~ Messages of Solidarity and Well-Wishes from Temple Tikvah's Youth to All Who are Suffering in Israel ~

We at Temple Tikvah stand in solidarity with the State of Israel and all of its residents. We mourn the lives lost, and we pray for healing of the wounded. We pray too for those defending Israel and for the safe redemption of the captured. May an end to the violence and bloodshed come quickly...Rabbi Randy Sheinberg

May we see days of peace soon...And we say: AMEN

May the One who makes peace in the high heavens make peace for us and all Israel ~

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• NOVEMBER’S THEME: What is Jewish About Gratitude?

Are you a skilled practitioner of gratitude...Do you choose gratitude ~ Do you practice gratitude ~ Do you learn how to be grateful for the partial? (pjlibrary.org)

Gratitude is an important part of Judaism and is the foundation of who Jews are as people of the thank-you. Jewish sources say that true gratitude requires an honest accounting of what you do have, which will allow you to acknowledge the blessings which are a part of your life. Jewish teachings on gratitude are attempts to cultivate a sense of gratitude to God, and to nurture gratitude in human relationships. Gratitude regulates the daily existence and cycle of life in Judaism. (judaismyourway.org; reformjudaism.org; psycnet.apa.org; and jewishquest.org)

rabbi randy sheinberg

I Need to Get Back to The Gym

  • With the busy beginning of this year - the high holiday season, an extended visit from out-of-town family, and of course the war breaking out in Israel - my routine has been disrupted. I have found it hard to make the time, or even have the desire to get back to doing what I know is so good for me - getting back to the gym.
  • You may be wondering what going to the gym has to do with the theme of this month’s Tikvah Times - which is gratitude. Here’s my response: gratitude is a muscle. Just like your abs or your lats, gratitude needs to be flexed, stretched, and used in order to be strong and robust. Although it is good for us to practice gratitude, we don’t always do so - to our own detriment.
  • Fortunately, Judaism is a veritable gratitude gym. It offers us many opportunities to develop our gratitude muscle. Every morning, for some of us immediately upon awakening, we are invited to recite this prayer: Modah ani lifanecha, Melech chai v’kayam, shehechezarta bi nishmati b’chemla, rabba emunatekha...I give thanks to you, Ever-living God, that you have returned my soul to me, how great is your faithfulness...Every morning we are invited to wake up to the miracle that we so easily take for granted - we are alive.
  • Exercises at the gratitude gym continue with the daily blessings for the “Nissim B’chol yom,” the everyday miracles that we encounter throughout our day. These include the ability to open our eyes, to walk upright, to live in freedom, to use our intellect and discernment - and many more. Our prayer gratitude workout concludes with the Hoda’ah blessing at the end of the Amidah. This blessing, traditionally recited three times a day, reminds us that it is appropriate to thank God; the source of goodness, for all the blessings in our lives. Rather than naming what those blessings are, the prayer simply reminds us that we are not the ultimate source of all the goodness that comes our way, and that we should appreciate the grace we are granted.
  • Our ability to appreciate and be grateful for our blessings are not strengthened only during communal prayer. Judaism also issues us a gratitude goal: we are invited to recite one hundred blessings a day. To find one hundred opportunities to say blessings means that we must constantly be on the lookout for the wonders in our life - the unexpected rainbow, meeting up with an old friend, learning a new piece of Torah. Indeed, the English word ‘gratitude’ is summed up by its Hebrew equivalent, hakarat hatov, which literally means ‘recognizing the good’. The more we look for opportunities to be grateful, the more we find.
  • I will admit that when I first thought about the topic of gratitude this year, I wondered - how can we talk about being thankful when there is so much suffering in the world, and especially in our beloved Israel?
  • I do need to get back to an exercise routine. I find that the hardest part of exercising is not the workout. No matter how high I set the resistance on the machine, actually doing the workout is easy compared with making the choice to get out of bed and get myself to the gym.
  • So too with gratitude. In the midst of all the sorrow and suffering that the news brings us, being grateful is a choice. It doesn’t change the bad news. But without exercising that gratitude muscle, we run the risk of sinking into despair. To keep up our own hopes, to enable us to do any meaningful work in the world, we need to get back to that gym.

What are you grateful for? Let’s practice and work that muscle, together.

