2023 Community Involvement Rivermark Community Credit Union

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the past 12 months and the impact we’ve had on our communities together through Rivermark Community Credit Union’s annual Community Impact Report.

Our focus in 2023 continued to be in four main areas of need: housing security, children’s wellbeing, food insecurity, and financial wellness. Through these pillars, we were able to make great strides in helping foster community growth and support, but we recognize there is always work to be done. Going into 2024, we’re committed to continue supporting our communities through our time, dollars, and energy.

The impact we have on our community wouldn’t be possible without the support, donations, and commitment of our partners, members, and staff. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for helping us make our community a better place to live in and thrive.

Housing Security

Rivermark Community Fund Golf Tournament

The Rivermark Community Fund hosted its 6th annual charity golf tournament on Friday, August 21st, 2023. The day was filled with golf, laughter, games, and charitable giving. This was our most successful tournament with more than $70,000 raised to support equitable and affordable housing in our community.

"This amazing event has done great things by raising money for causes our community cares about. It may be hot; it may be a long day but I have so much fun being a part of something bigger." - Josh, Mortgage Servicing Administrator

Community Roots Collaborative

Our partnership with Community Roots Collaborative (C-Roots) began in 2022 and we’ve continued to foster a great relationship with the organization over the last few years. C-Roots is a non-profit organization aimed at creating stable and affordable housing using tiny home communities and on-site wrap around services. Their holistic approach to empowering residents to break the cycle of homelessness and regain their independence is the driving force behind C-Roots’ efforts. Throughout 2023, we partnered with C-Roots in several ways to support different needs and events.

2023 Grant to C-Roots

The Rivermark Community Fund directed its 2023 annual grant of $25,000 – an increase of $5,000 from previous years – to C-Roots. This donation specifically will support building out of the kitchen and communal area of their second complex of tiny homes on O-street in Vancouver, WA. "This is our second grant to C-Roots and we look forward to continuing our partnership, as their mission aligns with our values. Not only does C-Roots directly support our Funds’ mission to affordable housing, but their wrap around service vision addresses the underlying issues around housing." -Seth Schaefer, Rivermark's President/CEO

Spring Fest Gardening Event at C-Roots

When Spring 2023 rolled around, there was an ask by C-Roots to help clear out weeds, prepare beds for crops, and create walkable paths throughout the community to allow members better access. So, in May our team got together to do just that. With 10 volunteers from Rivermark, we were able to get everything on the list done and then some! Shelley from C-Roots added “We couldn’t be happier to have Rivermark here with us. The work they provided and the help they’ve given this community will make a big difference for our residents.”

C-Roots Ground-Breaking Event

In May, C-Roots hosted their breaking ground event for the second location of tiny home communities in Vancouver, WA. The grounds will include 7-8 brand new tiny homes and 12 oxford-style rooms that will provide residence for up to 38 adults and children. Like their first location, this one will include wrap-around services. Rivermark was also given the honor of having a plaque in the main living quarters as well as one at our Fruit Valley branch to showcase our ongoing partnership.

C-Roots Breakfast Event

In July, Rivermark attended a breakfast fundraiser hosted by C-Roots. At the live auction, Rivermark donated over $1,000 to support their ongoing community efforts. We also had the opportunity to speak about our partnership and hear success stories of those who have lived in C-Roots’ tiny home communities. After the fundraiser, Rivermark and other guests, along with Washington Governor Jay Inslee, toured one of the homes and generously gave time visiting with residents, local media, community volunteers, as well as public and private sponsors of C-Roots.

Hacienda CDC Latino Home Fair

Every year Hacienda CDC brings together trusted businesses and organizations to help first-time homebuyers on their path to homeownership and this year, we were invited to participate. This event is a fountain of information for the Latino, African American, and Asian communities as it allows for vital information surrounding grants, down payment assistance, financial literacy classes, and much more to be shared. We had a team of volunteers at the event in June helping potential homeowners navigate the complicated and exciting path to homeownership.

