City Council Strategic Plan Vision: The safe, affordable, connected hometown for all.

Council chose three primary Focus Areas:

  • Municipal Services
  • Economic Development
  • Quality of Life

Metrics for each of these performance areas are under development. You may view what is currently available below, and we will add to each section as data becomes available.

Municipal Services

Municipal Services performance areas as defined by City Council are:

  • Provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable services
  • Modernize infrastructure and maintain historical assets
  • Attract, develop, and retain quality staff
  • Increase transparency and community feedback
Electric Department Reliability Data
The six feeders that serve Baldwin City are depicted on the map above. Use the button below for an interactive Google map.

Economic Development Performance Areas:

  • Attract and retain businesses and residents
  • Increase tourism and exposure
  • Revenue growth

Quality of life performance areas include:

  • Foster a family-oriented experience
  • Support residents' physical, mental, financial, and social quality of life
  • Connected City

Survey Results Released

In the fall of 2023, City Council worked with the ETC Institute to develop and execute a community satisfaction survey to aid with understanding community needs and in order to bring in performance data for some of the areas above. Results of the survey are now available. Click here for a summary, and here for the full report, or watch the video below for highlights.