Temple President - lisa lupo

Let’s Nurture Our Relationships with One Another Through Dialogue and Respect

  • Last week I took a ride to Monsey to visit an ultra-orthodox cousin. I dutifully donned a long skirt and elbow covering top so as not to embarrass her when we went out to lunch. We generally have a lot to talk about when we get together, but outside of genealogy – always a big topic of conversation – we often hit stumbling blocks, and agree to disagree.
  • While I avoided discussing what would likely be a big bone of contention – mainly the orthodox not serving in the IDF – I discovered we did agree on a lot of issues. While initially voting for President Biden’s predecessor, she now recognizes his flaws and agrees that if the former president would get re-elected it would not be good for the country. She believes, like me, that women should control their own bodies. And with all its internal strife, we both strongly believe that Israel must continue to exist as an independent democratic Jewish state.
  • When I think about ultra-orthodox Jews, I often lump them together as one group. However, in reality, the real hardliners who want all of Israel to conform to their rigid rules, are but a very vocal minority with excessive power for their numbers. I believe that most ultra-orthodox are more moderate and willing to work with all Jews for the betterment of the Jewish state and Jews everywhere...My recent visit to Monsey reaffirmed this view.
  • November is a month we traditionally focus on gratitude. Even in these troubling times there is much to be grateful for ~ Now and always, I am grateful to be a Jew. ~ I am grateful that most Jews worldwide, regardless of their political differences have banded together in support of Israel. ~ I am grateful that Israel is a civil country that follows democratic norms and principles, and am proud of how they conduct themselves in wartime. ~ Closer to home, I am grateful for the overwhelming support President Biden and our government has shown to Israel. ~ I am grateful to our local police for their support of our Jewish communities. ~ I am grateful to belong to a strong Jewish community who support each other in good times and bad. ~ I am grateful to have Rabbi Sheinberg as our spiritual leader. Her strength and compassion, comfort and guide me.
  • Speaking of Rabbi Sheinberg, all are invited to join us at 10:30am on Saturday, November 18th for a special Shabbat Service honoring her 20 years of service to Temple Tikvah! Please do not forget to RSVP if you plan to stay for the light lunch following the service so we can order the proper amount of food. The LINK to RSVP is in the flyer above my column.

I would like to end my column with words from Rabbi Rick Jacobs, URJ President, spoken shortly after Hamas invaded Israel:

A week ago, our love of Israel led us to protest the weakening of Israel's judiciary. Today, we stand together for its safety, proclaiming that we will not be silent when Israel is suffering unspeakable pain......Our hearts break for each victim of the brutality and violence in Israel as the number of those killed and injured continues to rise. We pray for the safety of those serving in the IDF, those who remain in the path of rocket fire, and for the safe return of those being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. At the same time, we are pained by the loss of life and the suffering of innocent civilians in Gaza and we pray that humanitarian assistance can find its way to them soon......May we all find comfort, compassion, and strength in the days and weeks ahead.


We've all got a life to live...We've all got a gift to give...Just open your heart and let it out

Education Director


Let Us Instill in Our Youth the Language They Need to Understand That Their Actions Have an Impact on Others...“D’var Torah” by Sharon L Wechter / reformjudaism.org

  • During October we began our studies of B’tzelem Elohim (ways of behaving in the image of God).
  • Why b’tzelem Elohim? The underpinning of the Jewish value system is the notion that humans were created in God’s image...b’tzelem Elohim. This unit explores how we can honor the image of God in ourselves, recognize it in others, and how this concept affects how we behave in the world. The goal is to keep our consciousness of b’tzelem Elohim always available to influence our behavior and actions even as it enhances our self-image and dignity.
  • We also held our first Book Club Special. Students in Grades 6/7 are reading, The Boy in The Striped Pajamas; Grades 4/5 are reading, Number the Stars; and Grades 2/3 are reading, Hidden. When we planned Holocaust themed books, little did I know how relevant the stories would be to the present situation in Israel.
  • On November 1st there will be a Pre-Bet Mitzvah Meeting for our 5th and 7th grade classes. Please mark your calendars.
  • As a reminder, we turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time on November 4th.
  • While there is no scheduled Religious School on November 12th, we have organized an optional trip the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side. If you have not already done so, please let me know ASAP if you plan to attend. It is a wonderful and fun way to learn about Jewish life in New York in the early 20th century.
  • Mazel Tov to the Weisser Family on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son Aaron on December 1st!
  • On a final note, I want to wish Cheryl Stern well as she pursues other opportunities. We have unfortunately had to cancel youth activities planned for October; however we are working on a revised schedule for the year.

I wish everyone a Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, friends, good food, and gratefulness for all that we have.