Children's Wellbeing

With Love Oregon

Rivermark has partnered with With Love Oregon for several volunteering events and drives this year. With Love Oregon is an organization that is dedicated to foster families and foster children ages 0-6 by providing resources needed to support those in need. In February, twelve Rivermark employees spent three hours at the With Love facility in Tigard to help them sort through clothing that had been donated by the community. It was a great opportunity for our team to see firsthand the impact With Love has on our community and their constant dedication to protecting some of our most vulnerable groups.

Then in May, Rivermark alongside With Love Oregon held a sock drive at each of our branch locations. With members, employees, and community partners alike, we collected and delivered just over 300 pairs of socks to With Love Oregon.

“We were really impressed with how well organized and dedicated to the community With Love is. We look forward to working with them again in 2024.” – Rob, Hawthorne Branch Manager

Diaper Drive

Since 2019, PDX Diaper Bank and Rivermark have teamed up to support their mission in providing no cost diapering supplies to low-income and houseless families through community agency partnerships. In May, our branches held a Diaper Drive in collaboration with PDX Diaper Bank. Together we collected $700 in donations, over 600 diapers, and Rivermark personally donated $1,000 at PDX Diaper Bank's gala event that same month.

"This partnership came about during my time on maternity leave and maneuvering through different postpartum supporting organizations. It's organizations like PDX Diaper Bank that really help support new parents, low income families, and those from historically marginalized communities with little resources. Thank you PDX Diaper Bank for trusting us to be a sponsor." - Cristian, Hollywood Assistant Branch Manager


Rivermark has a long-standing partnership with Credit Uniosn for Kids (CU4Kids) - a nonprofit collaboration of credit unions and business partners from across the country. Over the course of 2023, we attended several events and were involved in numerous donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) through CU4Kids.

Donation to Doernbecher

In June, Rivermark collaborated with other credit unions in the area to pledge $5 million to Doernbecher Children's Hospital through CU4Kids. This donation went toward creating a new hybrid operating suite at the hospital. It allowed the expansion of innovative, life-saving pediatric cardiac care in the region, and will be essential for patients across the region experiencing high-levels of trauma and the rarest types of disease.

"This philanthropic investment will dramatically elevate the quality and safety of cardiac care for Doernbecher patients. Credit Unions for Kids has had a long history of serving families in our community and we're thrilled to be able to make this significant investment in the health of these children." -Seth Schaefer, President and CEO at Rivermark

Benefit at GoWest Maxx Event

In October 2023, Rivermark leaders attended the annual GoWest Credit Union Association MAXX Convention, wherein together, we raised $1.2 million for 11 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals during the "Totally Awesome CU4Kids Auction & 80's Prom Bash." Not only did our team have a totally tubular time at the convention, but they were able to leave feeling good about the support for our community they provided.

School Supply Drive With The NextDoor

The School Supply Drive was a partnership with The NextDoor Inc. to collect school supplies for a special program they have throughout the month of August. The cornerstone program, Klahre House Alternative School, provides educational instruction and treatment services for youth in our foster care program. Together, we collected about 150 items to donate.

Fam Jam Sponsoring

Over the summer, our Hawthorne branch partnered with All City to provide an all-age weekly block party in their parking lot. Fam Jam provides a safe place for kids and adults to gather every week with food, drinks, and a huge outdoor skatepark! Run by local nonprofit Dream Big City, they also had ping pong, basketball, and artsy activities for those who don't skate, bike, or rollerblade. Rivermark employees were also there several times throughout the summer handing out sunglasses and water bottles. We even auctioned off a skateboard.

