IAS Named Platinum Distributor by Doosan Robotics Doosan's highest distinction for distributors

Doosan Robotics Inc., one of the world’s leading service robot and cobot manufacturers, announced Industrial Automation Supply (IAS) of Portland, Maine, has been named one of Doosan Robotics Americas' Platinum Tier distributors. IAS will continue to serve as partner and reseller of Doosan’s M, H, A, and E-SERIES cobots across the Northeast.

Portland, ME - Doosan Robotics Americas, located in Plano, Texas—one of the world's leading service robot and collaborative robots (cobots) manufacturers—announced that Industrial Automation Supply of Portland, Maine has been named a Platinum Tier distributor. IAS has been a distributor of Doosan's M, H, A, and new E-SERIES of cobots across the Northeast since partnering with Doosan in 2021, and is the first distributor in New England to earn this distinction.

"(IAS's) commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting the tier requirements have not only secured (its) position but also demonstrated the strength of our partnership," said Alex Lee, Doosan Robotics Americas President, Alex Lee. "Achieving Platinum is a testament to hard work and contribution to the success of our collaboration."

"We are committed to providing the highest level of service to both our customers and vendors that we possibly can, and this honor is a testament to the dedication and drive of everyone at IAS," said IAS President, Chris LeBel. "We're thrilled that our relationship with Doosan has progressed to this level, and are excited to continue to strive for excellence in our service to our partners and customers."

Introduced in 2019, Doosan Robotics' A-SERIES are characterized as the industry's fastest cobots. Performing with an average work speed of 10% over competitors' products, combined with an affordable price, the A-SERIES in unparalleled in ROI. The A-SERIES has four separate models (A0509, A0509s, A0912, and A0912s).

The Doosan Robotics H-SERIES lineup boasts the highest payload for a range of collaborative robot applications. The cobots in this series offer payload capacities of 20kg and 25kg with reach of 1700mm and 1500mm respectively.

Doosan's newest line of collaborative robots, the E-SERIES, is dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry. with NSF certifications and IP66 accreditation, the E-SERIES ensures maximum hygiene and sanitation.

Doosan Robotics is currently in the top five robotics manufacturers in the world and the number one manufacturer in South Korea. With the release of the E-SERIES, Doosan Robotics now has the largest cobot lineup in the industry. The company opened its Americas headquarters in Plano, TX in 2022.

About Doosan Robotics

Doosan Robotics, founded in 2015 by Doosan Group, creates technology for the next generation of manufacturing. Established in 1896, the group has 25 affiliates and 114 global entities worldwide, generating a revenue of USD 15 billion in 2020. More information about Doosan Robotics is available at https://www.doosanrobotics.com/en/.

IAS has been serving original equipment manufacturers in the Northeast since 1993. With a focus on the industrial automation market, IAS has built a strong customer base throughout New England. In 2017, IAS expanded its services into production with the Systems Group, IAS's panel production arm. Learn more at https://www.iasinc.com.

For more, visit www.iasinc.com or www.doosanrobotics.com - or call 207.797.2345 to talk about a demonstration of our own Doosan cobots!


Based in Portland, Maine, Industrial Automation Supply is an electrical controls and automation components distributor with a focus on serving the Original Equipment Manufacturers market in New England since 1993. IAS understands the challenges its customers face in a way online distributors and catalog houses can’t. This has made Industrial Automation Supply "the go-to distributor" of industry leading components throughout New England and the Northeast. Visit www.iasinc.com for more information.