a meal. Take them out for coffee to sit and listen without judgment as they explain their sorrows. Take them on an adventure with you if you know they’re home alone. Go take their kids to the nearest park so they can rest for a few hours. We know God is working, but we need to be working too.

God will provide a way out of the darkness, but if we have an option to help be the light, take the opportunity.

The CCY Women’s Ministry is hosting a Diaper Drive to support families in need within our community, and we need your help! Diapers are a basic necessity for infants and toddlers, but they can be a significant expense for many families. Let's come together to make a difference and show our love and support.

What's Needed?

All sizes of diapers and baby wipes are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Whether you can donate a pack or a box, every little bit helps. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a tangible impact in the lives of families right here in our community.

How to Participate:

  • Bring your unopened packs of diapers and baby wipes to the church and drop them off in the Gathering area’s designated spot.
  • Spread the word! Share this post with friends and family who might want to contribute.

Together, we can ensure that all babies have a clean, fresh start. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Let's show our community the love and care that embodies CCY


We're feeling incredibly grateful and blessed as we reflect on the joy and togetherness of this Easter season. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated, contributed, and shared in the celebrations with us.



Christ’s Closet will be open on Saturday, April 6th from 11 to 2 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for those in need to come and find what they might need. We also encourage anyone who can, to spread the word to friends, family, or neighbors who might benefit from this. Additionally, if you're looking for a way to give back, we welcome you to join us as a volunteer during these hours.


After our worship service on Sunday April 7th, please join us for the Senior Connections Potluck. It's a wonderful opportunity to share a meal and engage in meaningful conversation. Kathy Stanka will be leading a discussion on an important topic: "Guiding Your Children with Their Inheritance." It promises to be insightful and inspiring. Don't forget to bring a dish to share. Let's nurture our community spirit through food and fellowship.


Dive deep into the heart of living as God's people in a world that falls short of the promised perfect kingdom of God. Led by Clay and Jennifer Parrett, our new Sunday class offers an engaging study based on Kyle Idleman's renowned series on The Book of 1 Peter, available through RightNow Media. Sunday's at 9:30 am in the Library at CCY.


Join us for a special time of fellowship and brainstorming at Terry’s house on April 13th, 2024, at 12 PM.

We’ll enjoy delicious Indian Tacos and refreshing beverages as we gather to discuss and explore new ideas for 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, share, and inspire each other in our faith journey.

  • 📅 Date: April 13th, 2024
  • 🕛 Time: 12 PM
  • 📍 Location: Terry's House: 2001 N Shell Creek rd Yukon OK

Bring your ideas, your appetite, and your heart for ministry. We can’t wait to see what amazing plans we can create together for the year ahead!

Please RSVP so we can prepare accordingly.


Are You Ready To Take Your Next Step? Join us at Christ's Church of Yukon for our "Next Level" class, a welcoming space designed for individuals like you who are ready to learn and connect more fully with our CCY community. Whether you're new to CCY or have been attending for a while and are looking to engage more deeply, this class is your doorway to understanding more about our church, exploring your faith, and discovering how you can contribute to our community.

What to Expect:

  • Informal & Welcoming Atmosphere: Designed to make everyone feel at home.
  • Connect: Meet fellow attendees and form meaningful relationships.
  • Learn: About the values, vision, and missions that drive CCY.
  • Discover: The various ministries and how you can get involved.
  • Grow: In your personal spiritual journey and understand your next steps in faith.


  • Location: Christ's Church of Yukon, 620 W Vandament Ave, Yukon, OK 7309
  • Date & Time: Sunday, April 21st after service. Lunch will be served and childcare is available.

This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, meet leaders and members of our church, and find out how you can make a difference in our community. Our church is committed to introducing people to Jesus, connecting them with other Christians, helping them grow in their faith, discover their purpose, and honor God with their life. If this resonates with you, the Next Level class is where you need to be!


CCY's Annual Chili Cook-Off & Dessert Auction Extravaganza! Get ready for an evening filled with delicious chili, mouthwatering desserts, and fantastic community spirit at Christ's Church of Yukon's much-anticipated Annual Chili Cook-Off! This year, we're adding a sweet twist with a Dessert Auction, guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

  • 📅 Date: Wednesday, April 24th
  • ⏰ Time: 6:00 PM
  • 📍 Location: Christ's Church of Yukon (CCY)
  • 🎯 Goal: Help us cross the finish line for our CIY goal! We're just $1,300 away!

Here's What's Cooking:

  • Chili Cook-Off: Whether you're a chili connoisseur or a first-timer, we need your best pot of chili! Compete for the title of CCY's Chili Champion and enjoy tasting a variety of flavors from our talented community.
  • Dessert Auction: Prepare to bid on an array of delectable desserts. From classic pies to extravagant cakes, your sweet tooth will thank you. All proceeds go directly to supporting our students' CIY goal.
  • Fundraising Twist: Every spoonful of chili and every slice of cake brings us closer to our fundraising goal. Help make a difference for our students with your generosity.

Be a Part of the Fun:

  • Cookers Needed: We're calling all chili and dessert enthusiasts to showcase their cooking talents. Sign up to bring your best dish and be a part of the friendly competition.
  • Volunteers Welcome: Join our team of volunteers to help make this event a success. There's a role for everyone!
  • Support Our Students: Your participation and donations will help us meet our CIY goal, supporting our students in an unforgettable experience that helps them grow in their faith and community involvement.

Don't miss out on this flavorful and fun event! Bring your appetite, your competitive spirit, and your heart for giving. Let's come together to support our students and enjoy a fantastic community event.


Ladies, bring your daughters, grand daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends! Join us for a special afternoon of tea, treats, and heartfelt fellowship as we celebrate the bond we share not just with each other, but with a love that transcends all – the love of our Lord.

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." - Romans 8:38-39

Let us gather together to reflect on this unbreakable love, share stories, and uplift one another in faith and friendship.

  • Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024
  • Time: 11:30 am
  • Location: CCY South building

Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 24th to by clicking the button below.


We are excited to announce that the CCY Parent's Day Out program will be returning this summer! From June 11th through July 30th, we welcome children aged 15 months to 6 years to join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM to 2 PM for a time of fun, learning, and spiritual growth. This ministry is a wonderful opportunity for parents to have a day to themselves while their children are cared for in a safe, nurturing, and faith-filled environment. We believe it can be a great blessing not only to our church members but also to our surrounding community. We ask you to think about the families you know who could benefit from this program. Whether they are looking for a few hours of rest, need to run errands, or simply wish for their child to have a meaningful social experience, our Parent's Day Out could be the answer to their prayers. Please help us spread the word about this special ministry. Share this information with friends, family, and neighbors. For more details, including how to register, please visit our website at




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