Jewish Gratitude

  • It is very easy to find fault with just about anything and then complain about it; but if we do that and look in the mirror, we will see an angry and unhappy face. On the other hand, if we rejoice in what we have, a smile will find its way on to our appearance and we will feel it spread throughout our body, putting a bounce in our step. Jewish Gratitude is being grateful to God for what we have, rather than envious of what we do not have. Try it and then teach the lesson to your Tikvah Tots. Sometimes it’s not easy being four years old and having to use the safety scissors and to go to bed early, while mommy and daddy get to use the grownup scissors and stay up late; so you have to show the Tots why they should be happy.
  • One way to make them feel grateful is to give of yourself. Let them realize that they have the best mommy and daddy in the whole wide world. Then tell them that you have the best son/daughter that anyone could want. If you play with them, soon their safety scissors and going to bed on time should be more acceptable. It’s much more fun doing things with mommy and daddy, than it is doing just about anything else.
  • Finally, the best way to teach is by example. If you tell them “thank you” for being so special, they will see that gratitude brings happiness. And make sure that they hear you say to them and to your friends, “Thank you,” “I really appreciate what you are doing for me,” “It is so great having you as my friend.”

Gratitude is contagious...Give your Tikvah Tots a chance to catch it and say, “Thank you God for all that You have given us.”


let's become skilled practitioners of practicing the attitude of gratitude


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November Traditionally Reminds Us What is Jewish about Gratitude

  • The month of Kislev, November on the Gregorian Calendar has become the month of giving as a way for us to express our gratitude to our faith, traditions, and to one another. Although Judaism has endured its share of challenges as a religion, culture, and community, its traditions and teachings promote gratitude. It is too easy, Jewish sources say, to fall back on the simple route of being dissatisfied with life and focusing on what you lack...Woven into thousands of years of Jewish thought is the overriding idea that taking time to recognize what you have is one of the uniquely beneficial rituals we can undertake. (Hanan Harchol and Robbin Leora Kaye)
  • So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year please think about what you are grateful for and what you can give back to our community. A wonderful way to promote this would be to learn about, donate or volunteer at a food shelter, distribution/rescue center, food pantry or soup kitchen. Before, during or after you sit down to enjoy your feast this year, please remember those in need: World-wide = 345 million people are facing acute levels of food insecurity this year alone (wfp.org) and on Long Island alone there are 221K, which includes 66K children who need to daily decide between food, shelter, and utilities (licares.og).
  • I am proud that Temple Tikvah collects and donates nonperishable foods all-year round to the Sid Jacobson JCC Food Bank! Please go to their website by clicking on the LINK below to see specifically what the needs of our community are and please consider giving what you can.
  • Brotherhood News: On Tuesday, November 14th from 4:00pm - 8:00pm we will be having our Annual Fundraiser at Panera’s in Mineola. Please see the flyer below or the Weekly Update for more information.; On Black Friday, Friday the 24th Brotherhood will be distributing free challah to its members as a thank you for your membership.; and Look for information in upcoming Weekly Updates for a Brotherhood Dinner at a local restaurant, also for members-only to gather together to schmooze.

Until next month ~ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world...Anne Frank




  • *As I sit to write this, Israel is at war and I am having a difficult time feeling and thinking about gratitude. I am feeling depressed, worried, and mournful. But after a check-in with family living in Israel, there is gratitude that all are safe, as well as gratitude to the creators of the Iron Dome that is playing such a major part in keeping them safe. I am grateful to those called up to fight terrorists and I am thankful to those who have reached out to me, concerned about my Israeli family. I am thankful to those who provide the breaks from the news and worrying, which is a mental health necessity in this time. And I am especially thankful for the worldwide support coming to Israel.
  • The Jewish community may be spread out worldwide, yet it is unified and connected in many ways. In the past week, unity has been noticeable with different parts of the community putting aside disagreements and coming together to serve, help, pray, show support, and to assist Israel and our Israeli part of the community. Am Yisrael Chai!
  • We have heard the phrase now oft repeated, “It takes a village.” Sisterhood is one of the villages within our Temple community. I am very thankful to the members of Sisterhood that work to keep our service to the Temple and our programs going. So much goes on behind the scenes, and they do it so smoothly that often the hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated...I would like to thank Sisterhood and all those who help Sisterhood to do so much: those that order and deliver Oneg cakes; keep our kitchen supplied; plan and run activities and fundraisers; arrange for bimah flowers; simcha greetings; help fund some of Temple security guards; reach out to those who are ill or mourning or to share in celebrations; supporting our religious school, students, and Bet Mitzvah; to those that organize various holiday events such as our Purim card and women’s seder to our Sisterhood Shabbat; who walk for breast cancer and MS; and more...A big thank you to our officers and board members who give time and effort; whether grappling with budgets, membership lists, minutes, and the overall leadership that is necessary to keep an organization functioning well for so many years...Thank you to those who do their jobs, and then volunteer to help others to do theirs...And it is done with love, caring, and a smile...Thank you!

