California Intake Modification - Global Diving & salvage -

Global Diving & Salvage EnhanceS Water Supply Infrastructure

Global was contracted to perform the underwater work necessary to facilitate the building of a new sea water intake structure.

In addition to this, the team has also been tasked with joining the new structure currently being built onto the plants existing water intake.

The Team in Action

The construction of this intake is one that has demanded meticulous attention to detail.

For one, this project requires many layout and elevation checks. The primary objective of this to ensure that large structure, spanning well over 100 feet in length, adheres to strict specifications. Every measurement and adjustment is critical to ensure that the structure is built accurately, with the margin for error next to none.

Coordinating Concurrent Operations

Simultaneous operations within various trades have been ongoing throughout this project. Because of this, the success of each day is dependent upon safety, coordination, and clear communication between all contractors. This approach has ensured efficiency and meeting timeline objectives. With multiple teams collaborating on one job, this project has also relied on strong teamwork and strategic planning to help navigate the complexities of the very dynamic work site.

This major project will be ongoing into 2024. So, stay tuned for more updates on this project as it progresses!

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