Mission Updates June, 2024

Praise God for the work He is doing through Eddie & Barbie Broussard, global missionaries with The Navigators!

Eddie serves as an International Vice President, helping to set the focus and direction of the entire worldwide organization. He also specifically ministers to the leaders of Eurasia, a vast area that includes Russian, Ukraine, and Central Asia. Many of these areas are tightly controlled by atheist, secular, or Muslim authorities.

Eddie & Barbie also encourage students from around the world as they come to Glen Eyrie in the summer for an intensive leadership program. Many of these student leaders go on to spearhead mission works in their countries.

Praises & Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God for several recent trips to encourage leaders from Eurasia! Pray for the leaders to return to their often-difficult areas of ministry with new focus and strength.
  • Pray for the Global Student Initiative, which is training student leaders in Colorado Springs right now. Ask God to give Eddie & Barbie clear insight on how to encourage the students. Pray for God to draw the students closer to Him and to give them vision and purpose for the lives He is calling them to lead. "And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ..." Phillipians 1:9,10
  • Pray for Eddie as he enters another season of planning for leadership meetings and conferences - for strength and a clear message.
Needed - Spanish Teacher!

As we prepare for Mission Trips to Juarez, Mexico (details coming soon!), we'd love to put together some basic Spanish lessons! Email kellyb@cwccs.org if you're interested in teaching these!

Carlos & Yolanda Casco continue to teach Inductive Bible Study Seminars and Marriage Classes all over Latin America. Last year, they also began pastoring the local church.

Now the church has outgrown its location! Over 60 people now meet in a house more suitable for 45. Please pray for provision! They have found a beautiful house that can hold a sanctuary for 100 people, plus classrooms and room to grow. The little church has raised $30,000 but will need more to purchase the land.

Mathare Valley Slum - Nairobi, Kenya

Mathare Worship Centre serves Mathare Valley Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. A month ago, the small, trash-filled river flooded due to heavy rains, displacing many from their tin shack homes. Then the Kenyan government decided to raze all homes and businesses near the river. Together, this has displaced tens of thousands of people who lived in the slum because they could not afford to live anywhere else.

Mathare Worship Centre Pastor Steve Kariithi reports, "...hundreds of houses have been demolished, (tens of thousands) of people displaced, community assets such as schools, training centres and community halls that served as spaces that improve life are gone. Small scale businesses and investments that total up to millions have been wiped out of the economy of some of the poorest. Many will not be able to recover from this because they are too old, others because this is all they knew and they have not been equipped for anything else.”

Praise God for the presence of Mathare Worship Centre, a light in a very dark place at a very dark time! Because the church owns their own land and is no longer renting, they will not be displaced as many others are. 

Prayer Requests:

  • For the families of Mathare Worship Centre and Hope's Promise Kuza Program, which gives aid to orphaned children in Mathare Valley. Several of the families have lost their homes and all are affected by the widespread devastation around them.
  • Pray for Hope's Promise plans to expand the Kuza program of relative-based care into Gatete. Praise God for the successful drilling of a borehole for a well.

We praise God that Matt & Noelle Harris continue to train pastors in Northern Uganda!

Churches in Uganda tend to be plagued by shallow teaching and moral failings. Many Christians step out zealously to start churches but do not have the theological understanding and moral character to be successful.

God has used a recent graduate of the pastors' school, Bismark, to reverse the tide with Calvary Chapel Ogili. Bismark and his wife Concy worked hard buying cattle for 5 years, saving their money while evangelizing and discipling the people around them. Last year they sold 5 of the cows to make a down payment on 2 acres of land. Bismark and his wife then cleared the land and built a church building.

Calvary Chapel Ogili was planted next to a large refugee camp. They hold multilingual services to minister to those who have fled to Uganda for safety. Bismark and Concy have also opened a nursery school to minister to the refugees and help support the church financially.

Praise & Prayer:

  • Praise God for Matt & Noelle's faithfulness in teaching Bismark and Concy. Praise God for Bismark and Concy as they also seek to teach "faithful men (and women) who will teach others." 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Pray for Calvary Chapel Ogili - for God to continue to add "to their number daily those who are being saved," (Acts 2:47) and for God's blessings on the people as they follow Him.
CWC Missions

Thank you for praying for our CWC missionaries! If you would like to be more involved in sending or encouraging our missionaries, please contact us at kellyb@cwccs.org.