Nurturing and recognizing gratitude as a community is an essential component of our faith.

Social Action


Giving Back to Our Environment Has Its Challenges, Yet We Mustn’t Become Complacent

  • On Saturday, October 14th - Life Long Learning and Social Action held a joint Lunch and Learn to explore ways to reduce the quantity of single use plastics we spew out into the environment from our homes and institutions. We met at a time of grief and shock, only a week after the brutal Hamas attack on Israel. Yet we were also able to share Rabbi Sheinberg’s eloquently expressed feelings of gratitude for the strength of our enduring community and our ability to come together to plan meaningful action on critical environmental issues at such a time.
  • At the Lunch and Learn, we watched a 15 minute film which asked, “Is Recycling Still Worth It Anymore?”. Click on the LINK below to watch or re-watch this short film the gives us much food for thought.
  • After viewing the film, we discussed the issues in small groups and reported back on our suggestions. We had many questions that will need to be investigated as we move forward. While it is very clear that much of the plastic we toss into recycling bins is not actually recycled, the details are confusing and vary from community to community.
  • For our lunch - we used regular, washable dishes, glasses, cups, and cutlery. This is also being done at Sisterhood and other Temple events. However, as Rabbi Sheinberg pointed out, we have no Temple Policy regarding single use plastics at our functions. One of our first actions this year will be to draft a policy that Lisa Lupo will take to the Board for consideration.
  • We welcome your input! Please send your ideas about reducing single use plastic in our Temple and homes to socialaction@templetikvah.org by clicking on the LINK below.
  • Thank you to all who donated to our very successful Fall Food Drive on behalf of the Sid Jacobson JCC Food Bank! We thank Lynn Beber for organizing and coordinating the drive, and the volunteers who delivered and helped shelve the items on October 24th!!

Please join us at our next meeting on Sunday, November 12th.

lifelong learning


Knowledge Will Bring You the Opportunity to Make a Difference...Claire Fagan

  • We wake up every morning – and we are grateful for that most basic of blessings. As Jews, our gratitude extends to the peace and comfort of our homes and communities, something we have not always had in our rich and often fateful past. (Or, unfortunately, as experienced by others in the world at this very moment.)
  • One thing that Jews have also been grateful for is the ability and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and expanding our thoughtfulness through engagement with others and their ideas. Just think about reading a short passage in the Torah and finding countless commentaries written across hundreds of years – and then finding yourself developing your own thoughts on the matter.* We don’t long for an imaginary golden era of the past, but instead we open ourselves up to a future of engaging new ideas, new people, and new inspiration. THAT IS THE GOAL OF TEMPLE TIKVAH’S LIFELONG LEARNING EFFORT!
  • On October 14th, Lifelong Learning was happy to co-sponsor a program where we could “think globally and act locally” on important climate issues affecting our lives. The program asked, “Is Recycling Still Worth It?” Attendees (at the synagogue and on ZOOM) learned some uncomfortable truths about the recycling efforts that many of us participate in, mostly about the pervasiveness of plastic waste and how much of it eludes recycling efforts. However, we also learned about things we can do to meet the challenge, from supporting new proposed federal legislation about plastic pollution to the choices we make every day in our local supermarkets. Look for more about this as the Temple itself takes on the challenge of reducing plastic waste in our own joyful celebrations.
  • *Join Temple Tikvah’s Torah Study Group and you too can learn, question, and create your own commentary on the Five Books of Moses. Led by Rabbi Sheinberg, the group has begun a new cycle of Torah reading, starting with the Book of Genesis. Torah Study occurs each Saturday, usually beginning at 9:30am and lasting about an hour-ish. Join the group via the ZOOM LINK found in the Weekly Update. About once a month, the group meets both via ZOOM and in-person at Temple Tikvah. Why come to an in-person meeting? Two reasons: 1) Find out more about your fellow scholars. 2) Eat some delicious bagels. The next combined In-Person/ZOOM Torah Study is on Saturday, November 4th; for those In-Person/ZOOM Sessions we typically begin at 9:00am. However it would be advisable to always check the Weekly Update or call the office to double check. Try to join us find out why the Torah is the tree of life.
  • Looking ahead...On Saturday, December 16th we will have best-selling novelist Steven Griffel talk about what it is like to be a Jewish-American writer in the 21st Century. A native of the Bronx and now a pickleball-playing Queens resident, Steve has published six novels. Each, in its own way, deals with people experiencing both familiar and unique choices, trying to enrich their lives, while confronting the influence of their upbringing, their reluctance to move on, and their Jewishness. His novels are often humorous and are filled with sparkling dialogue, including his latest, Left on Main Street. You can find all his novels on Amazon, on Kindle or in trade paperback editions. More information about the December 16th program will follow.