"I love attending Fam Jam and seeing the vibrant community that the folks at Dream Big City have built. They have created an amazing, supportive environment where kids can have fun and get a solid meal, and it's all supported through local donations." - Josh, Hawthorne Assistant Branch Manager

Food Insecurity

KGW Great Food Drive

Rivermark has partnered with KGW for the Great Food Drive for 7 years now. Each one more successful and engaging than the last. This year, we took a different approach and focused on the smaller communities around Portland. Each Rivermark branch partnered with a local food bank in their area so donators could rest assured knowing their donations were going right back to their local community. We also volunteered several times at the Oregon Food Bank so our employees could better understand the impact this food insecurity has on the community. In total, the food drive collected over 2.2 million meals for our community, with Rivermark branches collecting more than 1,600 pounds of non-perishables.

“Participating in the 2023 KGW Great Food Drive as a Rivermark employee was a worthwhile endeavor. Packing food and organizing for the Oregon Food Bank, we saw firsthand the significant role community involvement plays. It's not just about filling boxes, it's about providing hope, one meal at a time. This experience, though simple in its tasks, has left a lasting impression, subtly reminding me of the importance of lending a hand where we can." – Alex, Marketing Automation Specialist

Oregon Food Bank

Rivermark has a long-standing partnership with the Oregon Food Bank. Our team has been volunteering with them for years, and 2023 was no different. We volunteered with Oregon Food Bank several times throughout the year and even broke our own record for having the most Rivermark volunteers at a single volunteering event!

To support the KGW Great Food Drive in March this year, Rivermark held two volunteering opportunities at the Oregon Food Bank for our staff to better connect with the mission and goal of the Great Food Drive. Our team of employees, board members, and family members came together to truly walk the walk by putting together 19,198 meals for our local community. And in October, our mortgage team spent time together at the Oregon Food Bank packaging meals. In total, they packaged 3,768 meals for the community – with just four team members!

"I love my job and helping members daily, but I also love that Rivermark gives me the opportunity to help others in need as well. Oregon Food bank has been helping eliminate hunger and its root causes since 1982. I am proud to say that I play a part in that thanks to Rivermark." - Josh, Mortgage Servicing Administrator

Kindness Farm

The Kindness Farm is an organization that we’ve chosen to support because their mission parallels Rivermark’s. They focus on giving compassion to everyone, make clear efforts to support the LGBTQ+ community, and provide food for local shelters and less fortunate students of their local elementary school. The Kindness Farm uses regenerative farming techniques to keep the soil healthy and filled with nutrients and they even use practices from thousands of years’ worth of wisdom from mountain farming in Japan to create a farm that contained water underground so effectively that it did not require watering throughout the entire summer!

Several of our teams volunteered with them throughout 2023, totaling 52 volunteer hours. One group of 6 employees went out on International Credit Union Day to live the credit union vision of community engagement and another group of 4 attended in October to help the Kindness Farm get ready for the rainy season.

“I could go on and on about the wonderfulness that is The Kindness Farm, but will just say that being able to support people doing such good in the world was truly a pleasure!” - Zach, Facilities & Maintenance Technician

"Put me in a garden for the rest of my life and I’ll be happy! But for now, I get to enjoy being outdoors and getting my hands in the dirt with The Kindness Farm, helping others in need. We in mortgage servicing have been lucky enough to volunteer some time with the folks at KF and it was an amazing experience. Rivermark has been out several times, and we have many more plans to head out to KF." - Josh, Mortgage Servicing Administrator

Financial Wellness Partnerships

Bradley Angle

Bradley Angle is one of Rivermark’s close partnerships that serves those affected by domestic violence. They focus on short-term and sustainable housing for individuals affected by or at high risk of domestic violence by placing them in centers and providing safety, education, empowerment, healing, and hope. In 2023 Rivermark opened 5 memberships for individuals participating in Bradley Angle’s housing program using a trauma-informed alternative membership process that removes barriers for these individuals and allows them to get into a safe financial institution.

