Samuel C. Rhodes, Ph.D. Political Scientist

About Me

​​I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Moravian University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I teach courses on American politics, government and law.

My research centers on political communication and political behavior in the United States. I am especially interested in the role that political misinformation (i.e., “fake news”) plays in the American political system. I also examine the effects of unlimited and undisclosed donations (i.e., "dark money") in American elections.

Selected Publications

Rhodes, Samuel C. 2022. "Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers and Fake News: How Social Media Conditions Individuals to be Less Critical of Political Misinformation." Political Communication 39(1): 1-22.

Rhodes, Samuel C., Michael M. Franz, Erika Franklin Fowler and Travis N. Ridout. 2019. "The Role of Dark Money Disclosure on Candidate Evaluations and Viability." Election Law Journal 18(2): 175-190.

Lorenzano, Kyle J., Miles J. P. Sari, Colin H. Storm, Samuel C. Rhodes and Porismita Borah. 2018. "Challenges for an SNS-based Public Sphere in 2016." Online Information Review 42(7): 1106-1123.

​​Prior to beginning my graduate studies, I worked for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Maine State Legislature.

I obtained my Ph.D. in political science from Washington State University in 2019 and my B.A. in political science from Shippensburg University in 2010.

​​​​I am a national park enthusiast and love to travel to new states and countries. As a devotee of government, I am attempting to visit every state capitol building in the United States.