Today’s diplomats are called upon to navigate a highly interconnected, fast-paced landscape.

They need to be nimble – to understand and respond to trends in technology, business, climate, and security, and to build effective partnerships with the private sector.

They need to be global – to operate with influence and leadership in a multilateral environment.

And they need to be creative – to envision new possibilities and build pathways that provide solutions to highly complex problems.

This is where The Fletcher School at Tufts University excels.

Building on decades of experience training diplomats and high-level leaders in our degree programs, we are delighted to offer the Fletcher Executive Training in Diplomacy, a tailored immersion designed for public figures to recalibrate their diplomatic playbook for the 21st century.

Our flexible in-person, virtual, and hybrid programs are built with these goals in mind:

Build analytical problem-solving skills and essential competencies.

Participants emerge with the skills to navigate international contexts and exert influence in a multilateral arena, mastering current best practices in negotiation, communication, and leadership.

Gain a research-based understanding of challenges and opportunities.

This fosters the confidence to cross many critical areas of strategy and policy – including business, technology, climate, security, and human rights – and fortifies learners' dexterity to pivot with unpredictable change and work effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Design strategy and policy at the intersection of today’s most critical issues.

Apply a global, multi-sector method proven to be effective at social, economic, geopolitical, and multilateral levels.

WE ACCOMPLISH THIS THROUGH A three-pronged approach.


Fletcher's Diplomatic Toolkit provides strategies for negotiation and risk mitigation which are essential when navigating today's most intricate conversations. Through highly-specialized coursework handcrafted by our expert faculty, develop your team's mastery of communication and leadership so that they may collaborate across cultures.

LEARNING global perspectives

Gain a research-based understanding of the challenges and opportunities across many critical areas of international strategy and policy – including business, technology, climate, security, and human rights – building the dexterity to pivot with unpredictable change and work effectively with diverse stakeholders.


All Executive Trainings include a six- to ten-hour team-based learning component in which delegates work together to apply new insights and skills to address a problem in their direct line of work. Projects, approaches, and deliverables can be tailored to the strategic goals of the training.

what does An immersive program look like?

We tailor programs to our partners' needs and deliver coursework designed to fit in-person, virtual, and hybrid schedules ranging from three days to four months in length.

Our most popular format is a five-day immersion, however we are also craft learning experiences to your preferred duration.

recent partnerships

Our team partnered with the following cohorts in recent years: Ministry of External Affairs, Republic of India; Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador; Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines; Tavitian Scholars Program, Government of Armenia.

What participants have said

It’s very important for senior executives to get outside of our work environment and come together to discuss something that’s common to everyone, which is the future of the next generation. The program was able to paint a realistic picture of what’s going on in the world. It gives us a sense of optimism because it’s not too late, and we can do something about climate change. Working with academic institutions and think tanks, I think it’s crucial that we do this and continue to learn in the future.”

Fletcher Executive Training offers a global vantage point for high-level diplomats to gain analytical dexterity, analyze new developments, practice leadership skills, and collaborate on addressing the key policy challenges facing their constituency.

We look forward to helping your cohort achieve its learning goals, and welcome the opportunity to continue this conversation. Email annika.sanzone@tufts.edu to get started.

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