"Since our introduction to the amazing programs at Bradley Angle, Rivermark has been ready and willing to follow every turn to keep finding solutions with much needed empathy, empowerment, and resources. We will continue to elevate financial dignity in the face of domestic violence. We knew this partnership would be unique. What we didn't realize is that this partnership would shape the way Rivermark can show up for community members. Often the simplest of actions can have the greatest impacts. We are truly honored to recognize this partnerships as one of the first of its kind and it has helped us in our commitment to find financial wellbeing for all." - Alisa, Financial Wellness Manager

GlamHy Awards

In October, Rivermark sponsored the annual Bradley Angle GlamHy Awards. The event is centered around an awards ceremony that recognizes individuals and organizations who've made a significant impact in the field of domestic violence awareness/prevention. Together, we raised over $44,000 for Bradley Angle programming.

"It is an honor to celebrate Rivermark's one of a kind partnership with Bradley Angle at the annual GlamHy Awards. Having the opportunity to raise funds, hear from survivors, and celebrate community champions alongside Bradley Angle allows us to continue to strive to bring financial empowerment to all." - Kaity, Community Partnership Manager

Urban League and the Financial Empowerment Collaborative

The Financial Empowerment Collaborative (FEC) is a partnership between the Urban League of Portland and five Portland area CU’s (Rivermark, Advantis, Unitus, Consolidated CU, and PointWest) with the help of GoWest. Our Mission is to advance the financial well-being of African American and Black Oregonians, together.

Urban League Career Fair

We were fortunate to be invited to the Urban League's 38th annual invite-only Career Connections Fair. We had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of diverse career seekers and share our current employment vacancies. The Urban League promotes "that our employers are as diverse as the career seekers who attend and have a range of positions available" so we're all the more grateful to have been invited to this event.

Urban League Bite of Reality

In July, an event was put on for students that volunteer with the Urban League. In this hands-on simulation, 20 students were given a fictional occupation, salary, credit score, family dynamic, student loans, etc. and they spend the time "purchasing" things like housing, transportation, food, clothing, and other needs that adults often need. However, if the students ran out of money or didn't budget well enough, they had the opportunity to meet with a credit union (that's us!) to work with financial coaches and get their budget back on track.

Urban League Resource Fair

In August, we attended a back-to-school resource fair where we introduced attendees to a new app created by the credit unions that are part of the Financial Empowerment Collaborative: AZIE app. This app allows users to connect to a financial coach at all five of the FEC credit unions.

Bridge the Gap Resource Fair

This year, the Bridgeview Resource Center in Vancouver, WA hosted its second annual Bridge the Gap Resource Fair. The goal of this event is to provide families of Bridgeview with real-time resources. Rivermark offered financial coaching and fun financial wellness activities for the families that attended.

Parents First: Success and Me

Parents First is a wrap-around service organization that supports families in the Rockwood community. Their parents' coaching program provides educational workshops, childcare, community events, and resources. At their Success and Me event, we provided information and resources on our Minority Owned Small Business lending program aimed at helping women, veteran, and POC-owned small businesses get started. Through this, we provided resources and ongoing coaching for 10 individuals.

Black Economic Collective

The Black Economic Collective (BEC) is a community-based, grassroots organization focused on community development through financial education and empowerment. In 2023, Rivermark supported BEC by funding their workshop program and providing personalized financial coaching to participants. We are currently coaching 10 participants with the goal of creating and maintaining a budget.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Earth Day Clean Up for the International School of Portland

A team of Rivermark employees spent Earth Day helping create a clean space for the International School of Portland for students and staff to work and learn in.

“We've done clean ups with SOLVE before but rarely have we received the level of thanks that we did from the staff for our efforts. Seeing that the work we did meant so much to them was a heartwarming experience, and we appreciate getting to help a school that embraces diversity and understanding of one another so completely." - Zach, Facilities and Maintenance Technician

Latino Cultural Festival

We attended the 17th annual Latino Cultural Festival in early June. While the festivities included a colorful parade, a diverse entertainment lineup, Latin cuisine from various food vendors, an art village, and tons of local business and non-profits connecting with more than 10,000 attendees, we were grateful to be part of this culturally rich event.