Until next month...


temple book club
  • REMEMBER TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS: * The Temple Book Club will next meet on Monday, November 13th at 7:30pm to review The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb. (“When I opened Brendan Slocumb’s debut novel, The Violin Artist, I was immediately transported to a place I’d never been, surrounded by characters I’d never met. In the crowded world of fiction, that’s no small accomplishment....Slocumb has orchestrated an engaging and suspenseful story about an aspiring musician and his great-great-grandfather’s violin....The Violin Conspiracy is so beautifully written, especially its descriptions of music, that at times I questioned whether I was reading or listening to a concert....Slocumb is equally adept at suspense, whether he’s conveying the ticktock of the main mystery or the heart-pounding, fist-clenching realities Ray has to face as a young Black man in America. This novel, will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page....” - The Washington Post

*PLEASE NOTE: The Afternoon & Evening Book Clubs have merged to one meeting per month. The meetings will be the second Monday of each month. The ZOOM LINK will be in the Weekly Update and will be the same LINK for the entire year.

temple writing group

Next meeting is on Tuesday, November 7th at 7:30pm ~

HAKARAT HATOV - הַכָּרַת הַטּוֹב

with gratitude


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* november 2023 calendar


  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1st - AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH BEGINS / Bet Mitzvah Orientation for Grades 5 & 7 at 5:45pm and Choir Rehearsal at 7:00pm
  • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd - On the Marc Sports Talk with Marc Gold at 4:00pm
  • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd - Family Shabbat Services at 7:00pm (Shabbat Candles Lit at 5:32pm)
  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th - *Torah Study Plus / In-Person & On ZOOM (Time and LINK in the Weekly Update)
  • SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS / Kol Simkha Choir Rehearsal at 9:00am & Religious School at 9:30am
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th - Cardio, Core and More! with Lori on ZOOM from 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7th - ELECTION DAY / Sisterhood Board Meeting at 7:00pm; Sisterhood General Meeting at 7:30pm; and Writing Group Meeting at 7:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th Choir Rehearsal at 7:00pm
  • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th - Wise Aging at 11:00am & On the Marc Sports Talk with Marc Gold at 4:00pm
  • FRDAY, NOVEMBER 10th - Joint Shabbat Service in the Irving Roth Holocaust Resource Center at Temple Judea Commemorating Kristallnacht at 7:30pm (Shabbat Candles Lit at 4:21pm)
  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th - VETERANS DAY / *Torah Study on ZOOM ONLY at 9:30am
  • SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12th - Religious School Trip to Tenement Museum
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13th - Cardio, Core and More! with Lori on ZOOM from 5:00pm to 6:00pm; Brotherhood Meeting at 7:30pm; and Book Club Meeting at 7:30pm
  • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14th - Brotherhood Panera Fundraiser in Mineola at 4:30pm
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15th - Choir Rehearsal at 7:00pm
  • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th - On the Marc Sports Talk at 4:00pm with Marc Gold
  • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th - Shabbat Services with Choir at 7:30pm (Shabbat Candles Lit at 4:18pm)
  • SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19th - Kol Simkha Choir Rehearsal at 9:00am; Religious School at 9:30am; Religious School Committee Meeting at 9:45am; Tikvah Tots Gratitude Event; and Kol Simkha Choir will Perform at the Bristol at 1:30pm
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20th - Cardio, Core and More! with Lori on ZOOM from 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21st - On the Marc Sports Talk with Marc Gold at 4:00pm & Interfaith Service at 6:00pm (tentative)
  • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24th Shabbat Service with Choir at 7:30pm (Shabbat Candles Lit at 4:14pm)
  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25th - *Torah Study on ZOOM ONLY at 9:00am
  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27th - Cardio, Core and More! with Lori on ZOOM from 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29th - Choir Rehearsal at 7:00pm
  • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30th - On the Marc Sports Talk at 4:00pm with Marc Gold




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