“The Latino Home Fair with Hacienda CDC and the Latino Cultural Festival through Farmworkers Housing Development Corp. have impacted me greatly by allowing me give back to the community and connecting with potential members and realtor partners.” – Ceasar, Mortgage Loan Officer

Portland and Vancouver Pride

This year, we celebrated our LGBTQ+ community members and employees through several events and art nights. The Portland Pride Parade was a day of strong connection, community support, volunteerism, SWAG trading, and free mom/dad hugs. This was also Rivermark’s first year sponsoring Vancouver Pride. We had a great turnout for volunteers and the event itself was incredibly moving. Our many volunteers got to spend the two pride days chatting with current and prospective members, watching performances from local super stars on the stage, and visiting all the other booths. We heard over and over “I love that a credit union is here!!”, “I’m SO happy I bank with you all!!”, and the most common praise was simply “Thank you for being here”.

“Supporting every single part of our Fruit Valley community is so important to our team and Rivermark as a whole- the DEI committee did a fantastic job of putting our involvement together for both PRIDE Vancouver and PRIDE NW.” - Emily, Fruit Valley Branch Manager

"It has been an honor to be able to attend and participate in the Portland Pride Parade for the second year in a row where we can share our message: Rivermark Community Credit Union empowers our members and employees to be their most authentic selves. We stand with our LGBTQIA+ communities and allies. We're committed to staying curious, real, empathetic, driven, and impactful so you can continue to Be Remarkably You." - Cristian, Hollywood Assistant Branch Manager

Noche Bella with Latino Network

Noche Bella was a great opportunity for Rivermark employees to show up in support of the Latino Network, an organization that shares our values and commitment to empowering the Latine community of the Portland metro via grassroots efforts. This event had inspiring speakers and culturally relevant performers from our area.

“The Latino community in this area is powerful and exuberant, and this event was an awesome celebration of that! On a personal note, it was very inspiring to see so many people show up dressed to impress and ready to put their money where their mouth is by donating generously.” – Mathew, Outbound Calling Lead

NW Equity Summit

The NW Equity Summit was a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion summit put on by Partners in Diversity where various DEI practitioners and advocates in all different types of businesses collaborated and learned. The topics explored during the breakout sessions provided a place to discuss some of the most significant issues surrounding DEI work, including how to understand and map power and how to care for ourselves as we create sustainable movements. Four of Rivermark's employees attended the event and brought back immense amounts of knowledge back to the rest of the organization so we can further actualize our DEI goals.

MLK Dream Run

In September, we sponsored the MLK Dream Run. This annual fundraiser for the Soul District Business Association supports youth and small business programs in our community. With both of these groups being a core pillar of our community support, we knew we wanted to get involved this year! We held a booth on Saturday along with many other vendors and had a group of runners on Sunday.

"I had the pleasure of hosting our booth at the MLK Dream Run in September. We were able to connect with families, individuals, and businesses in the area to help spread financial education and the many ways that Rivermark can empower their financial journey and I'm incredibly grateful to have been involved." - Kjirstin, Consumer Lending Loan Originator II

Community Connection

Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17, 2023 was Random Acts of Kindness Day and we went all out to celebrate. We gave 20 random members that came into our branches or called into our video banking team a crisp $50 bill to spend however they please. Members that came in throughout the day were so excited to come in and be surprised with an extra $50 to help them out. One member mentioned that they were short on paying a bill that month and this was exactly what they needed to help get them through!

NW Cherry Festival

Every year in April, The Dalles Chamber hosts the Northwest Cherry Festival that takes place downtown in The Dalles. It is the Gorge's largest parade, including a classic car show, a great Cherry Trail, local music and bands, and also a fair! The festival stretches back since the 1970's to celebrate the deep agricultural heritage and western roots, as well as celebrating the cherry blossoms and it's an indication that harvest is coming. We’re grateful to have been part of the festivities again this year.

Our team had a float in the parade where we were able to connect with local community members and other local businesses. We also held the vote casting for Royal Anne and Andy for the festival. Every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 3-7 are voted to represent the “Little Royal Court” and are crowned just before the parade. While votes were allowed online, Rivermark has been the exclusive in-person voting option for those who chose to vote that way for several years now, and 2023 was no different!

Hawthorne Street Fair

The Rivermark Hawthorne branch has been attending the Hawthorne Street Fair in late August for almost 20 years, and this year’s 40th anniversary of the street fair was one for the books. You could find us at our tent handing out Rivermark swag, checking out the other vendors, and maybe playing a little cornhole. Look for us there in 2024 because we’ll be back!

“It’s a great way to connect with the residents, businesses, and artists that make the Hawthorne neighborhood so special. We love strolling the boulevard and spotting member businesses: from tie-dye shirts to metal works to delicious breakfast sandwiches, Rivermark business members are everywhere, contributing in their unique ways to the quirky and creative scene that Hawthorne Boulevard is famous for.” – Josh, Hawthorne Assistant Branch Manager

West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Rivermark’s Tualatin branch has been attending the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta foe the last few years now. With each year getting bigger and more exciting, we had the opportunity to race a giant pumpkin boat in the 2023 pumpkin races. We also held a booth during the event where we got to meet with tons of local businesses and community members.

“Rowing a giant pumpkin in the middle of Tualatin Commons Lake was not on my bingo card for 2023. Being able to represent our organization was a great privilege. And having the event literally in our backyard was even more special – you can feel how much Rivermark is involved within our community. Participating in the Great Pumpkin Regatta was lit.” – Taurino, Member Solutions Specialist

Thrive2Survive Health and Wellness Clinic

Thrive2Survive aims to help local folks struggling with addiction and houselessness. Charles, the founder of Thrive2Survive, has experienced these problems firsthand and decided to do more than just get himself well. These quarterly events are not just aimed at feeding and clothing the attendants; they are able to get a haircut, a state ID, they can collect their mail, get connected to resources for housing, health, or dental care, they can have any wounds cared for while at the event, and get financial advice through Rivermark’s financial coaching abilities.

“A longtime member had suggested Rivermark’s involvement in Thrive2Survive, so I met Charles before attending any Thrive2Survive events and got to hear the why behind his vision and life’s mission. Charles goes above and beyond for his community and I am so honored to be a part of it.” – Emily, Fruit Valley Branch Manager

Month of Giving

In November, to kick off the season of giving, we partnered with local business members for weekly giveaways on social media. Each week, we partnered with a different local business to give $50 to a random entrant. This giveaway not only allowed us to offset some of the gift-giving costs we know that individuals often struggle with during this time, but it also gave us the opportunity to share out local business members and hopefully help push those individuals shop locally instead of through large companies.

“Getting to work with each of the business leaders personally was really special. They were all so grateful to have more awareness shared on their behalf and they seemed really happy that we were in alignment on the goal of shopping locally. It was also moving to see how happy the winners were and how many more gifts they talked about buying for their loved ones because of this. I hope we continue doing this in 2024!” – Hannah, Marketing Communications Specialist

Vancouver Wellness Retreat and Mixer

Our Fruit Valley branch has sponsored The Vancouver Wellness Retreat for two years now, and our involvement has evolved as we’ve gotten to know the organizers and the vendors a little better. This year, Rivermark really focused on the vendors and their business growth. Most of the vendors in attendance are minority or women-owned businesses and they are thriving. We hosted a mixer a week before the event to get all interested vendors in contact with Rivermark’s business resources and to allow for the vendors to meet with each other, since it’s often difficult to do so when you’re a vendor yourself at the Wellness Retreat. We had several teams from Rivermark join the mixer including Human Investing, Financial Wellness, Business Services, and employees from other branches come to show their support for this venture.

“We are creating a small community within this event, and I am so excited to see what 2024 brings.” - Emily, Fruit Valley Branch Manager